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  1. I've been experimenting with my style and came up with these two poems recently. My inspiration for these two poems was a song called "Radioactive" by Marina and the Diamonds, particularly the line "Love is all that I fear." I've been wondering what people on here would think so I'm puttin' 'em up for review. Critique and interpretation a happy Acqua makes!​


    You always laughed during the day,
    And in the night you would play,
    Leave me for a video game,
    Hookers and superficial fame

    I always wore a wig around you
    My identity split in two
    The lovely trophy wife
    Complying without strife

    But, baby you’re not the one
    Until otherwise proven
    There’ll be no nuclear family
    Just my radioactivity

    My blood on fire
    Into the desert I’ll wander
    The claimer of my soul
    Will consume me whole

    I’ll let my true hair
    Out without care
    You can’t force me
    To be your Barbie

    Stand back, neon vampire
    What will transpire
    Will eradicate
    All desire
    That rests in
    My heart,

    Day’s heat has left us
    Night’s mystery soon to join us
    In this agitation of ephemeral dusk
    Nothing has rhyme or reason
    Going by its own means
    As the sun sets

    This blazing wasteland
    My new, barren
    Testing sight
    Five, four,
    Three . . .


    Nuclear Warfare

    Look out to your right!
    Whirrin’ sounds and a blazin’ light
    If you don’t duck just right
    You’ll go on a fiery flight

    Hon, I knew it would go down
    Imminent is the meltdown
    Now comes the sirens’ blarin’ sound
    Against you my voice will pound

    Since you allied yourself with her
    I’ve gone off my rocker
    I’m off the charts, radioactive
    Insane, far beyond reactive

    My mind’s decayin’ Xenon,
    My anger redder than Neon,
    Go on if you dare,
    Watch my passion flare

    My face a makeup explosion
    Ready for aggressive seduction
    If you don’t accept my passion
    Expect a fatal reaction

    My hatred will radiate to her
    Infect her with mental cancer
    I’ll show you who’s really smarter,
    Who’s really prettier

    I just wanted your heart,
    All of you from the start,
    But no, you teased me,
    Denying my chemical fantasy

    But do forfeit soon, darlin’,
    For I’m surely decayin’,
    Havin’ trouble keepin’
    This act goin’

    “Loves me, loves me not,”
    With the latter I’ll rot,
    Becomin’ a mere spot
    To spite your thought