Now that I've found my toes...

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Can someone teach me how to take in sustenance?

  1. Yeah, come with me!

  2. You'll figure it out.

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  3. . . .

  4. I don't got time, I'll tell you real quick.

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  5. *shotgun*

  1. I need to figure out how to sustain life in this body. I get I must 'refuel' in some manner. Be it with liquids, animals, fruits, seeds, and other things. But...How? u ,u

    Also I have a few ideas I want to talk about (regarding challenges)! I feel weird doing this so suddenly, but I guess it's what drew my fate towards this realm in the first place.
  2. I only voted shotgun cause I am assuming you're giving me a free one to play with! 8D

    You should eat casseroles. Those are delicious.

    And if you wanna talk about challenges, I am your girl. :D That is my department.
  3. I feel like I've been summoned...
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  4. I have a casserole here but.... ~after pondering for a moment, smears it all over chest and belly~ How do I consume it? D: And is there anything else I should include in my third-dimensional diet?

    Awesome! I wasn't sure if the Challenge area was the right spot for these, maybe even in the games section (or not)? Or if this has already been done? I was thinking of hosting a story/quest that is guided by its viewers. After I post a piece of the story, whoever feels like participating will vote (following certain parameters) what they want the main character to do next. These candidate actions will be brought into the story by popular demand after a certain number is reached, or at the end of the day/week.

    Another idea I have was creating a character in some sandbox universe or world. The basis of the challenge is that participants will attempt to create a foe to challenge/hunt/destroy a hero by filling out an open ended profile. Afterwards I will respond to each entry with a short story about our hero wrestling with his new foe and whether he is victorious or not. And I guess a simple thumbs up or thumbs down whether or not you liked how said hero dealt with(was dealt with) by the challenger. Or even once a month or so people can create a hero-decided by poll, then everyone does the same thing, but to them?

    ANOTHER one I was thinking of involves yours truly, Fig. It revolves around my learning to exist in this world/dimension. I will face many hardships and must learn to adapt in this barbaric world. Each challenge would be a plea for help in tackling a dilemma that may seem oh-so-ridiculous. Basically the participant writes up how they(or a character of theirs) would teach an adult being of questionable intelligence from another dimension, possibly a demon, how to do stuff like 'eat'.

    Alterations? If you think they're good ideas, I can expand on them in their respective places n ,n
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