Novum Infernum

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  1. It had been three weeks since the last bomb dropped on the Citadel. The city, now known as Novum Infernum, stood defiantly against the devastated wasteland collective of areas that once formed the country of America. The city, once the glorious San Francisco, was now one of the few marks left by the civilized world when it faded into the dust, destroyed by a civil war that happened to go global, effectively destroying the civilized world. Novum Infernum was what was known these days as a 'Citadel', one of the few surviving remnants of a bygone age, and the only proof there was a time before the chaos. A time before carnage, a time before the Scarlet War.

    Holden was laying on his bed in the room of what may once have been a hotel, but now was just another spire jutting from the horror. The sky was red, and the clouds dark. It often rained acid, burning through anyone unlucky enough to be caught in the downpour. Looking out of the window, he could see two groups of people fighting, one dressed like wolves and the other like mountain lions. Great. The two Clans were fighting again. Armed with swords and spears, clubs and daggers, maces and axes, all of wood, stone and bones of the fallen, they charged at each other. He moved away from the window and looked at the rest of his Clan, or, at least, those who went with him into the suite. "So, what do we have left to eat?" he asked. He pulled his pistol from it's holster and twirled it around.
  2. "I still have the chocolate bar." Crudus said with a smile as he pulled it out of his bag. Crudus was only a younger kid who was found on the side of the road next to his mother's dead body, she had protected him, put him into a small pipe and told him to run saying that she would be ok. He came back when everything seemed safe only to find his mother stabbed and looted.
    Crudus had a small backpack that held very little. Normally he had water and some food but never much considering how young he was and how he wasn't very strong. Although, despite those weaknesses he had gotten pretty good with a knife and could hold his own in a fight. Unlike most people who took on their opponents head on and let the best win he played gorilla and used his height to his advantage. All he did was sneak into holes that others couldn't get into and pop up behind his enemy for the take down. He might be small and young, maybe about ten to thirteen, but he was as sly as a fox.
    Crudus pulled the wrapper back slightly and took a small bite before wrapping it back up and putting it back into his bag. For the first time he seemed to notice the fighting going on outside. He moved closer to the window and looked out to watch, "Why do they keep doing this?" He sat down and crossed his arms clearly unpleased, "They are stupid."
  3. Holden walks over to the boy and ruffles his hair. "They are stupid. I think the fight is a long standing war that fluctuates, flaring and dying, as quick as the wind blows." In his mid thirties, he was significantly larger than the ten year old. "I don't even know why it started in the first place, and frankly, I don't think they do, either." He walks over and checks the fridge. "Well, there's some hamburgers and a few steaks, some lettuce. That's about it, really. When the fighting dies down a bit, we'll just have to go scavenge supplies." He put the gun back into it's sheath and sits down. "What do the rest of you think? When should we go find food? Now, or wait 'til moonrise?"
  4. Miyako that what they called her with black night hair and moonlig eyes was from the Wolf clan. she didnt remember anything of her past. all she knew was that once she woke up she was with a bunch of people in suits of furry wich they called wolfs fur. they told her what her names mean: Mi (beauitful) Ya (night) Ko (night). her clan and the montain clan had hated each other ever sence she woke up and maybe even beyond that. this morning the mountine clan started it. it was becuse she was expolering the place that it happend they said it was there territory if thats what you call it and she wouldnt spaek. Miyako didnt know how to speak.

    Miyako was ingerd she was loseing alot of blood and fast. she saw a bluiding thinking it was eptupy she walked in. at first she was scared and didnt know what to do but then she couldnt feel anything and fell to the floor then black
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  5. He smiled a little and looked up at Holden as he talked about the fight. Crudus looked back over at the fight and noticed a girl stumble into a building with a trail of blood following her. He looked on with distent eyes as he waiting for the pointless fighting to end... the painful cries and yells of blood lusting men that continued to ring out gave him an unsteady feeling. When Holden spoke again he looked back up and thought for a second, going now might mean they could save that girl... but it was safer otherwise. The girl looked strangely familiar.