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  1. This is a middle and high school for demons, warriors, monsters, myths, legends, and creatures of all shapes and sizes. So inrole today at Nova Academy.
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    Name: Isabella Plair
    Species: Elf/demon
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Isabelle parents sent her to Nova Academy. She was originally did home school because she didn't fit in with most of the kids in her neighborhood. Then she moved and her parents decided to try a public school that were for many creatures half or full. So they enrolled her as a high school sophomore in Nova Academy. Isabelle's parents hope she will make many new friends even though she is a little anti-social.
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  3. Tiva (open)

    Tiva Honanie (Commonly known as Nanie or Tye.)
    Species: Skin Walker
    gddsgg copy.jpg

    As a born practitioner of the Witchery Way, she was always interested in the darker arts of her tribe. When the time came and the opportunity was ripe for the picking, she joined the ranks of the yee naaldlooshi by slaying a sacred deer and performing the necessary rituals. The skin walkers. She was cast from her tribe for 8 cycles and she joined the school on a whim, wanting to explore the possibilities of so many supernatural creatures in one place.
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    "Neil, can you hear me!!!" Zach, his younger brother shouted close to his headphones making the eighteen year old groaned in annoyance. "Would you shut up already! I can hear you just fine remember? Werewolf?" His music was bursting from his ear pieces but he didn't care, there was no way he was going to lower it just when his favorite part of this song was about to come up. "But weeeee areeeee hereeeeeeeeeee" his brother continued and pointed at the school before them. The Nova Academy...a place for the unnatural and supernatural. Neil mumbled his goodbyes as he got out of the small car his father was driving, grabbed his luggage from the trunk and started towards the Academy's entrance. At least, this was his last year of school. It couldn't be THAT bad, definitely more interesting than normal humane schools, that is for sure.
  5. Jadyen Scawfil (open)
    Name: Jayden
    Species: Hybrid
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Jayden had been a hybrid for as long as he could remember but the details are far behind him and it was difficult to think of anything. He was never really close to anyone but his creator so he was given the suggestion of a magic school called Nova Academy. He was told there would be people like him and of the same age as well. So here he is, a rude guy who put his stubbornness aside and came to the academy. . .

    Jayden is extremely stubborn and not exactly the kindest person. He blames werewolves and vampires for making him what he is. For forcing him to undergo the pain of the change and the unfading bloodlust that never goes away no matter how much he feeds.
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  6. Neon was making another "cover" of another song that other anthros couldn't get to. He was lucky like that. The fact that he was abandoned and now going to a school he never even heard of, that was just plain...weird for him. His backpack which was also part keyboard/DJ turntable slightly towered over him. He wasn't built like a jock, or had money like a prep, or had crazy singing/dancing skills like people in Glee Club. He only had 2 skills. Get into some weird situation involving him getting shrunk, and making music. And by God he was expecting to get shrunk again at this new school.
    "What'll be this time? Potion? Mad Scientist? Sexy Girlfreind turned Evil?" He said to himself as he walked up the school steps.
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