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  1. Hello, everyone. Was wandering around the internet for a role-playing site, and this one caught my eye. I'm new, obviously, and haven't really ever RPed before. My friends pushed me towards this (there's seriously a mob behind me) and I need some advice. Totally open to anything. I'll do group and private role-play. I'm somewhat nervous, but everyone so far seems nice.
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  2. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here! There's lots of friendly people here and many different kinds of RPers to have fun with. :3
  3. Hi there Felic! :D Welcome to the site!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku Felic ^.^
    Hope you enjoy RPing here with all of us
  5. Hey guys and thx. I can't wait to start! *sighs* It's really fun. I'm kinda worried cause of how new I am and all.
  6. ...You're a virgin to RP? I hope to understand correctly haha.

    I'll love to RP with you if you want. I also have a lot of open stories out for fun to join. ^.^
  7. That sounds awesome. Yea, I changed the thread a little. Seemed too. . .childlike?
  8. That's fine. Send me a PM, maybe we can RP together depending on what you like
  9. In a place where we let out inner children run free and play pretend it's okay to see a little child-like.

    Also: Hi! =D
  10. Thanks, this site is surprisingly accepting. (Not my complaining voice) And hello to you too! Btw, you're adorable hahaha.
  11. Hey I'm new to here too and its been years since I rp'ed so I kind of know how you feel.
    I'm nervous to jump right back in, so if you need a rp buddy I would love to help!!! XD
    How your day is going well!
  12. If you need someone to test some ideas or characters with let me know! I like helping people out and it's kinda fun to play with newer people to rp sometimes! ^.^