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  1. I really don't have a plot for this or anything. But I will come up with one eventually. But I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing an rp that involved vampires. And no not the twilight vampires either. As I said I will come up with a plot idea soon.
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  2. I would and if you want someone to bounce ideas off of, then I'm yer woman.
  3. lol. Ok. Well the one idea is that it's sort of futuristic where vampires are just beginning to be known by human society and are dubbed as a race with 'special' needs. And humans aren't exactly thrilled with this idea. And as a vampire, they have to wear a special 'mark' to let humans know that they are one of the undead. And basically this rp would be through the eyes of the vampires of course.

    If you have any ideas feel free to throw them out there too.
  4. That's a good basis so far, I like it. How far are we looking into the future for the setting? And how aren't the humans pleased? Do they picket? Discriminate? Is there tension between the two "races" or is it a one sided ordeal? I think it'd be interesting to have that sense of tension.
  5. Maybe the year is like 2030. And yes the humans have picketed and rioted. And they discriminate against them. The humans believe that the two races shouldn't mingle with each other.
  6. Oh and to add to what I was saying, and well the vampire elders don't like this idea and agree with the humans that vampires shouldn't mingle with humans at all.
    Oh and the vampires can have one specific power or many. Just as long as they don't sparkle. But I think we should at least come up with ideas on their weaknesses.
  7. I have an idea you could toss around. How about making the story through the eyes of the humans, or possibly another type of creature? I feel that most good vampire story is through the eyes of the vampire. The same even goes for some roleplayed I've encountered.
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