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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!

Okay so I had a cute idea for a slice of life RP. A longer term couple that has been together for awhile but still aren't certain about getting married hit a little bump when the woman get's pregnant! They don't want to get rid of the baby or adopt it away but they know that there current income could never support an pregnant woman's appetite, let alone a new born. So they decide to move in with the boyfriends Colorado...

From there is it a kooky experience of pregnancy hormones, crowded spaces and lovely mountains all wrapped around their journey into parenthood and maybe marriage...if they can find the time!

Now I really want to play the woman so badly~ I just love babies and such and my mind had kind of been thinking about it since I learned about baby nutrition in class. I also have a few plot ideas for this but I am totally open to other ideas! Anyway, if you're interested just post and tell me, I'm hoping to start this really soon!
I'm interested if you don't mind a girl playing as a guy.
I actually have someone playing this idea out with me >x< I'll totally RP a similar plot with you though! I love the concept so much so I'll play it many different ways if I can! This is only if you're still interested of course, I know some people don't like having RPs copy others. As for the girl playing guy thing, I have no issue with that what so ever!
Heh. I figured someone else was already doing this with you. I guess it's fine if we do a similar one though.
Awesome, so we're not playing the same exact story we should probably come up with some different ideas for the RP...Is there anything you're really looking for? I'm willing to listen to ideas if you have any.
Oh! had a little idea burst, maybe the couple has decided to move into the same town as his family and from there they are constantly being bothered and such by them?
Cool~ Anyway, then they could learn about the baby as they move in, which changes all of their plans and such. just a thought though, anyway, I can make the IC now if you are ready.
Yeah, I have an idea of what the guy would be like already.
Alright, I'll go make it then and I'll PM you a link once I'm done!