Notebooooooooks! o_o

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So, I'm in the process of moving house, and I've realised my own excess...

I own 27 notebooks, all scrawled with novel, screenplay and short story ideas.

I have fifteen drafts of my complete manuscript, plus 103 rejection letters.

I have 87 books on alchemical, occult and religious mythology.

And 5 poster-size diagrams of plot structure.

So much for the digital age...

Y'know, I think this qualifies as an obsession. I've always thought of myself as non-materialistic, with nothing physical of myself to leave behind when I'm gone.

But then I imagined what it would be like if someone else went through my room and discovered all this stuff. I would seem like a raving lunatic completely enslaved to the exorcism of my creative thoughts.

=O I have more notebooks with random writing scrawls and stuff than you do!!! ~ HAHAHA 8D
(been saving everything I've written since I was like 10)
But not nearly as many books, considering my shelves consist of all the study guides and Kaplan-Barron prep books @_@

Still, I like the idea of you leaving those behind when you're gone. That's really deep. I love reading old letters and things daddy has saved from his parents. They give you a feeling emails can't.

I wonder why you find it weird from an outer point of view, though. I don't think most people would be surprised if a writer had those things in his room :3
You seem quite sane to have possessions reflecting your constructive hobbies, Asmo.

Some of us truly wouldn't have anything left if people were to go through our things after we die. Such as myself.

All people would find in my room is my Guitar, Bass, and a few Kung-Fu dvds.
My room is full of military surplus... No notebooks because I save all my drafts on compies, I have a lot of sketchbooks full of characters I end up RPing as years later though.
Notebooks? I used to draw on those.

Sketchpads are where they're at.
I'm a packrat.... If I died, people would just notice I have three cases (Think the size of a briefcase) of drawings from current times, and even more from long past. They'd find three notebooks of shitty poetry, stuffed animals, my non-working soundsystem and my guitar
COLOR=mediumturquoise]I have more notebooks with random writing scrawls and stuff than you do!!! ~ HAHAHA 8D[/COLOR]
Correction: I have 27 notebooks containing genuine well-developed ideas that have definite market value.

Asmo really needs a job.
I have a job... I work at the mobility centre helping disabled people to drive again.

I suppose I should fill my room with stolen wheelchairs, joysticks and pedal extensions...
I have some old notebooks and folders containing stories, character bios, etc all the way back to my middle school days. x___x It's embarrassing to read what I wrote then compared to how I write now. Yet pretty sweet to see how my skill has improved a -lot-.

Strangely enough I have more ART pieces than I do writing pieces though. I've got a huge portfolio of drawings and paintings.
103 rejection letters? C'mon Asmo you don't suck that bad. How about you tell us how many "We'll think about it." letters you got.
Asmodeus said:
Correction: I have 27 notebooks containing genuine well-developed ideas that have definite market value.

xD Nevermind @__@

oo0oh, speaking of art, I have a few scrapbooks with random stuff inside. One has baby pictures and designs and stuff. And there's one with all my card sketches (I make handmade occasion cards for birthdays and stuff) and every month or so I try to come up with a new style ;D

And I love painting :O Even though I'm not very good at it -___-
That's enough paper to classify a fire hazard, Asmo.


Cookout at Asmo's! Who's bringing the Coronas?