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    Katie and Eric just got engaged a week ago. The day of the engagement party they invite their close friends together and they introduce everyone. The maid of honor and the best man meet for the first time at this party and things don’t go as smoothly as hoped for. The groom makes a rude joke which she takes too seriously. In the days following and the months leading up to the wedding, the maid of honor and best man are forced together multiple times helping the bride and groom; cake tasting, trying on clothing, entertainment auditions, ect. They argue often when together over the slightest things.

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    Name: Tari Holling
    Age: 24
    Occupation: RN at General Hospital for 1 year
    Birthday: 09/23
    Random Notes: Allergic to Strawberries, Loves the color green, addicted to classical music and breath mints
    Important Relatives: Her uncle Pete is her landlord and is very close to him, Has a protective older half brother named Henry

    Tari's mother married her father later in life, both having been married before and her father having a son young in age. Only months into the marriage she was conceived. Tari was spoiled by her family since birth, receiving an abundance of love and protection. She was particularly spoiled by her uncle Pete on her father's side, having had no children of his own to spoil.

    Tari's school life was similar, having been liked among the majority of her peers and teachers. She was an honor student, great grades along with volunteer work and lots of extra curricular activities. Her high school life was preppy and perhaps a bit goody two shoes, having formed study groups instead of wild parties. She has a tendency to be stuck up sometimes, having both pride and prejudice.

    Right out of high school she went to collage, switching majors three times her first year before finally deciding upon becoming a nurse. The suggestion coming from her mother who always wanted her to become a doctor from all those hospital soap operas. Tari's goal is to return to school in a few years and go for becoming an ER doctor.

    Tari and Kate grew up together, spending their entire live doing the same things, cheer leading, summer camp, and taking all the same classes. They were inseparable. Though their career paths went in two opposite directions, Katie having become an IT support specialist, they remained close. Tari had to admit, when she first found out of Katie's engagement, she was a little upset, somehow receiving the idea that the two of them would start drifting apart. She was happy for her best friend though, and wished her a world of happiness.


    Tari hugged her best friend close. "God, I can't believe this, I'm so happy for you hun!" she said holding her arms softly away. "I never actually thought either of us would grow old enough to see this day." Tari had been repeating the the same thing like a broken record for so long now. It was true, she could hardly believe that the two of them were no longer children having slumber parties and painting each others nails while oohing and ahhing over the latest boy bands. Though their were moments they acted like children even still.

    "Neither did I, time seemed to slip out from under us huh?" Katie said with a small chuckle, her rosy cheeks making her entire face glow as they always seem to do and the curls of hers bouncing sweet and young with every little movement. Even though things were changing, Katie remained exactly the same as she had been when the two of them were young. It was comforting to Tari to see this.

    "Okay, you have to show me that ring again dear." another woman said and she came up beside them. "Isn't it lovely? Katie is such a lucky girl to find someone with taste don't you think?" Tari said with a laugh and the other nodded as she holds onto Katie's hand.

    There was a soft buzzing of voices around them as everyone whom was friends of the couple had come to congratulate them was talking, most excitedly about the wedding. The parents of the couple were all standing together and seemed to be getting more of the attention then the couple themselves. Katie's parents had been last to find out about the engagement, that itself creating a portion of the topics of conversation.

    Tari smiled "Alright, It's about time you introduce me to Eric and all of his groomsmen, I only met him a couple of times and I don't want to be complete strangers with half of the wedding party." She said, looping her arm around Katie's and together they went up to Eric and his group of friends.
  2. Name: Jordan Davis
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Police officer

    Short History: Jordan grew up in a well about family. His father was a excutitive buisness owner and his mother was a lawyer. Growing up he did many sports consisting of baseball, swimming, and werastling. His high gpa of 3.9 put him in advance classes so that he could excel even more. After highschool he got a baseball scolorship but attended Howard University. Eric and Jordan had been friends since they were in dipers. His dad and Eric's were bestfriends. They were always hanging out and mostly getting into trouble together, fights, parties, and pulling pranks were what they did best.

    Jordan walked into the room giving Eric a slightly sad expression before they both burst out laughing. " Man to think you out of all people would be getting marrised is a complete shocker, I mean we said we'd grow up together, live the single life with nothing but drinks, parties, and women". Eric shuckled and then shook his head. " We made that promise in highschool and plus things change when you find the right woman you want to spend the rest of your life with". Jordan sighed and then sat down. " Yeah yeah i know but still". He honestly was happy for Eric but he just had his own ways of showing it.

    Eric crossed his arms for a moment and then shook his head. " All this planning his going to be hell on earth but since I have you it's gonna make things slightly easier". Jordan lifted up his head and gave Eric a look. " Yeah sure I'll do my best". When they were in college, him and Eric always talked about the future. Eric thought that he would be the last one to get married and now it seems fate had it's own plans because he was going to be the last one. After starring at the tv Jordan pulled out his phone. " So when are you meeting up with the lucky bride to be?".

    Eric grinned and then placed his hands together before he spoke. " Well actually later on today, She's probubally with her bridesmaid so you should meet her, it would be perfect:". Jordan shook his head but agreed. He wanted to meet everyone so that he atleast had a clue what their names were. About an hour and a half he and Eric grabbed their things and headed over to meet up with Katie and the bridesmaid.
  3. When the guys came through the door, Tari watched as her best friend seemed to glow all over at the sight of her love. Her arm unlooped from Tari as she came up to eric, wrapping her arms around them and greeting him with a small kiss on the cheek. "Eric hun, you remember Tari right? and Amanda?" Katie said introducing the two of her friends. She let go of Eric and took Tari by the shoulders "Tari here already agreed to being my maid of honor." she added.

    "That's right." Tari held out her hand giving his a light shake, "It's nice to see you again Eric, I figured the two of you would have to end up married, the first time she told me about you and every time afterward I thought she was going to swoon." She said with a chuckle. "You better take care of my girl from here on out or you'll be hearing from me." She said smiling and taking back her hand. Though her threat was friendly, it was true, if anything happened to Katie, Tari might just be out for murder.

    Katie smiled "Alright, how about you introduce your friend, I don't believe my girl here knows your best man at all."

    Tari turned her attention the the future grooms party. Sure, he was a handsome man, but before the wedding he needed to shave, badly. If not, Tari would need to have a talk with Katie, she would not be caught dead standing nest to a scrub. Katie might like that scruffy face look, but it would not work out well in the wedding photos. She put on a smile keeping her opinions to herself momentarily "Heya."
  4. The ride over was short but it seemed pretty long to him. Once they got out of the car, Eric fixed himself up like he was going to see the president or something. Jordan pratically burst out laughing before Eric playfully punched his shoulder. When they walked in he smiled as Katie tangled herself in Eric's arms. He was glad to see his bro finally happy. Eric kissed Katie and then nodded his head when she asked he remembered Tari and Amanda. " Yeah I remember both of them".

    When Tari greeted him and spoke about Katie's feelings tword him and not breaking her heart, Eric couldn't help but smile. " Is that so? And trust me breaking her heart would be the last think I'd ever do so dont worry". Jordan looked at Tari and smiled when Katie introduced them. " Its really nice to meet you".

    Eric seemed to be in his own little world when he was around Kaite. It was almost suprising to Jordan. After greeting Amanda as well he spoke to Katie and they all had a group conversation. Jrodan ran his hand through his hair and then looked over at Tari. It was just something about her that made him think he knew her from somewhere or like they had meet once before.

    ( it wouldn't let me see what Tari looked like so I couldn't go into depth on what my perso thought of her)
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