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    Daren Ellid had been on the run for a long time now. Ever since he had come home from the human school as an 9 year old and found no one there. His parents had warned him that something might happen, that they had enemies and the world of humans did not always take too kindly to their type. So he turned and ran. He didn't even try to search the house or take anything, he could tell from the stillness that they were gone and he may very well be too if he did not go now. He mastered the illusion of being a normal human child and glamours to make himself particularly pathetic so people would help him. He spent a lot of time in those first few years camping out on the couches of people who had never heard of him before but couldn't seem to bring themselves to not help the poor starving child on their doorstep. As he got older, he got more wary and inventive. He knew small conjuring and had the idea to use that on small cash bills. After all, no one really cared if a 20 or something was missing at the end of the day and it greatly expanded his options.

    While he knew there were other people out there like him, other people who were magical or non-human, he avoided them all with a religious fever. He did not know who was enemy and friend and the risk of being around someone who could see what, if not who, he really was was far too great of risk to take. He wasn't sure if it was his parents enemies or someone else who had taken them and who they were connected to. He knew that someone with access to magic was after him. He had come across magical markers describing him and showing an image of what they expected him to look like several times throughout the years. An image that was far too accurate for his liking. It made him wonder how many times they had seen him and he had just barely escaped their clutches these years.

    For once however, he was not thinking about that. Today he stood in a coffee shop waiting for his extra large hot chocolate to be ready. It was leaning into winter, though technically still fall, and Daren was cold and tired from hitchhiking to a new town. His glamour did not always work the best when people were speeding by protected by their cars and just short of freezing rain was not one of his favorite weather patterns. Thankfully some passing mother had felt the spark and had let him sit all bedraggled in the front while her children asked him 1000 questions before they made it to the next town. Sweet thing that she was, she had dropped him off at this shop to 'warm up' and he had heartily agreed with her. So he took his hot chocolate and moved to find a seat when he felt a warning prickle. He looked up from sipping at his hot chocolate to meet the eyes of a woman staring at him. The kind of stare that told him at the very least she could see his ears and elven features if she did not know exactly who he was. He turned pale and immediately darted out the door, weaving past the odd pedestrian here and there and wishing strongly there were far more for him to loose himself in.
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    Her pure icy blue eyes scanned the streets as she made her way down them. She was burning up and not in a good way either. It was on the verge of winter and she was wearing a winter coat. Nobody these days liked strange, nobody wanted to make time in the busy, busy lives to consider accepting those who felt like they didn't belong in the society they were forced to accept. Her Kind wasn't accepted, in fact were they caught they were to be turned over for a very hefty bounty. She was particularly well known and wanted. She had come here from over seas looking for the promises that were promised immigrants many years ago, Freedom, life, Liberty. Justice. Justice, she was foolish to have ever believed that was ever a human or creature concept. Nuri Tierre knew for example the problems the Elves faced and how one in particular was being hunted right now. The fire mage had seen his wanted ad on just about every form of Social media. What could have such a weak willed looking man done to have attracted their attention?

    Shaking it off she wrapped her coat around her tighter. It was burning hot and she wished more than anything right now she could take it off but doing so would only make her stick out like a sore thumb. Her Long red hair already made her like a moving beacon but right now it was tied up tight and tucked under her hat. Finally she saw some relief and slipped inside the building. The woman smiled as she took a breath in and smelled the black coffee. It was her absolute faveorite and when she smelled it she knew that it was a must. Her stomach growling she went up to the counter and ordered one large black coffee. Waiting for it she was impatient and kind of rudely snatched it from the Barista's hands and took a long sip before moaning softly as she pulled back. It had been too long. She frowned at the employee as it had seemed like it took them forever to get it to her.

    Going over to a table she took her seat and leaned into the chair. Life have been so stressful as of late it was nice to relax for a few moments. It didn't help that she was head strong and wanted to do things herself. Shrugging off her coat she sipped at her coffee. But then As she looked around from across the room she saw a familiar face, the face from the police sketches and wanted posters. He met her icy gaze and she got to her feet and started towards him. He paled and ran from the building. Frowning she reluctantly left her coffee and darted out the doors too. Not exactly sure why she was chasing him as she shimmied her way around people, following him she kept up deciding to just follow him and not confront him in public view. He was an elf and being non human herself she could see that. He was using a Glamour. Hiding who he was, in plain sight. No wonder they had not caught him yet. Slick and seemingly a master of petty small time magics.
  3. Daren didn’t dare look back but he was pretty sure the girl was still following him, he could hear people cursing behind him and the pounding of feet. He thought desperately for some way out of this as he ran. Obviously this person was able to see through his glamours and those were his best weapon to deal with someone. Honestly he had no idea where he was going and what he was going to do. If he were less ethical he might be able to do something but he couldn’t bring himself to glamour another person into helping him out. “Shit…” What the hell was he supposed to do?!

    While he was freaking out because he couldn’t figure out a way to get out of this, his distraction took the option out of his hands. He stepped into a puddle that was strangely slippery from goodness knows what and was completely unprepared to compensate. He barely managed to catch himself so he didn’t bash his face into the pavement and hastily rolled over so he was facing the woman, holding one hand up defensively and cringing in on himself. “Please don’t!” To try and fight never even occurred to him.
  4. As she followed him she sensed his nervousness. He was so anxious to get away from her that as he rushed by the people they cursed at him for hitting them or almost hitting them. The mage brushed past the people, and continued to follow him. But he obviously didn't know this town well because he was heading towards the less densely populated portion of town. When he passed more people she half expected him to glamour them into helping but each time when he didn't she became confused. Why didn't he just do it? He would be able to escape that way, why not use your magic to your advantage?

    But as he slipped and caught himself she caught up and stood over him and looked down at him with her Icy eyes. Blinking at him her look of confusion turned into that of amusement and she laughed and looked at him. A mischevious and deviant look in her eyes.

    "Don't do what?" she asked. "You think I'm going to hurt a pathetic looking thing like yourself...? Get your ass up off the ground..." she said and reached out, taking one of his hands. Her grip was surprisingly strong as she helped pull him to his feet. "What are you running from me for? I know your an elf but I'm not human either...What am I supposed to do? Turn you in and hand myself over as way in hell." she said as she crossed her arms. "Don't see many of your kind these the cities...or towns espically. You all running like this or is this just you?" she frowned a bit and looked at him, expecting an answer from him.
  5. Daren blinked a few times in confusion as she started to laugh at him and he warily peeked out from under his arm. He flinched backwards when she reached out to help him up and stood poised like a nervous gazelle once he was back on his feet. One wrong move or phrase from her would likely send him scurrying away again. “Y-you were…” He started softly, his throat constricted in fear though he was doing his best to work around it. He cleared his throat and tried again. “You recognized me…of course I was going to run…” He voice was soft, but at least the words were making it out this time.

    “I know magic folk are with them, so to trust someone who recognized me…” He shrugged nervously and ducked his head at the thought of her last question, his cheeks flushing with a mix of shame and embarrassment. “I…I don’t know…M-mother” His voice caught a bit. He hadn’t spoken of his parents since they had disappeared. “said…said we were sent away. I have not seen another of my kind in all these years.” He shuffled his feet uncomfortably. He really just wanted to run away again. He didn’t know if he could trust this woman still and it made him exceptionally uncomfortable to talk about magic related things again after all these years. Someone could hear them and for all he knew she was simply stalling him while her team showed up to take him in.
  6. Nuri wanted to laugh again as when she helped him to his feet he looked like a new born baby animal. So hesitant and unsteady on their feet. She listened to him and he sounded so nervous as he struggled to speak at first having to start over after trailing off. Her confusion turned to understanding as he explained. The elf was in his right to be nervous around her but his anxious energy only made her more brazen, rough around the edges. Frowning she wished he would stop being so nervous around her. But looking at him she saw he was flushed and she thought it very endearing, cute even. A smile came across her lips, a confident smile.

    "Well, I'm wanted as well, welcome to the isn't? But...Someone who is wanted isn't going to turn you in. I'd only fuck myself over as well..." she then saw him shuffling his feet and frowned meeting his eyes. "Have you always been this jumpy? Or just being a fugitive make you jumpy?" she asked and leaned in closer, examining him and took a step closer to him.
  7. Daren did not find her attempt at humor funny at all. He had been hunted for 10 years now and he hardly considered it a ‘party’. He had probably been at it longer than her! He scowled and shied away as she moved closer to him, crossing his arms defensively as he realized he was just backing up into a wall. “I would appreciate it if you did not get so close.” He tone was slightly clipped, indicative of what once had been a more regal form of speaking. “As for your question.” His scowl deepened. “I am appropriately wary, it’s served me well these 10 long years.”

    Despite her repeatedly saying that she wasn’t any danger, he didn’t find that he liked her much better for it. She was rude and nosy and had no concept of space apparently. If he wasn’t quite sure that such a brash woman would follow him if he ran off again he would have simply walked away. With any luck she would be done with her examination soon and go away. Perhaps he could speed the process along. “And since you are apparently not one of the ones after me, I appreciate you concern but I will be quite fine from here on out.”
  8. As Nuri realized just how close she was to him she stepped back and bit her lip. It had not been as long for her but it had been at least five years. She knew she wasn't the easiest person to get along with but this seemingly mild mannered man acted as if he was annoyed with her. She sighed, as independent as she was traveling alone wasn't all it was cracked up to be anymore. Just then as she was about to speak again someone paused and looked at the two of them. They were dressed in a uniform. It was police garb and they were approached. "Shit..." she muttered and sighed. Police normally didn't come to this part of town, they had gotten very deserate. Or possibly a concerned citizen had seen her following him down here and called police to make sure everything was all right. But now they were both backed up into a corner and in trouble.
  9. Daren, despite the situation getting more dire, actually found himself quite angry rather than terrified. “Now look what you’ve done!” He hissed at her and strode forward past her.

    To magic sight he seemed to shimmer and to the policeman paused and blinked in confusion. “Er?...” He looked around warily but it was as if the other one had just vanished. “Shit.”

    He moved towards the redhead, unaware of Daren who reached out to touch his head in passing. “Sleep.” Immediately he collapsed to the ground and the shimmer around Daren died to the usual light glamour. Daren stared down at the policeman looking pale. “That…worked…” He seemed torn between shocked and horrified. He quickly knelt down to check the guys pulse and gave a soft sigh of relief. “he’s alright…thank goodness.” He stood up and brushed himself off, looking around and freezing as he realized about 5 more uniforms of a different type had shown up around them. To anyone familiar with special governmental agencies, they would recognize the uniform as the ‘magic removal squad’.

    “Well well, what do we have here?" The apparent leader of the squad stepped forward. "Two magicals, we've hit the jackpot tonight boys." He smiled charmingly at the two. "Now why don't you two come along nicely and no one needs to get hurt?" Daren didn't respond, seeming to be mostly frozen in terror. His MO was to avoid notice, he didn't know what to do now that they were cornered. He didn't even know how he had done what he did to the policeman.
  10. The fire mage's eyes widened as he hissed at her and stepped around her, striding in front of her. Watching him his glamour changed and he appeared to shimmer instead. Another ''magical removal squad' member moved towards her and she was about to conjure and defend herself. But The man coming towards her didn't see the Elf and he reached out and touched the man in front of her. As he spoke sleep she had expected this to happen but he looked shocked and went several shade paler than he normally was. Obviously something was wrong and she glanced down at him a he checked the officer for a pulse. His Glamour was back and he was visible again to the naked eye but the bad thing was he was started to Panic again. Standing up he brushed himself off and froze. She whispered to him snapping a bit as she was leaning in closer to him.

    "You've never done that before?" she asked. "Your an Elf For fuck's sake! Wh-" she said, and was cut off as the lead stepped forwards. She got annoyed, getting cut off and frowned, her eyes narrowing. When the officer finished speaking she glanced over at the Boy, he was frozen in horror. It was like a deer in the headlights. Nuri had to do something.

    "How about you go Fuck yourself Officer?" she said and stepped forwards a few steps grabbing Deran's wrist and threw forwards her hand agressivly. A huge plume of fire shot forwards engulfing the officer's in flame. She knew her magic was more fatal and dangerous but didn't feel any pity for the men, in fact she didn't think about it. As the men screamed being caught aflame she yanked him along.

    "MOVE YOUR FEET! LET"S GO!" she yelled at him and pulled him along and ran from the scene pulling him to the other side of town, hiding at an abandoned construction site. After running so far she panted and looked up at him.

    "What is your problem!" she snapped but was more confused if anything and it showed. "It's like you've never used a sleeping spell before, they a-aren't that big of a deal and then you froze up! Animals who freeze up in the road get killed, in that figurative situation we were the a-animals! Y-you almost got us taken in! A-And that man you put to sleep didn't catch my flames...H-He is definitly going to re-report us..."
  11. It was a good thing that Daren was already frozen in terror because he would definitely have been frozen in horror once he saw the girl’s magic in action. Daren had a strong ‘harm none’ mentality that extended to emotional and spiritual hurts as well. The thought of hurting, let alone killing someone, was anathema to him. Seeing all those men engulfed in fire that would almost certainly kill them was almost more than he could take. Just barely keeping stomach bile down he staggered after the girl who was pulling him with surprising force across the town.

    Once they finally stopped he simply dropped to the ground gratefully, this had been far too stressful of a day and it was nowhere near over it seemed. “I-I hadn’t! I don’t know much magic…” He muttered defensively, pulling his knees up and wrapping his arms around them not looking at the wild red head. He tried really hard not to think about all those men who had died in such a horrible fashion. In fact he was doing his best to block the whole incident from his mind. “And don’t ask me what my problem is, I am just going around living peacefully! You’re the one who chased me down and then k-ki-killed a-all those m-men.” He shuddered at the memory and shut his eyes tightly. “You don’t need to do that…the trick is to hide…”
  12. Once they had stopped she saw the elf drop to the ground and pulled his knee's to his chest. She looked at him and he looked like he was going to be sick. Of course he wouldn't want them to die, it was part of who he was and she had just killed those officers in front of him. Biting her lip she looked at him a bit sadly. Listening to her she bit her lip and then spoke. This was so hard for her to say, the next two words, she hated being wrong.

    "I'm sorry..." she said quickly and a bit stubbornly. Her cheeks flushed in embaressment and crossed her arms. "I understand you have been on the run longer than I have but...the people I have been running from want me dead...And I have to defend myself. They killed my family as well, the only family I had left, my sister...I understand loosing family...I've had to kill before and obviously it isn't what your used to. If it helps, I won't...will try not to kill anyone. But I'm a fire mage...Our magic is dangerous..." she trailed off. "I know it's been a long time but we are not safe here. I know I've gotten you into a lot of trouble but they are going to have squads after us ad with you freezing like that...your not safe and neither am I by myself...We need to stick togeather...get out of here. I don't mean to be a bitch but, we don't have much time to rest. We need to get somewhere safe."
  13. Daren was doing his best to try and be reasonable about what the girl was saying. He honestly did not find the idea of going around with such a rude and violent person particularly appealing. She was right about one thing however, they did need to get moving. It was probably best if they ditched town entirely but that was probably a move the squad was anticipating and thus should be avoided for a day or two at least.

    He closed his eyes and sighed heavily, still feeling a bit sick but mostly calm. He pushed himself to his feet, one arm crossed over his chest in an automatic protective motion as he looked around them warily. “Fine.” He muttered, trying not to sound like a sulky child. “Let’s go find a nice looking family and see if someone will put us up for the night.” Which with his glamour was pretty much a guarantee. He wasn’t sure if he could extend it to make the girl seem more trustworthy but he supposed he should try since they were apparently going it together for the moment. “Then we can lurk around town and get a lay of land tomorrow.”
  14. Nuri nodded and heaved a sigh at his suggestion. Looking at the Elf, if he was a normal person and not all over the social media for being wanted she would ahve trusted him. He looked nice. Her on the other had to try so hard to get people to like her. With her fiery red hair it was clear who she was, should one know magic at all. Biting her lip she went silent and her hair fell into her face. She would just stand and wait in silence until her started moving and followed him. They had to be careful who they asked for help, she knew his glamour would help but they shouldn't out stay their welcome. Nuri was stubborn but she didn't want her entire stay with him to be like this. Perhaps she could straighten things out later. If they were going to travel togeather for the time being they needed to learn to get along...and she moaned softly at the thought. This would be difficult.
  15. Daren had honestly expected something of an argument over his plan and was pleasantly surprised when she did not voice a single word of protest. He was an old hand at finding the kind of family he was looking for. He suspected not too many would be shopping at a mall, which was his first place to look so instead he lead the way to a diner, which had a promising looking family or two. He paused before they left an alley alongside the parking lot and looked at her musingly. He was probably astonishingly ignorant on matters of magic as far as she was concerned but he knew that regardless of what else it might stand for, that bright red hair of hers was a blatant signal of their location. Luckily, he could take care of that.

    “Hold still.” He murmured at her and reached out to thread his fingers through her hair. There was a slight shimmer and then her hair went from bright red to a dull brown. He looked her over and nodded in satisfaction. He then turned without word and strode out to meet a family of 3. He turned his glamour up to max, making himself look especially harmless and letting the magic whisper at them that they definitely wanted to help this sad looking boy and his companion. “Please.” He said in a quavering voice. “We have nowhere else to go and all our money was stolen, might we stay with you for a night before we continue our journey?”

    The mother and daughter practically melted under so much magic, and the father was not far behind. He gave Daren’s shoulder a fatherly pat. “Of course! That’s so terrible! Where are you heading?” Daren started to spin a story like the old hand he obviously was at this and gave Nuri a meaningful glance to get in the car with the other two. The little girl sat in the back and looked at Nuri curiously. “You’re real pretty, are you two…” She paused for effect. “in love?”
  16. Nuri was most certainly not used to asking for help. So to have him here helping her she was pouting a bit, stubborn but could see that he was much more cooperative and more pleasant to be around when she was more cooperative and not so pushy. Following him he found a family at a diner but before they walked in he reached out and touched her hair. She blushed a bit as she watched him change her hair to a dull brown, something much less noticable. Keeping her distance as he spoke to the family she took a few steps forwards and saw his act. He was good at this, very good at this. She waited until he looked back at her. But something seemed different about it. The fire mage couldn't help but smile gently and walked over to the car climbing in. Everything was fine until the little girl looked back at her. Blushing softly at her comment she went bright red as the girl asked if her and the elf were in love. Nuri looked to Daren and then back to the little girl, she didn't want to disappoint her but she had not known this man even twenty-four hours.

    "Ummm..." she said embarassed. "No sweetie, we aren't...Because..." she leaned in and whispered to the little girl, grinning gently as she Glanced at Daren then back to her and whispered very quietly to her. "Boys are dumb sometimes...he just dosn't know it yet but he will fall in love with me..." she teased and was totally joking, as far as she was concerned. Laughing softly she sat up straight as then leaned into her seat, grinning a bit.
  17. The little girl blinked a few times in confusion before flashing a big wide smile and bursting into a fit of giggles. The mother looked back at them curiously from the front seat but assumed it must be fine since her little girl seemed to be having such a good time of it. Finally, Daren and the father seemed to finish whatever conversation they were having and both moved into the car. Daren settled next to Nuri, trying not to crowd her in the center. Even though he was still not happy with her and her actions it was not in his nature to be mean or pushy like that.

    He tilted his head as the little girl started giggling again and frowned between the two of them. “What’s so funny?” He turned just a bit defensive, thinking that Nuri was probably dissing on him again even though he was the one getting them a hopefully safe place to stay for the night. The little girl was no help, simply starting to giggle more.
  18. Nuri started to laugh gently as the little girl seemed to be having the time of her life. They were waiting for Daren and the father to finish talking. When they got in and both of the girls were still laughing, as he squished between the two of them. When he tilted his head she laughed harder and grinned at him as he spoke. She didn't leaned into him more because she knew that made him uncomfortable and she was trying to get him to trust her, to be comfortable around her so smiling brightly she looked at him. Her hair still the dull brown right now, even then she looked beautiful.

    "She thinks I'm pretty...and asked if we were in love..." she said quietly but just loud enough for him to hear. "And I told her the truth..."

    Trailing off she looked at him, waiting for his reaction.

    "What do you think...You think I am pretty?" she asked and looked at him expectantly. Not being rude it was a genuine question while teasing him a bit. Hoping it came across that way.
  19. Daren stared at her for several seconds as if he could not process the words she was saying. He honestly did not know how he felt about the girl thinking that. Having been on the run before such things had really entered his mind, they never had. You don’t really go looking for love (or whatever) when you are constantly moving around hiding your identity and race. Or at least Daren certainly hadn’t. He blinked slowly a few times and tried to pull himself out of the mire of confused emotions. “Ah…”

    Then her teasing question hit and he was even more confused about what to think or how to respond. His cheeks turned a faint pink and he looked away, crossing his arms defensively. “That is hardly a question for our situation.” In some ways he was a lot older than his years. In this way, he was worse than pre-teen. He turtled up and seemed intent on not looking at anything that was not out the window for the duration of the trip back.

    Once they arrived at the house as were stationed in a guest room, since apparently the parent’s had the same impression the daughter had, Daren snagged a pillow and blanket off the bed and strode for the door. “I will sleep on the couch.” He was more used to those anyway.
  20. As she looked at him waiting for an answer he just sat there and looked confused. But as she asked him if he thought that she was pretty his cheeks turned pink and she smiled softly, laughing gently. He crossed his arms and looked away like a pre-teen, like some boy who still thought girls had cooties. Okay, so not quite as bad but it didn't appear that he knew at all how to deal with a the subject of love. Figuring he had been on the run for ten years but still...he should know something...right? But as they arrived at the house she sighed and bit her lip as they got there and the parents stuck them in the same room, thinking they were lovers. But that wasn't the case. She was anxious as she had seen the skies earlier as they were driving and as he came in and grabbed the pillow and blanket she was about to say something when she jumped as there was a loud clap of thunder. She tensed and reached out, grabbing his shirt. Nuri didn't mean to and there were very few things that she was afraid of but the claps of thunder brought back memories of something truly horrific. Shaking she forced herself to let go but took the pillow and blanket in his arms. The couch was downstairs so the sounds would be muffled. Trembling she wanted to get down there before the next clap of thunder.

    She didn't mean to be rude but took off and walked down the hall and down the stairs but before she could get to the couch she yelped as she heard another crash. She fell into the corner and pulled her knees to her chest and covering her ears pressed her face into her knees. Yes she was a fire mage and could use lightning and thunder as part of her magic. But never did for this reason. It felt like it went on forever, she didn't know how long she sat there shaking but couldn't bring herself to move.
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