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    The times you had seen those things...those...demons, was a lot more then you could count. They didn't believe you when you said they were real...and you were diagnosed with a mental illness.
    But no.
    You weren't mentally ill. They are real. Demons exist, and so does hell. you are one of the select few who can see these minions of death. And you are the keys to stopping them.

    Hey guys! Call me Mayhem! (Trust me, you will come to see how much that name relates to me!) in spite of the horror festival, I thought a sort of demon, he'll kind of RP would be ideal! ^_^ so the basic idea is you are one of the few people who can see these demons- who are striving to take over the human race- and rule us. (Because you know, all bad guys love that sort of thing.)

    And beware, I love a bit of comedy! So forgive me for making my characters act a little...silly.

    In this RP, Hell and Heaven exist- and they are fighting against each other and you are caught in the middle of it! I'll play any NPC's, but if I feel like it- I might invite someone to take a role of something important!
    Character wise, you will all be in a Asylum or mental institution or the like. The demons will show themselves to your characters by just popping up right in front of them, giving them bad feelings- or if they are really high ranking demons, they could cause headaches and nosebleeds to occur.

    and now, I shall proceed to dazzle you with quite a detailed Character sheet! (Don't you guys miss out on any details! XD I'm joking! But please, don't just put they're name and age down!)

    Name: (you don't need me to explain this...I hope)
    Name meaning/origin: (so if the characters name was originally from something...or it means something- post it here!)
    Gender: (male, female...alien?)
    Age: (preferably young- between 13-20, cos these guys can't be oldies! XD)
    Date Of Birth: (for example, the 20th of June!)

    Height: (two foot tall? Or nine foot tall? That is the question!)
    Weight: (Does he eat a lot of pie? Or does he have a preference for celery?)
    Hair: (typical hairstyle, type of hair, and colour of it! And don't forget the length)
    Eyes: (blue, green or even striped! I like a bit of colour!)
    Additional Features: (so scars, beauty marks or does your character have a case of acne?)

    Traits: ( is he very forgetful? Sadistic? Childish?)
    Skills: (what's he good at? Writing? Running? Climbing mountains?)

    Background: (what has he done over the years? Explain his life before the mental institution, his family, and just his life in general- include any significant events that may have occurred in his life!)

    if you want add any more detail to your character, go ahead! Feel free!

    later guys!
  2. Sounds like fun! :3

    Name: Lyra Amoro
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Date Of Birth: February 2nd

    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Hair: Wavy black hair, to her shoulders. She usually wears it down.
    Eyes: Steel gray
    Additional Features: Pale skin, and sort of a frail, mousy look to her. Also nearsighted and wears wire-frame glasses.

    Traits: Generally, her personality can be described as shy and insecure to the extreme. Think Fluttershy on anti-steroids, plus an unhealthy dose of putting herself down on principle alone. She's very caring, though, even if she has trouble showing it sometimes. One of the few things she can get really passionate about is her religion, which is...quirky, to say the least. It's sort of like Christianity, but a lot more fantastical, and...well, you'll probably find out the details soon enough.

    Skills: She plays tennis on a college level and is pretty good at it (not that she'd ever admit it) so that affords her plenty of endurance and speed, both physical and mental. She also knows how to use a bow, reasonably well. Besides that, though, most of her skills lie in more intellectual pursuits, and she has quite the mental database of useless facts about history.

    Background: When Lyra was born, her parents immediately forced her into the care of Silex, her older brother by 18 years, to spite him. (It's a long story.) Silex didn't prove to be the best guardian, especially since he was caught very much unprepared: he was strict, overbearing, and overprotective, three traits that really put a strain on his relationship with his sister. Long story short, Lyra lived a sheltered life and ran away at sixteen, never once contacting Silex while she was gone. She managed to snatch up a job as a librarian that supported her until her parents sent her the money to go to college, and she lived in a dorm for a semester before moving off-campus for the peace and quiet she desperately needed. Naturally, things really started falling apart when she started seeing the demons...she was sure that they were signs sent from above, and protested fiercely and desperately, always through tears, that she wasn't crazy. She can't be crazy. She's not crazy!
  3. Name: Allen Krieger (Reno Karazura)
    Name meaning/origin: The first name, no meaning, no origin. Second name, Alias I/he uses.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 19
    Date Of Birth: April 18th

    Height: 6'9" (Yes he is tall.)
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Hair: Long, wavy Silver hair, drawn back in a ponytail (Naturally Silver color strangely)
    Eyes: Green to hazel (They shift back and forth every few weeks)
    Additional Features: Scar on his right shoulder from blade and on his chest.

    Traits: Multiple Personalities (Hence the Reno Karazura at the opening), (Reno) Paranoid (To a point), (Allen) Childish, (Reno) Irritable (depends on multiple factors), (Allen) Forgetful
    Skills: (Reno) Fighting and climbing. (Allen) Writing

    Background: Allen was a troubled youth since the very beginning of his life. From one hour to the next his parents were concerned about his behavior swings. He would swing his knives around in an awe and fear inspiring manner at age four, and in the next hour be drawing and wetting himself. At age six, he was expelled from school for repeated violent actions against other students. And yet in the next minute he would forget what had happened as the other personality took over. He was taken in to the asylum then, inside a youth ward at age seven He has been receiving counseling for the multiple personality issue, and both halves realize that the other exists even if they do not share memories. Reno has been allowed quite some liberties while under strict supervision. He has been allowed to work out and practice martial arts. Allen writes poetry and fan-fictions and watches various shows. Reno's paranoia is dealt with efficiently at times, through regular reminders. He has had only one incident at the Asylum, where Reno had to be sedated, which was a set back that occurred when he was fifteen. His hair started to grow in its silver color naturally at age sixteen. He (Reno) started talking to various supernatural entities at age seventeen, actual conversations , which he has managed to keep a secret from the staff, while Allen just listens to the various things they say to him.

    What do you think?
  4. I love them both! They have style, and you can tell what kind of people they are! Owo Now, I would like to mention, that the basic plot for this is laid out....but the details are a little blurry- SO BEAR WITH THIS PERSON! I'll go ahead and post my character up when I return from school! :P
  5. Name: Sivart Recklaw (Wane Moonscar)
    Name Meaning: Originally he was Travis Walker but after strange and uncontollable personality shifts, He was deemed insane and given a backwards name.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Birth: January, 16
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 108 pounds
    Hair: Raven-Black hair
    Eyes: Vivid Blue eyes
    Additional: When Wane Moonscar takes over, their are two crescent shaped scars below his eyes, facing each other.
    Traits: I wasn't copying Karazura, Sivart and Wane are my standard bi-personality characters (It was either that or Lya Lyndel, and theres a 'Lyra' here, ugh!!!).

    Anyways, Wane Moonscar is a spirit that took over Sivart's body long ago. He is narcissistic, arrogant, crazy, the type of guy you want to slap accross the face, he also tends to be pretty flirtatious.

    Unlike Wane, Siv is shy, reserved, and easily frightened. A quiet boy but is warm and sweet with people.

    I tend to love this character pairing due to the polar opposite of their personalities.

    Bio: Travis had been seeing monsters since childhood, but his monsters were real. Instead of growing out of it Siv continued to report seeing things and people laughed at him. He never grew out of this 'phase' his parents were worried by the time he hit 12, near his fifteenth birthday. Travis had walked into a strange house, something called to him in there. It was there that he met a spirit by the name of Wane Moonscar, but instead of a friendly greeting, the spirit seized his body, eager to have a host and a living being to control. It was since then that he had began personality shifts, neither having control of the body for a set amount of time. When Wane was present, the only discernable difference was the facial scars. His parents grew more and more afraid of their child, and kids at school began to call him Sivart. With the entering of Wane, Sivart had even closer contact woth the occult, things grew even worse and his parents agreed to have Sivart see an expert. After testing, they agreed to send him to a mental institution and it was then at his 15th birthday that Sivart had been truly labeled insane. (If anything, Wane is the insane one). it alright?
  6. Name: Mio Coarizake
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Date Of Birth: 13th of July

    Height: 5'4''
    Weight: 107 pounds
    Hair: Silky, straight, raven black hair that goes down to her knees in the back. her bangs go down to her shoulders at the sides and slope from the left to the right, completely covering the right side of her face.
    Eyes: Cold Icy Blue
    Additional Features: She has a scar running straight down the middle of her right eye from her forehead down to the middle of her cheek, but she can still see out of it. Mio has a large demon cat and demon fox both sitting and turning their heads on her back, starting below her shoulder blades and over the rest of her back. She also has three scars on her left shoulder that looks like claw marks, three similar scars from the bottom of her chin and across her cheek below her left eye, a small and faint scar across the top of her nose., two scars on her neck on either side and several scars on either wrist. Her skin is the color of snow, it makes her look like a ghost.

    Traits: Sadistic towards humans including torturing them, severe anger issues, a loner, enjoys pain and has an intense love for animals (especially cats and foxes), witchcraft (dark arts mostly), spirits and demons
    Skills: All around ace soccer star, able to play any position and shine in any position and has one heck of a kick; ambidextrous; science and math genius, at a junior college level; amazing singing voice, she especially loves to sing creepy little lullabies

    Background: For most of her childhood, everything after when her mother was murdered on her third birthday, was pure torment and pain. Mio's father never had a soft spot for children, he hated her, tried to kill her sometimes even. At the age of six, Mio had started to see demons, they were her friends as far as she was concerned, they helped her cope with her anger, hatred and pain. Eventually, her father got sick of hearing her talk to her 'imaginary' friends and told her to never talk to herself again, because no one was there. By the age of eight, she had become interested in witchcraft as well as soccer. It took her no time at all to pick up on her new interests, and eventually she even got a black cat to have a friend that everyone was able to see...not the best thing to have. It only took two years for her father to get sick of her talking to the cat, so he took it outside and burned it, Mio listened to it, yowling in pain as her own tears poured down her face in her silent terror, forced to watch from the chair her father had tied her to. The next night, one of Mio's old friends came back, one of the demons. He was a monstrous creature, similar to a cat or a fox in her eyes, he offered Mio the chance to get back at her father for everything he had done, of course she would not say no. There was a condition, she must give some of her blood in turn for the payment, she agreed, and so the creature added to her scars, clawing her shoulder, cheek, down her right eye, took a claw and scratched both sides of her neck and lightly scratched her above the nose. Covered in blood, the demon led her down the stairs to her father's room, he lay sleeping from his drunken stupor. The demon killed her father slowly with his claws, then told her that her father had killed her mother, then vanished. Eventually the police arrived because of complaints from the neighbors that always see him first thing in the morning. Her father was found and considered murdered, of course Mio was the only suspect, covered in blood and singing a creepy lullaby about death. To her protests, she says that it was the demon and that her father had murdered her mother when she was three, but no one believed her. She was labeled insane, but not dangerous to anyone other than her father, who was dead, and put her in a mental institution.

    I know the background is long and a little bit gruesomely horrific, but that's just the best way to put in Mio's character. I hope this is alright.
  7. *cries dramatically* hell do I get emotional when I read those! Sadness always got to me! All your characters are accepted by the way! Also, sorry about me not posting up my character yet! I saw you guys have seemed to have taken to my idea as well- and I'm currently trying to figure out the details of my characters background! XD
    So, while I still cry about your poor characters! (And listen to a sad Bleach AMV) I will explain that we will start in the Asylum, or institution whatever you want to call it, and I was thinking if we start with them all in with their therapist, this can be the same therapist as someone else's or you make your own one up.
    And now as I have figured out my character- I will post them now!

    Name: Wysteria (Wyst) Trixter
    Name Meaning: A name passed down to her from the demon she came across as young child.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Birth: October 31 (Why not? She's cool like that.)
    Height: 6 foot 4 inches
    Weight: 90 lbs
    Hair: A very pale silver, it has a peculiar blue sheen to it when in the light. It is extraordinarily long when loose and comes to her knees, but typically she keeps it up In a high ponytail.
    Eyes: Normally, a deep gold or topaz colour- yet when she has one of her 'Moments', the colour seems to brighten tremendously and almost shine.
    Additional: a thick jagged scar is on her left eye. It stretches from just above her eyebrow to her jaw, Also has a red pinkish tint.
    Traits: Her most prominent trait is her complete inquisitiveness about life, and other people- she is always curious and hyperactive and so clueless about some normal things, such as personal space, manners and being polite. But when anyone she cares for is in any type of danger of being harmed, her pure determination and protective edge is put into play. Although seemingly carefree, Wysteria is an extremely motivated and somewhat completely driven to do whatever she deems best.
    She has a darker side. Whenever she is low, mentally or physically damaged- Wysteria's 'Voice' seems to take her over. A complete blood thirsty, murderous beast- with no mercy and any forgiveness within it, it is the complete opposite of Wysteria. With it liking to call itself Wysteria's pure instinct,(yes, this was inspired by someone else! XD) it has a certain drive to kill everything it sees in the most gruesome or methods, as much pain inflicted upon its victim as it possibly can.

    In short? Wysteria is so loving and protective it will blow your mind, her dark side? Quite literally will blow your mind!

    Bio: As a young child, Wysteria was very much like she is now. Her parents were loving, and cared for her with all their hearts. Ever since she was a baby, she was able to see the demons that seemed to appear around her- and she loved to play with those that were friendly, or harmless enough when she was able to crawl. However, her parents were worried for her well being- but nonetheless, discarded the information as just a child having an imaginary friend.
    At four, Wysteria was very bright, and always asking questions about everything and everyone. But, when out playing in the family garden at night time, Wysteria was approached by a high ranking Demon. Being the curious child she was, she interrogated the demon and it was intrigued in her ability to withstand and even see itself. Wanting to play games with the child, the demon knocked out Wysteria. When She woke from being knocked out, and was greeted by the sight of the bloody corpses of her parents- a message scrawled across the wall in dark blood. Nice to meet you Wysteria. I hope you like your new friend.
    Confused and distraught, Wysteria ran to the streets, and lived among the city as a homeless child. Finding friends on the streets like herself, she grew up learning the way of the streets- and earned money by pick pocketing the people that walked the roads. Life wasn't perfect for her, but at least she had a new family- and and way to survive, it was better then being dead. Unfortunately, when Wysteria learned of the death of a close friend of hers on the streets, once again, she lost consciousness. When awoken, the bodies of her family were strewn across the pavement- crowds of police, and people crowded around her. When being dragged away, she read the message that had been left on the wall. Sorry partner, I couldn't help myself.
    ever since, Wysteria could see and hear things the voice in her head made- and was entered in the mental institution, put into the Red Ward- the ward with the most dangerous patients, and made to be watched whenever she was engaging in an activity of any kind.

    phew- now that I have finished writing that, I will continue to cry over the sad lives those guys have had!
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