Not Really Alone

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    Josie Khar


    Josie was sitting in a tree, hands clasped behind her head, swinging her left leg forward and back. She was lost. To that much she would admit. But that doesn't mean she had to show it on her face. If anyone saw her, not that anyone would be in the middle of the forest to see, he'd think Josie was simply bored or unamused. Not lost. But she was. As plain as day. Lost. She closed her eyes, contemplating the idea of taking a nap. But when if she wanted to, Josie would not be able to take a nap. Not now. She was much to awake to do that. She may look bored, but she was well aware of the dangers of the forest. Lions, bears, carnivorous insects, bee hives. This was home to everything unpleasant. If only she hadn't taken on that stupid dare. If only she hadn't been so prideful to think that she could was a straight path in the woods with no aid of any sort. It sound pathetic, but she desperately longed for a compass. At least then, she'd know which direction to turn.
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    Kane Emile

    Kane was sent in by the darers to check on Josie, he had known her before so he was needless to say a bit worried about her. In truth he had a small crush on her, find her quite cute and her personality adorable. Though he was probably better at navigating then the others he managed to get lost himself although he wouldnt admit it. He looked around in a panic of Josie moving quickly through the trees. Every so often he'd call out "Josie are you here!?" He had a number of scratches and scrapes on his skin from the fall tree branches slicing him up as he ran past.
  3. Josie still have her eyes closed when she heard a distant voice, shouting something. The voice repeated itself a couple of times, becoming louder. Eventually she could hear her own name being shouted. She sighed, rolling her head away from the direction from which the sound came. She was so desperate that she was actually hallucinating. Imagining someone shouting for her was nothing short of being a narcissist. But she heard it once again. This time, the voice was so close clear that it no longer sounded from a distant dream. Josie's eyes flew opened and she looked down. Sure enough, was standing the the small clearing. It was Kane, a friend of her friend. She didn't know him that well; they were more acquaintances than friends. "Kane?" She called out from her hiding place, scaring away from birds resting nearby.
  4. Kane turns around to face Josie. "Oh thank god there you are!" He rushes over quite out of breath from his panicked running. He looked at her, "W-Why'd you do the dare? You know we were just joking around." His clothes were a bit damaged from the sharp branches and he had more then a few cuts on his face. "Come on, I came here to take you back. I dont want you to get lost in the woods or anything." He says smiling warmly at her as he offers a hand to help her up.
  5. Jose crossed her arms and looked down at the boy. His clothes were toe and his hair was in a needy cluster that was a mixture was sweaty and muddy. "You know we were just joking around," he said. Clearly she didn't see it that way. She saw it as a challenge. They didn't expect her to do it. That was the point. They thought she was some sort of scared little girl. She proved them all wrong. Ha. When he spoke of taking her back, she raised her eyebrows, making an doubtful and annoyed face. Quite like what you would make to a friend after seeing a child throw a fit in the middle of the supermarket. "I'm sorry, but I didn't ask for anyone's help. Hence why I'm here."
  6. He sighs and sits down next to her. "Ok then, I'll wait until you do need help." He says stabbornly with a small smirk on his face as he plopped down right next to you. "I'm sorry the guys tease you all the time...I try to ask them to stop they just arent that smart."
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    Josie rolled her eyes. Half of her was just joking around with him while the other half of her actually felt annoyed at his stubbornness. Why would she need her help? Didn't she just state that she specifically did NOT need any help? Her heart softened just a little bit when she apologized for his friends. On one hand, his trying to be nice in the place of others was annoying. Especially when they never really teased her since she'd just yell that them. But on the other hand, she found it just a bit sweet, even if it was super lame, that he was attempting to be nice.
  8. (In that case he's at the bottom of the tree.)
    Kane sits there not saying a word as he waits for her to talk to him or something to happen. Some thunder and storm clouds show in the distance slowly making their way over to the two. "You sure you want to stay up there, your going to be closer to the lightning when it shows up." He says looking up at her from his spot under the tree.
  9. Sighing at the boy's words, Josie slowly descended from her perched treetop site. She had noticed the storm clouds as well so she would have hopped off of he tree whether he suggested it or not. "Why are you even here?" she asked when she reached the forest floor. "You should go back. I don't need your help." She was still too prideful to admit that she was lost. Especially not to this boy who she hardly even knew and seemed to think he was all that. She could always head in the opposite direction that he can from, for that will surely lead to the other side right? But even as she thought of this, she knew that she probably would still fail. Actually, she was glad that Kane had come. At least that way she could secretly follow him and got out of the forest that way.
  10. "I was worried...the guys didnt actually send me." He says sighing loudly. "They left already. Bunch of pricks." He stands as well looking at her. "If you dont want my help thats fine. But I dont really want to leave you here. It was hard enough finding you and I dont want to lose sight again. So go ahead and lead the way back if you want." He goes over to her seeming a bit sad as he waits for her to head in a direction.
  11. Josie sighed loudly, just enough to show that she was irritated. This guy was really annoying. If they were in a relationship or something crazy that like his words could possibly have seemed romantic to some. But they were nowhere close to that sort of thing. She hardly knew him so his intentionally kind words simply seemed creepy and stalker-like. "Look, Kane. We hardly know each other so I don't see why in the world you should worry about me. And you should just go back yourself because I'm not heading that way. I'll catch up with you some other time okay?" Although that last sentence was phrased as a question, it was obviously rhetorical. She was trying to imply that she didn't want him company and hopefully he'll get the message. She looked away from him and leaned against the tree she was once sitting on, watching the clouds roll in.
  12. "Well...I a problem." He chuckles nervously and looks at her with a light blush on his face. "I actually dont know were to go..." He rubs the back of his neck and looks away. Trying to figure out which way he had to go to get back. Soon though he returns looking quite sad. "I didnt really want to say I didnt know were to go...kind of takes the wind out of my whole coming to find you thing." He sighs dejectedly as he flops on the forest floor again sitting there against a tree looking down. "God I'm stupid." He says to himself realizing just how much he fucked up when trying to find her.
  13. Josie's hardened facial expression softened at his words. Everything he had said earlier suddenly made sense now. She let out another sigh, more in defeat than anything else. "Oh." She looked up at the storm clouds rolling in before turning to look at Kane. She felt bad for bursting out in anger at him earlier. "Well," she spoke in a softer voice now. "I think you came from that way." She pointed in the direction from which he walked towards her when she first spotted him. "Let's go together then."