Not really a good bye, but a... see you around.


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So, I know this could go in Connection/Commitment Problems, but it's a bit bigger than that. To me anyway.

I'm about to disappear again for, I don't know how long. I know it's nothing new, but I don't know if I'll be back again this time. It just seems I come back and complain about crap for a month or so then go poof gone again, so I just wanted to say if you don't see me again this time, no, I haven't finally hanged myself. Life is going better for me than it has been, just....horrifically busy.

Between...hmm... not a lack of inspiration, my muse has returned full force finally, but a lack of role-play inspiration and trying to start up a little etsy thing for some extra grocery money, along with trying to be more attentive to my family and with the addition of my little niece-


Whew. But she is pretty effing adorable. She has this new game where she runs up to you, grins and says whatever her new favorite word is (yesterday it was book, this morning it's hop-hop) and turns around to run away so you'll chase her.

Anyway. You might see me lurking about the C-Box in a quiet moment once in a while, but I'm dropping Phoenix Reprise and CHOSEN and won't be joining any more role-plays. I'm terribly sorry, but that's how my life is shaping up. I will edit my RP resume and any time you see me my offer of being a brainstorming idea-bouncing partner stands.

I will miss you guys, hopefully I'll be poking around here and there so I won't miss you too much, y'all have been better friends than I've had irl so I thought you deserved an explanation.

Oh dammit now I've made myself cry. >:/
Aw, we understand Teezai! Life gets busy! XD As long as we see you around and get to chit chat sometimes, all is good!
Hope everything goes well for you Luna, and we'll be here when you decide to return!