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  1. Cara has been locked inside a mental hospital ever since her mother had been murdered and everyone believes she is the one who had done it. In truth she didn’t, there was another person inside the house and not just any person he was a demon. Her mother had made a deal, she would hand over Cara when she turned 18 but then she decided she couldn’t, it was her only child and so she was trying to go back on the agreement and the demon didn’t like that. Now it’s close to Cara’s birthday and he is coming for her.

    So I was thinking that he wants her because she has something special, like a power or something but he also has been watching her and has fallen in love with her and so also wants her body. This will have violence in it and he should be forceful.

    Any questions/takers?
  2. I like the idea but does he have to be a generic demon like horns and tail or can he have a human form to blend in? Also when he wants to claim her body will she be willing or will she put up a fight?
  3. I was thinking that he has a human form, better to blend in and what not. If you are not comfortable with the idea of her fighting then she I can make her willing.
  4. I don't mind the idea of her fighting. I'd like to see how she puts up a bit of resistance.
  5. Ok then she will be a fighter! XD So do you have any more questions or do you want me to start working on the post?
  6. Nope. you can go ahead and start it up :)