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  1. They didnt believe her when she told them about the old abandoned prison on Maine Street. But she knows what she saw. Not even herr friends believe her, they just think its some silly story she made up to scare them... but soon they will know they she was telling the truth...

    -My Character Sheet-
    Name: Dawn Iris Roberts
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'6"
    Body Type: Slim/ Weight: 112
    Personality: Smart, Spiritual, Natural born medium, Not shy but at the same time not way too outgoing . She is very brave.Stubborn, Creative, a little short tempered, Hates bein told what to do. She is also pretty tough physically and mentally, and she is very loyal and honest and caring.
    Bio: Ever since she was little Dawn has always been able to see and talk to ghosts. She never knew why but she has just always had that gift. As she grew older her it became stronger. By age 10 she got into Wicca and learned to control her gift because it was getting to the point where her father threatened to take her into a mental hospital. Of course her mom believed every word she said and took her daughter side. This caused some problems in her parents marriage and they divorced when she was 11. Despite the ability to see ghosts and the divorce Dawn still remained calm and cool about everything. Her dad moved out of the house and her mother got full custody of her. Her mom gives her the option to go see her dad, but she always says no. She wants nothing to do with him. She is still a Wiccan till this day .
    Likes: Reading, Drawing, Writing, Music, Horror stories (And telling them! (:), The dark, Her friends and animals.
    Dislikes: Cheesy movies and seafood.
    Looks: Pic Below (:

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  2. Name: Nick Mells Welins
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'7
    Body Type: Lean/Scrawny
    Weight: 128
    Personality: Nick is a geek, there is no light way of putting that. He is super shy and tends to think of everything in a logical, scientific, way. He often rejects any social opportunities to read a good book, or watch the next geeky show. Since his physical physique is lacking, he is not usually noticed. Fitting the geek stereotype perfectly, he does not do sports and is enrolled in all the geeky clubs he could find. He fears anything he cannot comprehend which would include females and most other humans. He is terrified of girls in particular, being only able to talk to girls on the internet. Mainly because the question as to whether they are girls or not can never be truly answered without physical proof.
    Bio: Nick comes from a smart family, which is probably no surprise. He is the only child, offspring due to a one night fling between two college students. His biological mother, a climate scientist, lived up in Antarctica and never lived with his father and himself. His biological father, a neurologist, was rarely ever home. As a child, Nick was raised by his grandmother. She was a kindred spirit whom loved her grandson, and gave him every little bit of attention his parents didn't. She died before Nick got into high-school, which left Nick to plan the funeral since his father seemed to busy to plan his own mother's funeral. After losing the one person who really cared for him, Nick cut himself off from the real world. He focused his time into becoming something both his parents would acknowledge. He studied as hard as he could, getting into honors and AP classes, and up to this point he is still trying.
    Likes: Reading, excelling, programming, and winning.
    Dislikes: Loud noises, things that do not make sense, and deep water.