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  1. It wasn't unusual for Agent Carver to get frantic calls in the middle of the night; tonight was no different. The man had been used to it by now; someone calling in the middle of the night screaming about something that couldn't be an animal or something along those lines and he'd be forced to investigate it within an hour's notice. Sometimes he wished his division didn't transfer calls to him, he despised it ever time they did it. The agent threw on a new pair of clothes and headed out into the night.

    The call concerned something along the lines of a woman went out into the woods after her dog ran off into it, in Nelson, British Colombia (nearly an hours drive from his current home) and never came back. Her husband went out to look for only to discover a giant raptor or vulture was devouring much of the woman's remains. Agent Carver wasn't expecting much from this call, he doubted there was even anything to work off of.

    As soon as he arrived to the place, police were crowded around the thick woods, waiting for him. It was hard to believe so many officers were there at 4:30 in the morning over something as small as an animal attack. He wondered how many people woke up from the screams of sirens or the blinding lights that sped by their windows, at least a few dozen. "Okay, let's see this body. I didn't get up at three for nothing," he said, glancing at the dark woods that laid before him.
  2. Alex Villalpando was an ordinary man. He woke, took a shower, and went to work like any other man. Alex had no idea that his hole life was about to change. Alex was never one to believe in the supernatural. He would hear stories about ghost, vampires, zombies, and other supernatural begins. This night Alex work be working the grave yard shift. Alex worked at a local power plant. Alex had been working at this power plant for almost 3 years, about to be 4, and he loved it.

    Alex walked out of his house, and he got into his truck. "Time to go to work." Alex said as he looked at the. The time was 8:30 PM, and Alex had to be at the power plant at 9:00. The power plant was only 10 minutes away from Alex's house, so he would always leave the house at the last 30 minutes. 10 minutes goes by and Alex arrives at the power plant. He gets out of his truck and makes his way into the power plant. Once inside, Alex went straight to the control room and started working.

    8 hours goes by and the time is 4:00 am, and it's time for Alex to get off work. Alex looks at the clock and see's that it's 4am. "Time to get off." Alex says as he stretches in the control room's chair. He gets out of the chair and heads towards the exit. Once he got outside, he made his way towards his truck and got in. When Alex got in the truck, he let out a big sigh. He started up his truck and started driving home. in order for Alex to get home, he needs to go through the road in the forest. When driving through the forest, something strange jumped in front of the truck. Alex tried to serve around it, but he ended up hitting the strange creature. The impact mange to stop the truck and almost destroy it. Alex stepped out of his truck with a bloody head. When he got out of the truck, Alex say the leg of the raptor. "What the?" Alex said as he moved, for he can get a better view of the creature. Once he moved, Alex saw the full body of the Raptor. "HELLO?!" Alex screamed. He moved closer to the creature and poked it. "It seems to be dead." Alex said as his hand moved off it.
  3. As Alex dealt with the strange giant bird that laid dead and bleeding in front of his truck, Agent Carver was being escorted to the body of the woman. He didn't really care for the blood and crushed skull of the corpse when he finally laid his eyes on it. The surrounding area was a mess; tree limbs broken off, claw marks etched into the ground and in tree trunks, and the soil around the woman soaked up her blood, making if seem as if the near headless woman had a halo of black blood around her. It nearly made the agent vomit at it's sight but he was able to keep it down to just gagging.

    He slipped on a pair of medical gloves and headed towards the woman, he was more concerned with what did this and it where if fled off to than keeping the damage to the body to a minimal. As the agent examined the body, he noticed the deep holes that littered her body and tears that didn't seem to come from a set of teeth. He pondered, going over the extensive data base of teeth marks in his head; he thought it must have come from a bird but ones this big weren't alive anymore. They've been long dead since the iceage.

    About to continue with the strange case, he stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the echo of hello? bounce through the forest. He froze and tried to figure out where that sound came from; he swore it came just west from him, not far either. He glanced up at one of the nearby officers who lead him here, "I'm sorry, but I think I should figure out who's out here so early. I'd rather see a live body than a dead one anyways." Before the policeman could stop him, he rushed away towards his car. He jumped into it, driving away towards where he thought the voice came from. As he speed through the dark streets, he saw a truck that seemed wrecked until he pulled up behind the vehicle, it really was wrecked. He stepped out, still wearing bloodied medical gloves that clashed with his suit. "Is there anyone here?" he called out.
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