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  1. "Cause daddy is here." Lyra smile, "And Blackie was playing with me. I taught him chess. He's good but I'm still winning." Her little shadow pet drifted behind her.
  2. I just now saw that birb and it's dancing t o the music I'm listening to
  3. Pitch
    A Strange Case
    Enhanced and Higher
    Genetically enhanced beings are appearing and running rampant in Gotham City. Not the usual, no. These are weirder and more frequent than others. Each with their own unique abilities. And for some reason, they're all robbing pharmacies. Who can solve the case and bring whoever is behind this to justice? Well, maybe you can!
    Look and feel: Mystery/Action/Supernatural

    EDIT (by @Michale CS - didn't know I could do that, huh? ):
    Given that the policy above is unless I've played under the GM before, this will be run as a Tales of A.R.M.O.R. game
    - Also, I am in assumption this will be run in the universe that the Arkham Knight game took place in.
  4. I guess Ada's not drinking anymore punch.

    Thanks, Scooby.
  5. Mars let him take the pace for a while, "You're good.. I see why mistress brought you to play. You should come by more often."
  6. "Well, You were."
  7. In between thrusts and his breaths he responded, "I didn't think that you would be so good either. I might have too come by a lot more, so far all you sisters are better then any partner I have had. I don't think Lilith and I have ever completed a session so I don't know what the climax of that would be." his pointless rambling seemed to be as if he were speaking subconsciously, he was very focused on making Mars' climax many times as she would made him.
  8. "It's how Lucius wad made."
  9. Astorath smiled and kissed farther down the back of her neck.
  10. After the one dance, Eden went back to her table and finished her drink.

    Outside of the quiet Raven, everyone else was now dancing. She smiled to herself.

    Fifth wheel, just like always.

    Good night Raven.

    Upon going outside, realizing its morning In New York and groaning.

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  11. "But you need rest to grow. Mommy never grew because I kept her up."
  12. "He's shy." Harmony sigh softly.

    "Oh." Lyra nods and follow him up to the bedroom.
  13. Harmony smile, "Good. Now, I thought you wanted a quickie."
  14. Oh, Micah, I had the idea for Heroic Servants based on Shakespeare works.

    Assassin Brutus, Saber Macduff, and Caster Prospero were who I came up with.

    Also, not Shakespeare, but a Rider Don Quixote would be sort of funny.

    Character Name: Hirono, Kuri
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: High school student
    Race/Species: Human! (Er, actually he's a demon trapped and powerless in a human body ...)
    Age: 15, going on 16
    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality: Kuri is basically a trouble-maker, a prankster, not the type of guy who plays jokes to entertain people. He does it for the sheer joy of making people miserable and it's often debated how someone as kind as his brother can be related to a guy like him. If you can get past his tough exterior, you'll find someone still hurting about his parents' death with a cool head on his shoulders who doesn't like to get emotional over things. Hence, he avoids chick flicks, daytime TV, and girls as a whole.
    General History: Once upon a time a group of demon hunters got together and hunted down a demon. The demon took refuge in the womb of a human woman about to give birth and the demon hunters managed to seal him inside the baby's body. The trauma of having magic cast on him with no magical defenses caused the baby to die, leaving only the demon soul within it. But when the demon hunters attempted to kidnap the baby from the maternity ward, they was interrupted by none other than the baby Kuri's older brother, Seiryuu. The curious child ended up delaying them until the nurses came and whisked the baby away. The demon hunters were forced to retreat and are still attempting to find the baby to this day.

    Kuri's childhood was pretty normal. He always had a trouble-making streak about him but no one ever got hurt from his pranks. His only traumatic experience (to date) is the deaths of his parents which he blames himself for as they were on their way to meet with his teacher about trouble he was having in class. After that, he was kicked out of high school for burning down the school's cafeteria and has recently been enrolled into the high school his brother works at.
  16. Character Name: Yamahiko Kuribo
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Nerd/Human Punching Bag
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 14
    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: Get good grades, gain a better understanding of science, take over the world (not even kidding on that last one).
    General Personality: Loud and outspoken, it's no wonder that poor Kuribo is so unfortunate in the popularity department. He seems to have the inability to keep his big mouth shut over how he really thinks about people, and doesn't seem to want to. When spoken to on equal terms, he's a great guy - very caring. When he's spoken to like everyone is above him, he's a rolling ball of rage without the physical strength to back him up.
    General History: Born to two scientists, his parents have high hopes for young Kuribo, and those hopes are something that he doesn't want to let down. Having one of the highest grade point averages in the school (he's rather poor in physical education), he even strong-arms through things he doesn't quite understand through strength of will when his vast intelligence won't get him through.

    His honorable qualities and his will to 'make the world a better place through eventual force' has not gone unnoticed. Spirits of many kinds, mostly of the evil type, are attracted to him, and flock around him like a cloud, giving many people bad feelings and the need to be cruel to him. Kuribo is unable to see them, but does notice that he has incredible luck with a lot of his mechanical tinkerings - and sometimes gets the answer to things he doesn't or shouldn't know, as if it's being whispered into his ear. When extraordinarily angry, he gets a glimpse of these spirits - or sometimes, they'll do what he asks, if it causes the proper amount of pain and anguish. Most of them genuinely like Kuribo, and are honestly confused by that.

    Kuribo himself thinks that there is a scientific reasoning behind what he sees when he's angry and what happens. Secretly egotistical, he believes himself so powerful with his mind he can force his will upon the living world. The spirits are more than happy to have him believe this. At any given time, there are five or six evil spirits attracted to him at a time - three of them are the same
    , which are always around him, or continue to return to him. They do not go inside or possess his body. Calling themselves Kutsuu (pain), Chikara (force), and Kashikoi (cleverness), their attachment to young Kuribo seems to be bordering on 'human friendship', even if they don't quite understand it.

    This is what got him pushed forward into the school from a young age, despite his protests to want to take each step at a time. He's being manipulated towards his own goal faster than he would like, and his oppressors are causing his rage at a world that relies on physical strength to rise even higher. He might be dangerous at a later time, but right now, at least, he's deeply into his studies.