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Game Masters:Angie Ramos
Accepting New Characters: Yes
Posting Expectations: I know people (like me) can live very busy lives, so if you're going to miss a day or two, just let everyone know. ^_^
Rating: M
Genre: School RP
Atmosphere/Mood:Action, Romance, Comedy
Timeline: Present
Basic Plot: A group of students living in Tokyo, Japan discover that some one amongst them is a half demon. Now they have to deal with keeping it all under wraps. Things get rough when they find out that their "demon" friend has the power to "save" or "destroy" the world! Along with their school problems, gossip circling the school...and boy friend issues?



Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:


Here are my characters...

Character Name: Jiro Dicerus
Gender: Male
Job/Role:The ability to save or destroy the world
Race/Species: Half- demon/human
Age: 17
General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose: To survive high school
General Personality: He's the silent type, sometimes he can blow a short fuse. He always felt different around everyone else, and he found it difficult to make friends in junior high. So he's always been the distant type. His eyes seem emotionless all the time, in reality he feels alone.
General History: He lived a normal life with his father, who told him he found him when he was five years old and on the edge of life. Then adopted him and took him in on his own. Jiro doesn't know that he was born half demon, half human. However he realizes that bad things happen when he looses his temper. So he always does his best to stay calm in any situation. He also knows that he has some kind of power, but he never told anyone, even Zephie. The girl who found him alone in the park once. She likes him but he doesn't see it...


Character Name:Zephie Kurosu
Gender: Female
Job/Role: A student at Sakuran High
Race/Species: human
Age: 16
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: She doesn't know her purpose on the world, but so far, when she met Jiro, she knows she's on a mission. To make him smile-even a little. She likes him a lot, but doesn't know how to tell him. Her BFFS know she has the hots for him, and they always try to hook them up. It doesn't always work.
General Personality:She is out going, fun and she loves life. She knows that school can be stressful sometimes but she always finds a way to make things worth it. She loves to sing, so you could catch her walking to school while softly singing a tune
General History: She was born fatherless, for her dad died a few days before she was born. She lives with her mother, grandfather and little brother Kotaru. Sometimes, when she feels alone, she writes in her diary, sometimes she even writes about her father and what it would be like to have one. She wishes she could go back in time to see him, before he died. Most of the time, she's busy with after school clubs and school work. Other times, she's chasing after her friends to catch up with her "social" life.

See ya in the threads.


Are the other characters allowed to be vaguely fantastical, or should we keep the supernatural stuff mostly under wraps and unexplained? I don't think I'll be joining this, but I think that will help out those who do want to join up.
I'm a sucker for these High School drama/comedy type roleplays. You can count on a bio from me :3
Just because this gives me an excuse to play Manami again. >:D ...Ignore everything that has nothing to do with this roleplay! c__c I am too lazy to edit this bio right now!


Character Name: Shinobu, Manami (to endure; love beauty)
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Japanese American
Age: 16
Birthplace: Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. (On a cruise ship.)
Current Residence: Kyoto, Japan
Occupation: High School Student


General Appearance: Manami is a buxom blond with fair skin, taking after her American mother. She has wide curvy hips with a smaller waist. Her fashion sense is superb - always on to the latest trends and styles. Babydoll shirts, cute little mini skirts, platform shoes, sparkling hair clips; these are all staples of her closet. When forced to wear a school or worm uniform, she'll still jazz up her style with trendy accessories.
Strengths: Dance! She's super skilled on her feet, doing all sorts of dance styles. Her body is very flexible and bouncy.
Weaknesses: Pushups, pullups, anything where she has to use strength in her arms.


Current Goal/Purpose: Survive her new school. Normally, that's no big deal, she's totally used to moving around... but this place is soooo bizarre!
Talents: Fast talking and charming anyone with a pen-...anyone that has eyes!
Inabilities: Cooking, Chemistry, Singing, Japanese (that's the MOST embarrassing, her father is SO disappointed!)
Fears: Public Embarrassment. Really, how do you survive after something like that?!
General Personality: LIKE OMG HIIIIII! Manami is a bubbly socialite. She loves being around crowds of people, being in the middle of some sort of excitement whether it's super fun or even a huge drama. A little chatterbox, she's also spends a lot of time gossiping, chatting on the phone with her seemingly limitless contact list of friends, or butting in to someone else's business. Manami is guilty of having twenty crushes at once, and even getting a little out of hand at boy-stalking when there's a guy she particularly likes. Overall, she's a good friend and always willing to back someone up when they need it.
Inner Personality: There's very little about Manami that she isn't willing to share with everyone, even when it's not asked. In fact, she has a bad habit of sharing TOO MUCH. Manami wants very much to be liked and fit in to whatever new place she's in, so she offers as much of herself as she can give, in hopes that everyone will see something they can related to and give their friendship back. This seems to be working for her, despite her occasional obnoxiousness, as she's so very genuine about wanting someone's friendship.
Secret: Manami has no secrets... so far!


General History: Manami was born to Akihiro Shinobu (a world traveling linguist born in Japan) and Linda Lewis (one of the rich and fabulous New York socialites), while on a cruise ship during one of her parents vacations. Mr. Shinobu, being such a brilliant mind with languages spends much time traveling the world studying, teaching, and doing translation work in different countries. He met Linda Lewis while in Washington at a random big-wig party. They try to say it was love at first sight, but it was several meetings on down the line before the pair started dating and eventually married.

Loving their around-the-world lifestyle, even after Manami was born they didn't slow down their travels. Europe, Africa, Asia, the family rarely spend long than a year or two in a single location, making it hard to Manami to settle, and even harder to leave once she made friends. She spent most of her younger years with tutors for her schooling up until she was old enough to start High School. She spent her first two years of High School in Los Angeles, California while her father was a Linguist teacher at a college.

Present Life: Akihiro was recently offered a superb job in his home country of Japan, where he has moved his family and enrolled Manami in Chikushi High. This latest move was a little unsettling, after she was finally so well adjusted to life in America. This new school seems kind of scary, and even worse... she's discovered her Japanese is awful. He father is soooo embarrassed (He' a linguist, his own daughter should be good at languages! Even worse, it's half her heritage!)... and she's just hoping she can make a good impression and make her papa proud!

Special Historic Notes:

- Manami was born on a cruise ship!
- Lots of moving around the world for several years!
- (14) Manami starts High School in Los Angeles
- (16) Manami Starts School at Chikushi High
cool accepted, I'm posting the IC thread soon so be on the look out! :)
kyaa! I'm sorry, I missed it. -_-;
I was thinking that most of them be normal. But if the person wants them to have a power then that works too. Is that good? ^-^
I have a feeling I can't avoid this RP much longer.
It is highly probable that I will post a bio by the end of the day.
*mumbles* Daym my lack of self RP control...

Character Name: Evan House
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Junior
Race/Species: American/Human?
Age: 17
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: Getting through the rest of high school and getting into a good college for Video Game Design.
General Personality: Somewhat of a closet geek. Knows the effects of his looks and smile. Tries to get along with everyone. Has a taste for the best things in life, whether it be girls, clothes, or friends.
General History: Grew up rich, and somewhat humbled himself by going to public school, even if it is in Japan. He's Bilingual, English and Japanese. He secretly goes to conventions and works on modding computers in his spare time, while keeping his popular facade in school.
Out of curiosity, are we allowed to play teachers?

And since people are allowed to have powers, what are the limits? (I'm naturally assuming god-like powers are a big no-no.)
Yes! No God-mods! and yes you can be a teacher. And Harli I can't wait to rp with you! :)


Actually, i'll consider joining. Just have Diana or Patty smack me to keep me focused.
I'll smack you anyway, Rory. JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT.
Here's my teacher! I may end up making a bio for his brother, Kuri, in case we need some random chaos.


Character Name: Hirono, Seiryuu
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Teacher
Race/Species: Human
Age: 24 years old
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: Same as most teachers: pay the bills, help make school a little more bearable and less complicated for his students, take care of his little brother, and play the violin
General Personality: Sei (as he prefers to be called) is a man who believes strongly in there being good in everyone. That belief spurs him to work hard for his students and not to give up on them, even when they give up on themselves. He loves and cares for his brother deeply and is extremely patient. As of now, no one can ever remember Sei ever raising his voice or being sad or angry at anyone.
General History: Sei is the oldest of two boys with his younger brother, Kuri, being a good nine years his junior. His mother was a housewife and his father was an accountant. Growing up, Sei was not only a gifted student but talented in the violin as well. In fact, he may be the only one capable of successfully playing the legendary Devil's Trill Sonata, a violin solo that is extremely demanding and if played, stories say, your soul will belong to the Devil. (However, despite not being the suspicious type, Kuri has made Sei promise never to play it.)

Even though Sei loved playing the violin, he went to school and graduated to become a teacher. Shortly after accepting his new job teaching at a high school, his parents were killed in a car accident. Kuri had been in school at the time and Sei became his guardian.
Hitting Rory with sticks? Sounds like a plan! >:D
Character Name: Nodoka, Nadare (Nana) [Tranquil, Avalanche]
Gender: Female
Job/Role: 2nd year student
Race/Species: Human
Age: 16
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: Be taken seriously enough to get a boyfriend!
General Personality: Unusually small and childish looking for her age, Nana generally accepts her role as acting cute and sweet. However, behind it, Nana is very smart and deep, taking accelerated courses. She wishes she could escape the stereotype her size set her in, but is all the same sweet and gentle enough that it isn't all an act.
General History:
Nana attended private academies until she was twelve years of age, at which point her parents took her out because the other students were picking on her for staying so small and Nana was miserable. Putting her in public school wasn't much better, but Nana's intelligence gained respect from those students.
Nana attained a few friendships. When Nana tried to date a popular boy at her school, the girl retaliated by making Nana look ridiculous and dying her hair pink. Since, Nana has kept the style, playing up the adorableness she possesses with such ease. Lonely still, despite having real friends, Nana longs to experience "falling in love".
Character Name: Miss Akiko Kajiura
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Demon Hunter…No wait, High School Drama Teacher.
Race/Species: Human
Age: Clearly not over the age of 29.

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To educate the masses of young people the importance of drama and the theater. They are all uncultured and need something other than cartoons and horrid sitcoms in their daily lives.

General Personality: Akiko is a well loved teacher that seems like she is fairly educated. Her main problem is, although she is now grown up, she doesn't act that way. Odds are you'll find her wearing some eccentric costume that she stole from the drama club to get a point across. She is often very flighty, loses her temper a lot , and has been known to zone out in mid sentence whenever she believes a "demon" is present.

General History:  Akiko once attended Tokyo U's prestigious Drama department. She never really knew why the professors were always so eager to give her the starring roles but she did a great job. Apparently, she was so popular that she had spent sometime on Broadway. The one down side to her life though is the fact that her family comes from a long line of demon hunters. Getting tips from a local monk, she has come to this high school, because demons clearly like dwelling in high schools.
lmao accepted! xD anyone wants to sign up for the role of random chaos when things start to go down hill? Go for it!


Character Name: Hirono, Kuri
Gender: Male
Job/Role: High school student
Race/Species: Human! (Er, actually he's a demon trapped and powerless in a human body ...)
Age: 15, going on 16
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality: Kuri is basically a trouble-maker, a prankster, not the type of guy who plays jokes to entertain people. He does it for the sheer joy of making people miserable and it's often debated how someone as kind as his brother can be related to a guy like him. If you can get past his tough exterior, you'll find someone still hurting about his parents' death with a cool head on his shoulders who doesn't like to get emotional over things. Hence, he avoids chick flicks, daytime TV, and girls as a whole.
General History: Once upon a time a group of demon hunters got together and hunted down a demon. The demon took refuge in the womb of a human woman about to give birth and the demon hunters managed to seal him inside the baby's body. The trauma of having magic cast on him with no magical defenses caused the baby to die, leaving only the demon soul within it. But when the demon hunters attempted to kidnap the baby from the maternity ward, they was interrupted by none other than the baby Kuri's older brother, Seiryuu. The curious child ended up delaying them until the nurses came and whisked the baby away. The demon hunters were forced to retreat and are still attempting to find the baby to this day.

Kuri's childhood was pretty normal. He always had a trouble-making streak about him but no one ever got hurt from his pranks. His only traumatic experience (to date) is the deaths of his parents which he blames himself for as they were on their way to meet with his teacher about trouble he was having in class. After that, he was kicked out of high school for burning down the school's cafeteria and has recently been enrolled into the high school his brother works at.
Character Name: Yamahiko Kuribo
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Nerd/Human Punching Bag
Race/Species: Human
Age: 14
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: Get good grades, gain a better understanding of science, take over the world (not even kidding on that last one).
General Personality: Loud and outspoken, it's no wonder that poor Kuribo is so unfortunate in the popularity department. He seems to have the inability to keep his big mouth shut over how he really thinks about people, and doesn't seem to want to. When spoken to on equal terms, he's a great guy - very caring. When he's spoken to like everyone is above him, he's a rolling ball of rage without the physical strength to back him up.
General History: Born to two scientists, his parents have high hopes for young Kuribo, and those hopes are something that he doesn't want to let down. Having one of the highest grade point averages in the school (he's rather poor in physical education), he even strong-arms through things he doesn't quite understand through strength of will when his vast intelligence won't get him through.

His honorable qualities and his will to 'make the world a better place through eventual force' has not gone unnoticed. Spirits of many kinds, mostly of the evil type, are attracted to him, and flock around him like a cloud, giving many people bad feelings and the need to be cruel to him. Kuribo is unable to see them, but does notice that he has incredible luck with a lot of his mechanical tinkerings - and sometimes gets the answer to things he doesn't or shouldn't know, as if it's being whispered into his ear. When extraordinarily angry, he gets a glimpse of these spirits - or sometimes, they'll do what he asks, if it causes the proper amount of pain and anguish. Most of them genuinely like Kuribo, and are honestly confused by that.

Kuribo himself thinks that there is a scientific reasoning behind what he sees when he's angry and what happens. Secretly egotistical, he believes himself so powerful with his mind he can force his will upon the living world. The spirits are more than happy to have him believe this. At any given time, there are five or six evil spirits attracted to him at a time - three of them are the same
, which are always around him, or continue to return to him. They do not go inside or possess his body. Calling themselves Kutsuu (pain), Chikara (force), and Kashikoi (cleverness), their attachment to young Kuribo seems to be bordering on 'human friendship', even if they don't quite understand it.

This is what got him pushed forward into the school from a young age, despite his protests to want to take each step at a time. He's being manipulated towards his own goal faster than he would like, and his oppressors are causing his rage at a world that relies on physical strength to rise even higher. He might be dangerous at a later time, but right now, at least, he's deeply into his studies.