Noragami - Redemption

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    An Old Master and Regalia re-unite to bring back his name. The world will forever change, with him back.

    Played by Artorias (open)

    I K E | S A E N E S T U

    N A M E
    Ike Saenestu

    G E N D E R

    S P E C I E S
    God | Far Shore

    D O M A I N
    Peace | Tranquility


    A G E
    Immortal | 500+ Years

    P E R S O N A L I T Y
    Ike is a complicated man, with complicated feelings that he buries down. Over his years of living, the wishes brought to him affected him once. Back when Japan was Feudal, wars were common. 'Peace' came at a price, and so did his sanity. Now with the Modern world, most wishes he obtains are for peace in the household, school, etc. Sometimes people don't even pray or wish to him for peace, but other random wishes that people figure bigger Gods wouldn't handle with. He is now more of a laid back, happy kind of guy. The worlds state of peace affects his own personality, to put it simply.

    H I S T O R Y
    Ike was once a God who was prayed to often. He had shrines, loyal followers, and even his own spot within the Major Gods. That was during the Feudal Ages, when war corrupted the lands, and only blood mattered. Peace was only obtained through bloodshed, never words. He was almost viewed as a God of War at one point. Claiming to be seen on the battlefield, fighting and killing the Humans and Phantoms alike. It wasn't true though. He never laid a hand on a Human, but he ha his Followers do his work for him. A God killing Humans and doing dirty work along those lines, fall into the category of Calamity. He would not be looked down upon by others, and would not stoop low enough to kill a Human for 5 Yen. His Followers would however...

    As War began to fade, and the Modern Era began to approach. Less and less people prayed and wished to him. Soon, he fell from the Graces and Minds of the people and even the Gods. He lost his seat, his respect, and even his Shrines as they were destroyed and replaced with Shrines of other Gods. The World didn't need him to bring Peace anymore. They needed Knowledge, Power, Wealth, and many other things, but Peace was already obtained.

    So he disappeared for three hundred years to slumber. Now he has awoken, in the year of 2021 Japan. He released his old Regalia before he slumbered, and went in search of a new one. One that he could us to fight Phantoms with and help rebuild his name and Shrines.

    O T H E R

    - Ike enjoys eating
    - Ike is a skilled warrior, thanks to his Feudal days
    - The more chaos in the world, the more Ike's personality changes


    Played by XiaoLu (open)










    Appears around 18-20


    Yena takes the form of a one handed straight sword designed for both offense and defense. The blade itself is a cold silvery color while the pommel is decorated with intricate silver designs and the hilt is wrapped in a blue cloth.



    true optimist at heart. She lives by the motto, "Life is too short for sadness." Quick to forgive, Yena couldn't hold onto a grudge even if she tried her hardest too, and while her anger comes quick and in intense spurts, it doesn't last for very long. Honestly speaking, Yena is a bit like an old friendly grandmother with a happy-go-lucky attitude trapped in a young adult's body. Being a human of many contradictions, Yena enjoys company, yet remains introverted, treasures her friends, but lets them go very easily with a short of "oh-well" attitude.

    True to her INTJ nature, Yena is very quiet to strangers and will never initiate a conversation, but she has no problem continuing one. Intuitive, Yena understands and gets patterns very quickly, meaning she is a rather intelligent person, though she can appear quite ditsy as well. Even though Yena tries hard to be nice, but she finds the struggles of many silly, and while she may comfort you at first, she isn't afraid to tell you to move on and forget about it. Empathetic, Yena has virtually no sympathetic side, because she simply cannot bring herself to care. Not that she enjoys keeping tabs on people, Yena has a very bad habit of judging people right after she's met them, and will short of keep track of them within her brain while making false assumptions based on appearances. Like many INTJ's, Yena will not talk to everyone, but rather a more selective group, meaning her friends usually meet a short of set of requirements, giving off the slight impression of arrogance, which she is a touch bit, to some extent.

    Even if she may let go of friends easily, Yena will remain fiercely loyal to them, and can get relatively nasty and cold if you do something bad. I did warn you she was a creature of contradictions. However mean she can get, she can also be very nice, and will always plan ahead, anticipating and calculating the things that one might need throughout certain situations, in other words: she is like a girl scout. She will never think of only herself and will always bring extras of anything in case someone else forgot theirs. Strategic to a fault, Yena enjoys coming up plans and will be at an utter loss if something goes awry,.

    Her fatal flaw is that she often keeps emotions bottled up within her, and tries not to talk about them simply because she doesn't know how to. But, Yena has a hard time getting over things, especially anything animal related.

    Fiercely loyal, she will do whatever it takes to serve and protect her master.



    Born a long time ago, all Yena knows is that she has served Ike from the times when he was prosperous to now. After becoming a regalia, she can't remember what happened in the past, except that she had died a bloody death. It was most likely that she was murdered by a family member, but everything is fuzzy.


    Yena has a fondness and weakness for animals.

    Chapter One:
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  2. "This is all so different..."

    Ike, God of Peace, stood on top of a two story building. The wind rippled and moved, causing his black and blue attire to move with the wind. His hair fluttered around and got into his eyes before he would raise a hand to push it back and out of the way. The world had changed drastically in the last three hundred years. Well, it had been three hundred and fifty-seven years since he had went to sleep, and now he was completely lost on what the current world was like. Students passed the street, gossiping and laughing about something. Metal things, cars, rolled down the smoothly paved street and birds chirped in the distance. It was quiet and peaceful. His knowledge on the world wasn't coming in use anymore, confused every way he looked. Even over common things like stop signs, crosswalks, etc.

    "Oh man. I am completely lost. I'm starting to regret sleeping for that long now."

    Ike began to scratch the back of his head, while fixing his hair. He still wore his old outfit, not catching up with current times to wear something more accepted in today's tradition. Luckily, he went unnoticed unless he purposely drew attention to himself so mortals could see him. He now needed to find another God to explain everything to him, or a Regalia that knew about the World and what had changed. He didn't even have a Shrine anymore, or any money to his name. A predicament he was in, and it was his fault that he was in this one. He didn't think about all of this when he released his servants and Regalia's from his service, and then went to sleep.

    "Time to get looking then!" He talked to himself, no one could hear him anyways. Or so he thought.

    Ike gave one final glance before stepping one foot forward and dropping off the building. He began to free fall before the ground came underneath his feet and he landed. He landed slowly, almost like gravity didn't affect him. Once on the ground, he began to walk east. It was a random direction, with only one intention in mind. Finding someone ho can help him get back into the fold of things and start rebuilding. "First. I need a Regalia..." Ike muttered to himself. He had several Regalia's and Servants three hundred years ago, but he released them all! A foolish mistake now that he was awake. One that may cost him time, money, or maybe even his life.

    Suddenly, he stopped walking as something felt wrong. His eyes left the smooth cemented ground and looked up to see a Phantom. A rather large one, in the shape of a nasty looking spider. The many eyes blinked, not in unison either which made it even creepier. "...Shit." Was all Ike could say before turning on his heel and beginning to run. The Phantom was quick to follow, chasing after the God, wanting to feast on him. "Smells nice!" The Phantom chanted.

    Now he really needed a Regalia! A week of being awake, and this was the first time he has run into a Phantom.

    The chase continued for over thirty minutes before Ike gave the Phantom a slip and disappeared from his sight. Ike was in an alley-way now, breathing heavily with hands on his knees. Sleeping for three-hundred years left him a bit stiff and out of shape. He needed to find a spirit, or a Regalia with no Master. A Nora was out of the option, never would he take one of those, or ever employ one of them.


    The day passed with no trouble again. Ike, underneath the stars, finally found a Shrine. Belonging to some God that he didn't even check to read for. It would be safe here, and water to cleanse any blight and ward off Phantoms. Tomorrow he would begin searching for a Regalia again, but now he needed to sleep.
  3. Yena had wandered about for nearly three hundred years, watching as humanity changed and technology took over olden ways. She'd wandered around for the majority of her time despite being released from Ike already. Everytime she had toyed with the idea of finding a new master, a wave of guilt would just rush over her. They'd been together and she'd served him too long to easily let go of Ike, so instead, she had clung to the desperate notion that he would wake from his sleep and summon her again. If he ever awoke that was.

    In the time that Ike had slept, she had seen Japan change, and she'd witnessed Ike's realm and popularity getting smaller and smaller. Despite the fact that Gods could do no wrong, Yena couldn't pretend that she understood why Ike had gone to sleep at the peak of his popularity.

    Lost in her thoughts as Yena wandered around another God's shrine, she could hear a Phantom nearby, but she paid it no mind. However an urging of genuine interest led her to the source of the sound, before her eyes found the trademark mop of dark hair she'd seen for so long. Following it in the least possible stalkerish way, Yena tracked him, trying to get a good glimpse of his face, though she already knew who it was.

    When Ike fell asleep at another shrine, Yena contemplated how to go up to him. It wasn't possible to just go up and say, 'hey! Haven't seen you in a little while.' Deciding against better judgement, she walked forward, and took a seat right in front of Ike, "miss me?" She asked, her eyebrows wiggling playfully.

    ((Sorry about taking so long.. and also about the length... ))
  4. Ike's eyes were closed, the cool wind washing over him cooling him down from the day of running. It felt nice...comfortable. He was starting to doze off, his back against the hard concrete of the shrine. They should really make them more comfortable, and maybe that is what he would do when he rebuilds his small empire that he had. As sleep started to overcome him, his mouth turned into a small smile as he could already see the dreams of something stupid probably, but it was snatched away as he heard a voice speak. It was a familiar one, one that he had known for so many years of his life, but he couldn't put his finger on it. His eyes began to open up, glancing up to see who asked the question, and his answer arrived shortly after.


    He released her over three hundred years ago! What was she doing still here?! His eyes shot open now, fully awake and sitting up in position. "Yena?! What are you doing here?!" His voice showed just how baffled he was at seeing her standing in front of him. His eyes grazed the skin he could see, seeing no mark of a new master on her. Was she still a regalia without a Master? He didn't know what else to ask, or to say. She was here, before him, just like she once was three hundred years ago.

    While he asked that question, he reached a hand out and poked her arm. He was still unsure if this was real or a dream, or maybe some God playing a trick on him and making an illusion with some power to play around and piss him off. Once he felt she was real, then maybe it was her...
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