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  1. So I've been really craving to do something involving Angels and Demons recently, but not in a religious light. Instead of being good vs evil, persay, I'm thinking order vs chaos. Good and evil are really too hard to define, and though they might see themselves that way, I'm thinking both sides would have their own flaws and virtues.

    The setting I'm still a bit indecisive about. I'd rather not set it on modern Earth, in fact, I'd prefer to exclude human characters entirely- most human characters just seem to wind up being useless and looking for a relationship in these sort of scenarios.
    Maybe a post-apocalyptic Earth without humans and a war between the two sides? With a small cantina set up in no-man's-land which both sides are prohibited from going to and both sides do anyway?
    Alternately, perhaps a small group of one side is captured by the other?
    Maybe even a peace treaty is being arranged between the two sides?
    Totally looking for suggestions concerning the immediate plot/setting/everything else.

    Just want to see if literally anyone else would want something like this.
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  2. This seems like fun actually :D Sorry, too tired for plot bunnies to manifest ^^;
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  3. I like it... Maybe for the plot we add together all the elements you gave?

    Sorry but I feel like going into story teller mode >_<

    "Heaven and Hell, order and chaos, god and Lucifer, all merely two sides of the same coin... Once split by a mere difference in ideology now continue in bitter rivalry. Their war has roiled hot and cold through the ages, outlasting the creation of earth, the death of stars... and even the fall of civilization as we once knew it.

    Humanity has been wiped from the face of the earth (Own human stupidity? The fight between angels and demons?) and the battle for their remaining immortal souls, and even for the mortal planes left behind, has begun once again. Centuries have passed, neither the armies of heaven nor hell gaining any ground. Each day a new battle begins and yet... victory is achieved by none.

    Those on both sides are weary of the endless fighting, none quite sure why they battle over the world once known as Earth... little is left but dust and rubble. God and Lucifer have heard the pleas of their subordinates and are also tiring of this long war... In an act of surprising unity the two have agreed to a truce... a sacred pact to end the fighting for all time, or at least until one of them changes their mind. To do this they have each chosen a representative, the most trusted of their legions, to meet in an area of neutrality...

    But little do they know that there is a third faction, another force which would face both order and chaos for the chance to rule... With the signing of the pact at hand, will this mysterious force finally make its move?"

    And now I'm done... Sorry about that, I been antsy to write some stuff all day sooooo...

    The general idea is as stated, mix your ideas up real good and there could be any outcome.

    Kidnapping of delegates would be one way to go, angry deities resume the war, third party begins causing mischief, etc., etc.

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  4. Woot, interest!

    Alriiiiiight, a plot to dissect. ^^ Thanks, Ferril. Let's get to work refining this, hmm?
    First things first. I really want to keep this strictly nonreligious so no god and no lucifer. I'm figuring, depending on the level of tech, they could both be monarchies- if we go more modern then Demons, in keeping with their chaotic nature, would have a democratic-anarchistic system of rule, while Angels would have an authoritarian dictatorship with possible elements of a meritocracy?
    As for why they're there, perhaps Angels and Demons started WWIII, and inadvertently caused nuclear holocaust, killing all of humanity. This causes some pretty major issues because soul power was the primary energy source for the other planes- Hell, being a sphere of lava, required the energy to cool it to a stable enough temperature for civilization. Heaven, being a realm of air and ice, needed energy to make stable ground and melt ice into water for agriculture. Without souls to power their great terraforming machines, both Heaven and Hell are uninhabitable, and the populations flee to Earth.
    Once there, they need to spend more energy rebuilding and less warring, so they agree to send delegates to arrange peace. Maybe a general, someone in political authority, a priest/ess or the equivalent, and a scholar from each faction?
    And they are abducted by this third party, which is, perhaps, the remnants of humanity, a sort of super-race that was capable of surviving the war and furious at both sides for what they've done?
  5. THIS. Urgh I'm sad I missed it but so awesome someone shares my views about angels and demons. That both would do what it takes to survive. I have a plot regarding angels and demons but it has humans in it. :/ And is very much different than the very interesting plots proposed here. Anyway are you looking for a group plot or one on one?
  6. You haven't missed anything, actually.
    I'd be looking for a group. I have enough one on ones at the moment. ^^
  7. Maybe for the demons they have a full democracy (which is rather chaotic in and of itself) Where everyone has a say in what happens... Maybe have a designated place for state affairs that only has a certain capacity and anyone is welcome to speak their mind and be considered by the whole. I like the idea of a authoritarian rule for the angels as that would fit their perceived preference for order and control...

    As for the third party why don't we pull some notes from fallout? Humanity managed to create shelters at the last moment when the world was on the brink of destruction. They filled these shelters with genetically modified superhumans, bred and designed to survive in almost any environment. The shelters were built as the centers of humanities greatest technological advancements and was filled with the most current and powerful equipment known to them at the time. Eventually humanity returned to the surface, likely centuries later, only to discover a desolate world... but not an empty one. The humans eventually find evidence of the demons and angels role in the great cataclysm (Cause just calling it WWIII is no fun) and decide to take revenge... and to take back their world.

    So it would be:
    Angels and their 'divine' power (So light magic and such)
    Devils and 'infernal' magic (Fire, darkness, general chaosy fun)
    And humans using technology (as we always have)

    And probably have a distinction between the way Angels and Devils use their power, like Devils use emotion and angels use sheer force of will.
  8. I'm thinking all Demon citizens have an equal vote, but getting your citizenship requires some sort of service to the community as a whole? (large monetary donation, public works labor, military service, etc.)
    Then Angels would have an authoritarian system with filial piety and the social contract being heavily emphasized?

    Genetically/cybernetically enhanced superhumans that, perhaps, are a race of psychopaths? And by psychopath I mean incapable of feeling normal human emotion/recognizing other people as sapient beings like oenself. So they would have no sympathy but a harsh loyalty to each other combined with a deep and abiding hatred of the two races that destroyed the previous world. Given that they have highly advanced tech and are on their native world, they would probably be equally powerful or perhaps even stronger than Angels or Demons, which would be weakened by being away from their home plane.

    Angels, I'm thinking, would be divided into two castes, destructive and supportive (holy fire vs healing). This would limit their socio-economic opportunities and divide them throughout life, in keeping with the authoritarian nature of their regime. Their powers would be controlled by being calm and collected, requiring great amounts of concentration to be performed correctly.

    Demons, on the other hand, would intermix freely, leading to a lot of variety and chaos within their abilities, which would only be triggered by strong emotion- pain, anger, love, that sort of thing. Their powers would probably be oriented on destruction and transformation, as befits chaos.

    I'm also thinking that both races have a humanoid form, which they can wear constantly, and a "true" form which gives them increased powers but is very taxing. For the Angels this would give them wings, halos, sharp daytime vision, and increased physical strength & speed. For Demons I'm thinking mammalian/reptilian wings, horns, fangs, sharper night vision, increased physical strength, that sort of thing.
  9. ... Me gusta on all accounts. Though even with their normal forms I think some of their more demonic/angelic traits should shine through *So people can add variety to any character they might want* such as golden hair and near glowing skin for angels and horns, claws, fangs, etc. for demons... Cause I know If I make a demon I'll probably give him a prehensile tail and want to use it as much as possible lol. So much fun to be had with those things.
  10. I'm contemplating fair skin for Angels and darker skin for Demons but I don't want it misconstrued as a racist move so I might go with hair & eye color instead, even in humanoid form. I'm thinking all extra limbs should be reserved for the secondary form and while appearing human it would be aesthetic more than useful details.

    Concerning plot, I'm still on the fence concerning "human" characters. I'm thinking at the moment that I won't allow them and instead they'll be NPCs that pop in from scene to scene, but the interaction will be between the two main factions.
  11. I really like what is being formed here and I would actually love to join this. Where's the sign ups because I,got my typing fingers ready!
    Now I might of missed this but is this going to be a group or just a mass RP thread?
  12. This is still just up in the air, nothing solid yet.
    I'll be busy tomorrow and the next day but perhaps Friday or Saturday I'll be ready to make a board. In the mean time, all thoughts, comments, and suggestions should be posted here so a more concrete idea can form.