Non Standard Character Creation.

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  1. I have a few plot ideas, some Fantasy, Some Scifi, and I can discuss them later. but all of them revolve around a character creation that is not normal. Most of the time in Roleplays, the players are given a skeleton and some limits and asked to fill it out.
    I want to see if anyone is interested in a Roleplay where the players chose things, be it Eggs, Numbers, Colours, Items, or some other such thing and that determines something about their character. Be it their powers, what type of Dragon they get, What ship they are flying. Anything like that. A few good examples of this would be characters choosing dragon eggs (from pictures I provide), People choosing a Range and Type of weapon and I would then show them images and descriptions of the weapons and equipment they would be using.
    Everything else would be normal for a roleplay. would anyone be interested in such a idea?
  2. Hmm I need to know more before I throw my hat in the ring.
  3. So it means that we have to choose from precreated weapons/ eggs/etc. rather than make our own?
  4. Thats fine, ask any questions you happen to have. A good way of looking at it is like a RPG, You make a bunch of choices at the start that describe key componants of your character(class, or magic type or Element attunement ect) , and then build the rest as you want(normal RP stuff).

    That pretty much covers it, Though as to the setting, I am happy to discuss that with people and arrange something to suit the players tastes.
  5. Well I am now interested in full.
  6. Well if we get 1 more player I'll probably start talking about genre's and plots, and see who else joins.
  7. Well Picking things from a list is hardly unknown to me since I have been playing tabletop RPGs for years. What matters more to me is what kinda setting and story is being planned on. Consider me interested, for now at least.
Thread Status:
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