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  1. They were high-school sweethearts ever since they hit freshman year. One would say that it was just young love, but thats not how they saw it. Throughout high-school they were on and off, like most relationships as a teen would be. Fighting over something stupid and breaking up, but then realizing it was stupid they would crawl right back to each other.

    Now its senior year and they graduate in less than a week. It was one of those times where they broke it off and weren't speaking to eachother. It wasn't till after graduation did the guy(whoever you name) tell Ryder that he had not planned to go to college and would be enlisted to go into the Army. Ryder had broke down right there when he said that, it wasn't good news to take in. She had told him she would wait for him when he came back, but nonetheless the day he left for basic training did they fight and said a few choice words. He left and she never saw him again.

    ~Two years later~
    Ryder works in a big newspaper company as a reporter for the New York times. She hadn't spoken to the guy since the day he left, he had graduated basic training and was sent overseas to Afghanistan to fight in war. Though she never said anything there wasn't a day that went by where she didn't think about him.

    ((Im looking for someone to play the guy, I would like for you to post a decent amount on each post. If some posts are small Im pretty flexible so its ok. I would like it if he surprised her somewhere, it wouldn't be easy for him to win her back so just a heads up. If anyone is interested just comment below and I will post the Character Sheet.)) **And I would like it if it wasn't Anime**
  2. Hmm... I could give it a go o.o is there any particular plot line afterwards that you kinda wanna follow? (just so I know in general the boundaries I have to work with beforehand XD)
  3. (Well i was planning on her having a boyfriend and him nd the guy dont see eye to eye. And she starts to fall for the guy and leaves her boyfriend. And after i wanted them to like start a family but we'll see where it takes us!)
  4. I think I can work with that :3 I'm in o-o This should be an interesting experience! X3 (I'm drawn to those alot o.o)
  5. ((Okay I'll post the Character sheet and Ill post mine too!!))

    Name:(Full Name)
    Appearance:(Picture or Description)
  6. Name: Ryder Marie Dawsen
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend: James O'Ryan
    Personality: Ryder is a very hardworking girl and works hard for what she wants, shes sweet, kind, generous and sometimes likes to go out and have a good time. She is serious when she needs to be and can also have a humurous side.
    History: Ryder grew up with her parents and older brother, since he was her only sibling they grew very attached. After highschool she went off to college and studied in language arts to become a writer. Now she works in New york writing articles for the New York Times.
    Tattoos/Piercings?: She has a tattoo on her lower back, one on her ankle and one on her wriat. She also has her bellybutton and ears pierced.
    Appearance: 165af64e9f562b78364f0ead5345642e-1.jpg
  7. Name: Aaron Moore
    Age: 20 (His birthday is near the end of November)
    Gender: Male
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend: N/A (War doesn't treat on-field relationships very kindly...)
    Personality: Aaron is often selfless in harsh situations but is a little hot headed at times too. Deep down he's a compassionate person that often broods over the many mistakes he has made.
    History: Aaron's school days were easy going for the most part, he passed his classes just fine (not without a few obstacles though) and he managed to keep a stable public image despite being less involved with most people around him. Once he got to high school, he started to develop feelings for Ryder, who was a classmate of his at the time. Their relationship was rather good most of the time, but they often fought over little things, his hotheadedness was the main culprit for these things. He applied for the military near the end of his high-school years instead of for college (He didn't have enough money to pay the tuition) but the last day before he left, he ended up getting into one last fight with Ryder before he left. Even now, years after he had been sent to Afghanistan, he still regrets that day, and wishes he could find a way to apologize. His time spent fighting in war has taught him to overcome his hotheadedness by now, but was it too late?
    (Note: This is how he looks after he came back from the war)
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  8. ((Looks good! I'll post the forum in just a minute and we can get started!))
  9. ((Yay! :3 I'll wait as patiently as I can XD))
  10. I posted it! Sorry i took so long!
  11. Heh it's fine, I'm gonna respond to it now :3
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