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    ain fell onto the ground like giant tears from the gods themselves The atmosphere was an unpleasant dampness with lighting and thunder reigning over the heavens like kings of their kingdom. Never once ceasing, never once resting, the storm raged so harsh even into the regular morning hours. Peasants bellow wore their ‘bad cloths’ so as not to ruin the ‘good’ ones. Nobles walked with servants holding giant leafs over their heads so as not to get wet. Of course in the palace slept the prized position Princess heir to the throne and all of the kingdom. Her hair was wrapped in a tight cloth so as to be more neat when she awoke. Her room scented with lavender and honey, with soft dried apples and tender roses. Her walls were decorated with living flowers that were in long rectangular pots that had a deep base and were mounted on the walls with screws into the wood. They could be slid off, but were enormously heavy! The floor was a dark wood furnished with a light gloss and covered in white rugs that kept warm, they were bear skin. The Rare albino bear that dwelled near here, her father had been known to stock them, keep them populated, and hunt them.

    She was having a dream in the midst of all of this mess. A dream that she’d remember possibly forever.

    In her dream she was awaking from her bed, like always. The sun shined bright outside the birds sang and the wind blew off gentle breezes, it had to be spring. The people below bustled and rustled hearing all sorts of happy noises, children playing and simply life going on as life would go on. She looked to her night stand, mostly trying to see what was on it as her eyes adjusted to being awake. She saw a cub, full of fresh water. Happily she reached out to grab it, her hands gripped it in a dainty calm manner that spoke of patients. She raised it to her lips, her eyes closing so that she might enjoy the first touch of liquid to her lips. It tenderly made its way into her mouth where she swished it around. As always she wore a tank top and her panties to bed, and as always her soft fair skin seemed very creamy, her hair was done right everything was perfect, well until she looked over to her left. To her left, in the bed NEXT to her was a woman, naked, sleeping! What was strangest was despite her attempts to scream, to act out, she didn’t!

    She leaned over to the woman, her hands caressing her arms and rolled them over to the females stomach. She slowly reached in and kissed her neck softly and moved to kiss up her collar bone. Soon the Princess Melody came to rest her head on this females bust her skin touching the females skin her eyes closed in love. The other female, awoke and cuddled into the princess. They exchanged terms of endearment. Their eyes met, and soon so did their lips. It was so soft, so right, yet felt so strange to her. She felt the tender loving feeling of the other woman’s lips and they felt so complete. The soft silk and warm humid breath, the tongue that slid over her lips into her mouth to be nibbled on by Melody’s own teeth. The tenderness was boggling to her, the joy overwhelming and flooding her mind. She tried to study this females features but her minds eye wouldn’t allow it, so the female figure she was loving on continued to stay ambiguous to her conscious mind. She groaned a bit as they broke the kiss, and with the kiss breaking so did sleeps hold on the princess.

    Her face was covered in light swear as her head jolted up and her body shook with fright. She would have screamed had her throat not had been dry as a bone in the desert. She just sat up, her head swaying some as the imaged rocked her mind. She thought of the other girl, the tender feelings, how good and how bad it felt. Just what was going on? Where was her servant Grindila? Why hadn’t she came in yet, the clock was set to seven thirty, she had usually brought in breakfast at seven. What in this great kingdom was going on! Her brow perched up and her head scanned over to the door about ready to go get her own damn breakfast then have her maidservant put in the stockages, or flogged.