Nobility in chains

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  1. tl;dr at bottom!


    You were once a proud noble. How did you fall? Well, your story is a sad one. You lost everything; your home, your pride… And your freedom. How did this happen? It begins in your homeland of Alderia. Alderia was a beautiful place. Filled with grassy plains, lovely forests, and colorful meadows. This was paradise to some. This land was governed by two empires, both powerful; The Human Empire and The Elven Empire.

    The capital of The Human Empire was Soshin. A shining beacon of humanity in the west. It was a symbol as to how far humanity had come with technology. In the east is the city of Valon, the capital of The Elven Empire. Filled with exotic artists and philosophers, the city is also home to some of the most advanced magical colleges in the land. Both Empires are ruled by a powerful noble class, with the humans ruled by King Hale IV, and the elves being ruled by Queen Bio’xia. Under them, there are thousands of noble families, all specializing in a profession; trading, magic, music, philosophy, military tactics, and many other respected positions.

    In Alderia, the noble classes are not the only authority. There is a divine authority that exists to both nations. These divines helped to mold their civilizations, and will one day be what ends it. New religions and deities appeared over the years, influencing the population. There are many of these gods; God of Elements, Art, Femininity, Knowledge, Trade, and others. People model their lives after them, and try to earn favor. Unfortunately, this desire for favor is what drove your home into madness. The variety of gods created infighting, and social progress came to a halt. Churches and shrines were desecrated, riots started in the streets, all over these religions. The nobles helped by using their influence in religion to stir up the populace.

    To ease the rage, the King and Queen came to a decision. Instead of establishing a true god, which would infuriate them further, they decided to give the nobles their own land to establish any religion they saw fit. While it was a risk in and of itself, it was much better than letting the people kill themselves over their deities.

    In exchange for this new power the nobles would have to give tribute to the home empire, gold and other needed resources are sent back to the main empire in order to maintain their rule. Failure to pay tribute would result in having them labeled as enemies of the state and a target for the Noble families' armies to deal with. For awhile this worked out well, the population happily moved to theses new towns that follow the same ideology and still continued to pay taxes to their empire. But things started to get out of hand when the houses became annoyed with given this "fake" power. Only given this land to let them freely do as they want so long as they pay up to their mortal ruler.

    Houses begin dropping their allegiance with their Home Empire with the dream of starting their own empire with their religion being the rule of law and anyone who would dare oppose them should be shifty removed. this is when the infighting begins, where separatists send armies out to claim land for their god to enforce their culture on people that follow some foolish start preaching the TRUE god! Those still loyal to the Empire acted as a vanguard of sorts to fight back theses rebels but those that remained loyal were cut off from Royal supply lines with theses new borders begin established, surrounded and eventually cut down.

    This holy war that was waged was only the first chapter in this mess, The Empires were either too afraid to do anything or incapable to take on this chaos with their vassals refusing to pay up resources, their grand plan of keeping the population happy has came crashing down on them. The wars in the middle of Alderia among the houses went on too become far more would think that houses that share common ideologies would band together and form alliances...But no they would end up fighting to earn their god's favor..Those who follow the god of knowledge would end up fighting off artifacts or ancient ruins, those who follow the trade god would start manipulating the economy to bleed their foe dry, to prove to their god their economical intelligence. Hell even those that follow the god of Art would sabotage rival concerts and museums.

    It didn't take long for the situation to get critical, the houses were stuck in a never ending stalemate with little progress being made, theses lords . Theses lords claim to fight for a righteous ideology, to explain for why they toss what little resources they have and the lifes of their troops and promises their peopel prosperity, but in the slums of theses new found nation the homeless and the hungry known the truth, they have been exploited and left with NOTHING, except their anger. For far too long the lower class has been a pawn to the noble's power game, they see now that their gods have done nothing for them for letting this stalemate go on for years and taking the lifes of family members. Many peasants begin abandoning their faith and many lords begin makign examples of them, now inflicting their brutality on their own people that dare oppose them. But their time will soon come

    The next chapter in Alderia's bloody history begins, the "War of Fortune" as its called...At this point the houses are all exhausted but still try to clutch a sword in their hands, wanting to swing at their opposition, Drained of both resources and more importantly soldiers, Alderia become lawless with troops unable to police towns and routes, pissed off peasants abandon their lords and break off to fend from themselves. some form bandit groups and raid the now defenseless towns, raping and pillaging as they go without almost any opposition. To those that remained they were conscripted into their lords meager forces, but of course theses peasants were still pissed off and a uproar began thought the continent. Finally at their breaking point of their patience with the noble classes by being forced to fight for their failure of a holy war.

    They knew they would get nothing out of this, they refused to be apart of those that did not become some bandit gang they become a mercenary outfit and offered their services to continue their war in exchange for the mountain of gold they hoarded for themselves. The war went on but far more chaotically with armed peasants fighting their battles without any type of disciplined training or knowledge int heir actions, just wanting to get revenge.

    But even then..when the houses had nothing they still remained stubborn and arrogant, many of the lords would betray their hired swords when they came to collect their just reward for fighting THEIR battles..with what little loyal soldiers they had left were used to cut down theses untrained mercs instead of paying them..refusing to reward this trash for being ungrateful for everything these lords gave them...or thats what they thought, but again the peasants know the truth.

    But..It does not end there...a bigger nightmare begins

    You see during the "War of Fortune" the people of Alderia stepped on the toes of a giant. West of Alderia is a continent not as large as Alderia..But despite its size there us a long history on this piece of land. This continent is known as "Celdrin", the natives of this land were also caught up in their own war, but compared to the wars waging in Alderia, the wars in Celdrin were far "cleaner" and "Honorable" if there was ever such a thing.

    five factions are native of this land, each bond by a code of honor that dictates their every action, failure to live up to the code can result in brutal punishments that can cost you either your freedom or your life. Simply lieing could cost you your life int his society

    The people of both Celdrin and Alderia have know of each other for awhile but they never really have doen anything outside of trade. The lords of Alderia saw them as simple primitive races and that once they claimed Alderia and pleased their god they would move on to Celdrin next to civilize them. except..they never really looked into how massive Celdrin is...or bothered with looking into their culture.

    Not much is known about the people of Celdrin, except that that they follow a strict code of honor and that they hold onto old and ancient traditions and have a odd philosphy about what they do...They are land of warriors, proud and skilled, they see war as a test of honor, skill and strategy. the ultimate test for them. Theses factions fight for theses reasons, not for their religion and not for power; simply fighting to stay true to themselves as warriors.

    Traders would spin grand tales of "honorable" and "epic" battles in Alderia, trying to get them to admire Alderia, mainly so they can get a better deal in a trade...But theses stories stuck with the leadership of these Factions, and once the "war of fortune" came around and the need for mercenaries came about, the five factions banded together to represent Celdrin warriors and go over to Alderia to take part in theses epic tales.

    They saw being a third party as dishonorable, that a battle should be strictly between two sides, no other force may interfere and ruin the balance of the battle...However they found a loop hole by being mercenaries in the war, just wanting to go over to Alderia and join in on the action, with hearts full of hope and excitement they send their best to Alderia to represent Celdrin as a nation of true warriors!

    But when they got there...they found nothing but dishonor and madness with theses peasant mercenary bands running around doing as they will, civilians getting caught up in the conflict, learning of the corruption theses lords have been plaguing the land with and the reason for all of this madness....And when they were betrayed, being seen as common trash and tossed aside when they went to claim their reward...They snapped.

    They had enough of this and saw Alderia for what it really was, a land of savages and scum that had no honor, liars, murderers, thieves and all of this is due to theses noble's actions. The Celdrin people wanted blood, vengeance against theses savages that let this land plunge into chaos...They saw it as their duty to purge the land of the filfth and establish a more "civilized" society, to tame theses savages.

    They looked at the history and saw the lords of the land as the true criminals here, and that the people are just victims to their madness, to weak and poor to stand up, having to be brought to a breaking point to stand up!

    With Alderia without any mercenaries or troops to fight for them, the hordes of Celdrin sweep over the land and wipe out the cities one by one...cutting down their remaining troops with little to no problems and taking up shop in them, enforcing their culture on the savaged minded Human and elves.

    But for you? You have to suffer for your crimes of course! You have been enslaved by the Union, forced to work and suffer for your crimes. You are taken far from Alderia and taken to a foreign land you know nothing about, forced to be on the bottom of the social class you so proudly ruled over for years.



    You are a member of the noble class of Alderia, a land that is home to various religions and ideologies. Theere was conflict among the populations about the variosu religions and thus the King of the Human empire and the Elven queen decide to allow the Nobles to make their own society within their influence so long as they pay tribute.

    The stubborn nobles with their new found power begin to get cocky and wish to break off from their Empire and start up their own empire to spread their religion and culture, refusing to take orders from a mortal.

    Gaint ass war happens with little progress mad eon any side, lack of resources and troops come up and the populations get pissed and break off to take advantage of the lawless Alderia

    A foreign faction from another land comes around and sees this madness and deems the people of Alderia as "savages" that need to be controlled and wish to punish this noble class for being the main contributors to this savagery and enslaves them as punishment.



    You...are nothing, you are worth less than the dirt you will work on, the air you breath is worth more than you. You are a former Noble of Alderia, a once proud noble in fact and thanks to your people's ignorance you are put in this brutal punishment of being a slave to this faction you know hardly anything about

    You once had a life of luxury and now its all taken from you, now you will shift though the filth and be on the bottom of the social class that you once were ontop of. This foreign faction "The Celdrin Union" has deemed you a Savage and will treat you as such, either adapt to their old fashioned and alien culture or you will be punished swiftly

    What i aim for in this RP
    What I'm trying to aim for in this Rp is a story about a society that would be considered civilized in a medieval fantasy and have them taken over by a society that sees them as the savages and begin enforce THEIR culture on the "civilized" people.

    Thats sorta why the Alderia factions are sorta generic, its what people think about when they think about a civilized nation in a medieval fantasy, Royal classes, great castles and well organized armies and so on...But have them taken over by some faction that little is known about and that you are forced to learn about them and adapt to their culture..or die trying

    I chooses to make the playing characters nobles because i feel as if its just more depressing that way..not some random peasant, you were a wealthy person before this, someone that had power and influenced and now you have nothing and are lower than the people you once ruled over.

    This entire RP is also a remake of a former Rpi did, i wanted to try something different with the idea and this was the end result....Its just some idea im trying to mold into something new and different​
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  2. The Celdrin Union

    The Yakens

    The Yakens are oddly human in appearance and can easily be mistaken as one but their rough features, strength and ruthless aggression are what tells them apart from Humans

    This faction is considered to be the main leadership of the Union despite each Group being apart of a council, its just the Yaken's current leader "Huan Irow" is seen as the most influential and respected member of the council

    The Yaken soldiers are all bred for war, children are selected from families to be trained as a soldier once they become of age 8, both boys and girls are then put into a brutal training process that has in fact killed some children from intense physical training. It would be a understatement to say that Yakens are Well trained, theses kids are training until they are 18 and molded into perfect soldiers capable of fulfilling any role in the heat of the moment.

    They are also the founder of Celdrin's "Code of honor" which acts as the laws of the lands for each group, this is probably why the Yaken's leader is the most influential among the five


    The Veranites are a very spiritual group within the Union, they are almost cult-like in their belief to a their god named "Veran" who is a orc that is idolized as a spiritual warrior that has conquered many plains of existence by himself.

    Veran's secret to his combat effectiveness is his balance between anger and his serenity, finding a balance to have him be ruthless in combat but have his mind clear of any rage that would cloud his mind and render him incapable of thinking straight in severe combat situations.

    Theses Orcs follow in his ancient teachings and seek to find the balance he managed to achieve, sadly many soldiers of the army struggle to find that balance and still let their Oricsh aggression to show its face. But when one of their soldiers manages to achieve a balance they becomes some of the most dangerous people to fight. Theses Combat monks are the pinnacle of the Vernaite's army.

    The Jikkions

    The Jikkions are a reptile like tribe who hail from the south of Celdrin; They are the fourth largest faction in the union but dispute their size their soldiers are equal to 10 CoV warriors thanks to their very tough and thick skin combined with their skill in spears and shields makes them walking walls on the battlefield

    Their skill is not only in combat, this tribe is also the main contributor to the Union's naval forces, half of the entire Union's naval is made up of Jikkion vessels. Theses vessels were not only used for war, but for trade! Yes, the Union actually was active the Alderia economy by mostly purchasing prisoners of lords to work as slaves in Union lands.

    The Fol'a

    Reknowned for their Four arms, the Fol'a are masters of swordplay and close quarters combat, not favoring open combat the Fol'a are very good at taking on multiple opponents in tight spaces. They favor a defense over a offensive and are considered the most patient of all the other groups apart of the Union.

    Alot of their culture was influenced by the Yaken's code of Honor and discipline. The only difference with their cultures is that the Fol'a does not devote all of its resources to war and actually leads in Philosophy and Mathematics, able to construct siege engines for the Union to use...Theses come in handy during the invasion you can tell.

    The Ohrions
    The Ohrions are shrouded in mystery as nobody from Alderia has any idea who or what they are. they are only listed as a member of the Union but outside of that no soldier has even been spotted from this race.

    Only the people native from Celdrin have any idea if this group even exists, but they refuse to say anything about who they are or what they do for the Union. Rumors around Alderia start sparking up that they are the true rulers of the Union and stories to scare little children are made about how the Ohrions are hideous monsters that come to kill naughty boys and girls
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