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  1. At a first glance you wouldnt have thought she did what she does. "A pretty face is sometimes lethal" her father always teased. Whatever the looks or reactions people gave her, it was no matter. She enjoyed what she did, she was good at it, she worked hard for it.

    In a small apartment nestled in the bustling city of Verona, Italy, she sighed while seating herself into the comfort of the nearly blood stained couch. She was almost bored with this interrogation.
    "stubborn bastards" she mentally cussed, allowing her victim and also herself a moment of peace.
    Why were they always so persistent in keeping in information from her, when they knew were going to die. Might as well tell someone!

    Hazel kept her composure despite her growing boredom, and smiled an almost cruel but sweet smile. Her accent was.. hard for people to pin where she was actually from.
    "Signor Adimari"
    The broken and wounded man just managed to raise his bleeding head in response, still panting, eyes weary and red rimmed from the tears that streamed down blood stained and swollen cheeks.
    "Please.." he started
    Hazel cut him off with a raise of her hand to stop. A warning to just give her what she wanted.
    The man had paused, then wept as he cracked under her gaze.
    "The next meeting.. Its in Germany. Alt Helgolander Fischerstube... Fischmarkt 4a, Hamburg"

    Great. Now she had to go back to Germany. Hazel smiled her thanks and rose, strolling to stand behind the weeping man, her hand resting on his shoulder.
    "Thank you Mr.Adimari, for your cooperation"
    "Please, let me go" he begged
    Hazels hands were now clasped around his head
    "Im sorry, but you have seen my face." She gave his head an effortless twist, before letting it slump forward.

    "No witnesses."

    And with that, just as stealthy she had entered the apartment, she exited.
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