No rest for the wicked

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  1. In a world where the only way to make money is to cheat, steal, lie or just go around killing people for bounties people have only three options; be rich, be poor, or be a bad ass mercenary/bounty hunting mother f*&ker. In this role play, you are one of there bad asses and can use any form of weapons from guns to magic to giant metal spikes surgically inserted into your fists. Please all characters make their way to The City (which doesn't have a name yet) as soon as possible. Have fun.

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    Alexis awoke in her bed, sweat poring down her face, looking out the window into the night sky. The moon always gave her comfort but it didn't help tonight, all she felt was cold. She stood up and walked down through the empty house, nothing but her silk nightgown covering her. Leaning down in front of her fireplace, she conjured a small spark of electricity between her fingers and lit the wood. Striding through the house, Alexis knew she wouldn't get to sleep again so instead she decided to leave early for her journey to The City.

    After taking a shower and putting on clothes that gave a bit more protection that a piece of silk that wouldn't stop a small cat, she left the house and walked through the moonlight night, happy to be out in the air. A chill went down her spine as she remembered the nightmare that woke her, how real it was and how much it scared her. Alexis conjured another spark between her fingers and watched the blue static run up her arm cringing as it ran across her breasts. "Shit" she cried, slapping the spark off of her leather chest plate.
    At least she was in the fresh air.
  2. Barr Grov, the Swordsman of Shadows, was on his way to kill a vampire. The bounty was leading him to Wardrik, a dark place that was once a booming city of wealth. The dark night air warmed his fiery blood. The battle for the bounty was drawing near and he was only minutes away from his fight. It was his's first job with a vampire but he'd read all the books, and knew what they could do. As he drew closer and closer, the heat slowly left his blood. It was unnerving.

    Upon opening the door of the manor, bats started flying towards Barr, light work for someone of his caliber. Seeing blood picked him right back up. His ego back to where it normally is. He barged into what seemed to be a main chamber. Empty. "Where is the vampire", he asked himself before being struck in the back of the head.
  3. Markus leveled his gun over his arm as his target ran through the forest, he waited, feeling the air of his prey ripple through the air. Just a little to the left. Markus thought to himself. He gently cocked the revolver feeling the bullet slide into the barrel, the name written on the side of the gun read Lust on his right hip sat Envy his only two women in the world. "Forgive me, for I have sinned." Markus prayed as he pulled the trigger. Lust expelled her deadly message, the bullet ripped through the air.

    The target turned at the sound of the shot "You mis..." he shouted.

    Markus slid Lust back into her holder as the sickening thud of bullet through bone travelled through the currents of air. "Another step closer my lovely's" Markus whispered. Markus turned and made his way back to The City. Time to collect his pay.
  4. Erik Michaels sat on a train on his way to the City. Across from him sat his target. He was an assassin for hire and a damn good one at that. His specialty: sleek, shameless, messy, gibfilled demise. He fiddled with the mechanism on his extendable punch dagger and the hammer on his automatic pistol. As the train neared it's destination he smiled at his target and got up, looking as though he was about to greet him. The dagger extended from his wrist above his hand and slashed the target's throat. His pistol appeared in his other hand, the barrel protruding under his opposite forearm as it spat eight rounds into the target's skull. He ripped the ID tags from the target's neck as he stepped off the train. He threw the tags to his employer and snatched the suitcase full of cash out of his hand. He blew the barrel of his pistol and reholstered it under his faded brown trenchcoat and smiled to himself. Another job, perfectly executed. Nice and messy...
  5. Mcbowie slid through the trees, not a sound. ducked a branch, then another. sweat was running down his face, and heart beating, sending his body into a spasm. With a gun in his hand, and a cigar in his mouth, he made his way to the targets home. He got there. chucked the cigar on the ground and broke down the door. First shot, to the head of the first guy. Second shot stright through his mates leg, then another, painting the walls with blood. Finished. He left, satisfied.
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  7. The whiskey tickled his throat, no, burned his throat. It wasnt the first time he had drunk it, yet, he still wasnt used to it. he picked up his left black boot, dipped a cloth in some polish, and covered the whole shoe nice and evenly. his clothes were hanging outside, ripped white tank top and old tattered jeans. perfect. he liked ripped clothes, it made his muscles stand out, and he can see his vains pulsing when he is strangling someone. he didnt like to brag on how he looked, ''but, damn, i.look.good.'' he said to himself. he finished up with the polishing and set off for bed. he lifted the picture that was on his sidetable, it was of him and a girl, he stared at it. then he put it back down and went to sleep.
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  9. Erik walked away happy with a bag full of cash. There was no better feeling in the world other than getting another contract. He longed for bloodshed and lots of it. His wrist monitor went off, telling him that he had another client. Location: City Square. Target: None. Payment: $15,000. Why? As simple meeting for 15 big? There had to be a catch. There had to be some sort of dangerous trap that he was walking into. But for gunning his way out of a tight situaton if the need arose? Worth it. He headed straight in the direction of the City's centre, ignoring all else in his path, his mercenary mind smelling the sweet scent of cash money.
  10. Alexis arrived at the gates of the City. She was tired after her long journey from her small home town but it was worth it, here she would make her fortune and get away from everyone else. As Alexis walked through the gates, she watched the train wiz past on it's way back to wherever it came from. Moving hastily up the giant steps she came to the enormous steel doors they slowly slid open. "Right on time" she said to herself. The gates opened early in the morning just as the sun was fully above the horizon and closed when the moon was halfway up the sky.

    This was Alexis' first time in the city, unable to hold her excitement small static sparks jumped from all kinds of places on her body. She shyly apologized when they sprang onto other people but didn't care. She was here to chase her dream. Being the biggest bad-ass mage on the most wanted bounty hunters list. Alexis' eyes widened as she passed through the main market district of the city. "Oooooh" she bit her botom lip, "Just a bit of shopping wont hurt."
  11. David McBowie awoke. his bones were aching. pain shot up through him with every step he took. he poured himself a shot of vodka, ok, he thought it was vodka, he wasnt quite sure. the phone rang. but not just any ring. it was the ring that ment he had to kill some one, to take someones life. ''well its about fucking time.'' he yelled at the empty room.

    He walked out the door with his 45 revolver in the back of his jeans, which had been drying the night before, and a machete at his side. he decided to take his motor bike, the ferrari might seem, unsubtle. he pulled up to the location, which was a dentistry. he walked in and took out the receptionist with the machete. jumping over the desk he grabbed the stapler, and slammed it into the head of the guy who just walked in. he finally met the dentist who also had a gun. ''i see you are here to kill me, you definately wont though.'' the dentist bragged, ''well'' answered david ''i have been to the dentist many a time, and i know the drill.''
  12. Grant made his way through the streets of The City. It was one thing to be a killer for hire but if you really wanted to be someone. If you really wanted to start making enough money to be hired for the 'big' jobs you had to get in the top 10. The top 10 were the most bad ass hunters out. They had so much money from contracts they didn't even need to leave their luxury high rises. It wasn't about money for them anymore, it was all about being seen, letting everyone know they were unstoppable. It was this that Grant wanted. To be No. 1 and there was only two ways to get to the top. Kill every other mofo above you or get bigger and better contracts. Either way the chance coming out alive were slim to none. Right now grant was No. 35. High enough to be known but not enough to be targeted. The perfect place to get in without notice and rocket his way to No. 10.
  13. Erik made his way through the bustling streets, thorugh the transport district. Endless trains were pulling up at countless station platforms, people moving like thousands of ants. As he made his way out of the crowd and out of the district with his suitcase in hand, he looked around at the tall buildings of the business district. He was almost at the City Centre now and one more step collecting his 15k... Something still seemed really quite sus about this job. He didn't even have to shoot anybody, as far as he knew. The only thing he could do now was to head to the destination and find out.
  14. david lunged at the deranged dentist, he missed. the dentist tried to shoot him but david kicked the gun out of his hand, and punched him in the face. the dentist recoiled and screamed as blood poured out of his nose. this time the dentist lunged at david, and latched on to him. then, with the gun he was still holding, shot the dentist point blank in the gut. the dentist staggered back the collapsed on the floor. david jumped on top of him and grabbed his collar, yelling ''who do you work for.'' spit was flying fro his mouth and the only response he got from the dentist was a gurgling sound. then he yelled ''where are your headquarters.'' this time david shoved his gun into the mans wound and twisted it, the dentist moaned loudly then the words came out as ''city...central...reborn...'' then his eyes rolled back in his head and he went cold.

    city central, well, he always did like shiny things.
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  16. Erik drew nearer and ever closer to his destination. The mission papers said the City central square. He snaked his way through another crowd before arriving a block away from his destination and the Square was in sight. Still wary of what he was getting himself into, he observed his surroundings thoroughly before continuing. No-one on the rooftops, no strangely darkened window panes, no shifty looking men in suits with all too obviously concealed weapons... What the hell was going on here? There had to be a purpose for his journey to the Square and he was getting rather annoyed at lacking an answer...