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  1. Hello there! My name is Yanaike. I've already posted a similar request thread a while back, but I'm still looking for one more roleplay-partner, sooo yeah, I'm back again!

    If you have read the topic title, I have one huge condition: no plots! So, why not? Simple! I tend to get boring really quickly when we follow a pre-defined plot. Where is the fun in writing a story where you already know what’s going to happen? So how will this work then? Basically we’ll define the starting point: our characters, the world they live in, how/why they meet and some general themes we would like to try. And from that moment, we’ll just go on and see what happens. This means that I’m searching for a roleplay partner with an immense imagination who is able to come up with cool ideas and isn’t afraid to throw in plot-twists to keep the story fresh and interesting.

    Usually I stick to pre-made characters as I feel more compassion to them and I can write their actions and feelings a lot more convincingly. However if I feel my pre-made characters do not fit your character or if they do not fit the setting we have in mind, I will come up with a new character or promote one of my previously used side characters to main character. As for you, I like you to come up with a unique personality (pre-made or new-made). Not doing a pre-defined plot also means that I’ll not accept a character that forces a certain kind of plot or forces my character to be a very specific kind of person. Example: the princess who wishes to be saved.

    For the setting/genre. I would prefer to roleplay in a modern-day time period, although you might be able to convince me doing something else. A lot of stories I have done before tended to miss some kind of realism. Our characters doesn’t have to be heroes. Certainly not in the beginning of the story, anyway. Keeping the story realistic doesn’t mean that I do not want to include fantasy-elements. In contrary, I love fantasy-elements and magic to be present in our story, however only up till the point where magic is still something special. A world filled with magic feels to unrealistic to me and it will be very difficult to keep myself hooked.

    Last but not least some more general things: I’m searching for someone who is able to post at least 4~5 times a week. Posts should give me input and inspiration for my next part, length doesn’t matter, quality does. I’m most comfortable playing a female character in an MxF relationship (if anything) and fading to black. However I’m fine doing a male character and I’m also okay doing MxM or FxF relationships or to include some libertine scenes (as long as you are 18+), however I do not have a lot of experience with writing such scenes. Finally, English is not my native language and I might make some grammar mistakes and/or lack the vocabulary to tell exactly what I mean. Please be respectful to that. I’m always open for any feedback to improve my last part.

    Send me a PM if you wish to roleplay with me, or answer below if you've got any further questions!

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  2. Still searching!
  3. interested! PM me!
  4. I'm still searching, so if there is anyone out there who wishes to start a plot-less RP with me, feel free to send me a PM!
  5. Hi there! I would be interested in doing an RP with you - however, I am definitely more comfortable playing females. I also tend to include some libertine content in my roleplays, but it's always much more plot/story than sex. Let me know. :) I'm not if you mean no plot at all -- I feel we need a starting point, no? I sort of have a few ideas though for a starting point depending on your candies.
  6. Great, I'll send you a PM!
  7. Still searching!
  8. i have some starting point ideas, if your up, PM me!! ^w^
  9. im interested send me a pm
  10. I'm still searching! If anyone is interested, send me a PM! :)
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