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  1. I am making this thread for those people like myself who can not find any friends or romantic interests in the "real world"
    Just put down a description of yourself and PM anyone you think you want to get to know better.

    Name: Chris Holmes
    Age: 19
    Self-description: I am tall, around 6'2. I have short, dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. I am a bit on the fluffy side, but I do have some muscle.
    What you are looking for: A nice person that I could talk to. I just want someone who I know will be there and I can talk to and have intelligent discussions with.
    Interests: Gaming, anime, reading. I do enjoy debates and card games, as well. Both traditional 52 card games like Poker and Blackjack, and Trading Card Games like Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh
    Proudest moment: I graduated valedictorian with honors from my high school
    Anything else we should know: Not really from me.

    Anyway, just post and have a good time!
  2. Iwaku is not a dating website or a bootycall! O__O You might like or for roleplayer social networks if you wanna skip directly to the hookups part of roleplaying.

    In the meantime, you should come hang out in the cbox and get involved in some roleplays. <3 You'll make reeaaal connection with friends that way.
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  3. We now.
  4. I personally am glad that I am engaged.

    Sorry, I shouldn't brag. >.>
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  5. Congratulations! Were all invited to the wedding right?
  6. Sorry. Wedding's not for 4 years. We both wanna get through college first.
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  7. I've had (limited) success with OKCupid in the past. Just sayin', OP.
  8. I'll wait >=3
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