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  1. "As long as I know where I'm going I should be fine." Riley said to herself, it was very rare for her to be scared on a night like this but she could feel trouble lurking around every corner, somewhere. She walked through the woods taking a short cut home, the leaves crunched under her feet and the smell of pine needles hit her nose. Suddenly she froze, standing still... there in the dark were two unrecognizable figures. Getting closer to her she stepped back cracking a twig, the figures stopped and disappeared. Riley took out her phone to call her dad, a hand crawled over her shoulder spinning her around to face a beautiful sight. A porcelain face, red eyes fixated on her, his skin was cold as ice. She'd never seen a man this gorgeous in her life, he let her arm go and smirked a bit. "A girl like you shouldn't be wandering the woods this late, why the need?"he asked, she felt safe in his presence but one thing was off, his teeth were jagged and sharp. She hesitated for a moment to speak, it was hard to breath for some reason she felt a knot in her chest. "Please stop, your hurting me." he contemplated for a moment, watching her gasp for air. "no need to stop, dear Riley." Concentrating on her was easy, manipulating her mind was far from what he intended but he enjoyed seeing people in pain, especially his pray.
  2. Corvo leaped down behind the man. He hated this race of hunters. He saw them as male sirens. Corvo flipped out his dagger quickly and stuck it through the side of his neck. He let the liquid that didn't seem to be blood flow out. He let the dead body drop the ground with a thud. His grim mask seemed to strike fear into the girl. He immediately slid it up onto his head revealing his handsome, yet dirty face. "I hate those guys so much." Corvo smiled as he watched the girl. A beautiful creature, she was. He gave her a sweet smile. "You may want to get home before another one of those bastards show up..."
  3. Before marco knew it corvo had went out for the save/kill.. They had been following 2he guy for about 2 hours. What caught marcos attention was the sound of laughter nat far behind them.. He stuck his hands in his pants pockets thumbs hanging out as he approached the two he pulled off his hood hhis green eye glimmered under the moon light . He arrived just intime to hear the comment about getting home. "hey corvo there may be more we gotta move" marco looks at his hip he grips the knuckle blades and puts them on.. He hears a noise to their left the girls right. "ma'am are you ok" he notices that she had been gathering air since he arrived.

    (i tokk a role as corvos friend/teammate/associate. Hope u dont mind .. I can change if u want)
  4. Arron digs her nails into the bark of the tree. Her long black hair almost touching the ground. A black hood covering her face. She laughs again.
  5. Now marco knew he was not crazy he herd it again laughter and this time he knew where it came from one of three trees.. "guys ill be back" he puts his hands up resembling a boxing stance he moves to the far right tree he stops .. Quietly he climbs it his hands open and at the fingertips of the glovs are claws. he uses them to get up the tree making minimal sound . Looking down he sees a girl who has not yet noticed him ... "excuse me miss who are you and why spy on us ?" He intended to frighten the girl. Marco now has his hood on. his green eyes now red . He smiles as he awaits a response. making fists.
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  6. Corvo looked at the girl, then looked towards Marco. "Do what you have to do man," he said with an approving nod. He looked back towards the attractive girl. "I know this may be a little shocking to you, but you're going to have to go home. Those things don't just hunt you. They hunt us too. If we don't catch them off guard there's a chance that we could all be dead."
  7. Jack was walking down a path in some strange park... at least he thought it was a park. He had a bunch of papers in his arms, blueprints to be exact. It was all he had since he was kicked out of his home. He was hoping to find someone with enough faith in him to take him in and let him invent things. So far he had some strange sword working on magnets. It would be able to split in bits making it unblock able by conventional means... only problem was swords were outdated, if it wasn't a gun their was no point. He knew it was a good idea, it could even be used to block bullets if used right. Which is why he found himself here, in some city, or at least close to one. He was walking absentmindedly threw the woods before bumping into someone and falling down with all his papers scattering across the ground. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry." He started to pick up his papers quickly not wanting anyone to see them. He still stole a glance up at the man. He was standing next to a frightened girl and all he could think of was he just ran into a mugging... great, just his luck.
  8. "No problem man," Corvo said smiling at the man. Corvo stole a glance at his papers. He was only able to catch a glimpse of a blueprint of a blade. "What ya got there?" he asked him curiously. Corvo was probably one of the only people left who used not just guns, but blades also. He was interested in this guy. He could possibly be a person of use for wiping out those savages that dwell in this park.
  9. "N-nothing!" He said quickly fumbling to pick up the last few papers. Realizing he seemed frantic he tried to make it seem like he was calm, "Its just some files for work." He held them so the larger man couldn't see them, leaving a perfect view from behind him. He knew he had to seem tough if he wanted to be left out of the mugging, make it not worth while to be mugged also helped... considering he was a small scrawny guy... "Listen I don't have any money and I have to find a house that will let me stay the night, so if..." He cut himself off as he looked up a tree and noticed another guy, "Hello." Subconsciously he pulled the papers in closer, the large man and the man in the tree could have seen what he had. "I draw picture for a TV show... um..." TV show, TV show... um "Swords of Life. Its going to be the main characters sword is all." He hoped they would leave it at that... the fact that the sword was blueprinted really didn't help his case much.
  10. Corvo stuck his hands up. "What? Dude this isn't a mugging... It's actually a long story why she's in shock right now, but none of it has to do with mugging at all...We're nice people. Don't be mistaken...some may even call us heros...we're not going to hurt you nor will we ever hurt you. And if you need a house, I have quite a few actually. I can station you in one of my labs if you want." Corvo stepped back just to show that he was harmless towards the man. "What's your name friend?"
  11. maro jumps down and quickly makes his way over to the 2 bodies.. Who ever she is shes no harm .. Probably a life size statue.. " he smiles he positions himself so he could see the tree where the tree was he was standing on .. He takes his left glove blade off and clips it to his hip.. " whats the story corvo.. we should be moving soon.. " he looks across the sky..
  12. "Uh- no no I should be-... wait did you say lab?" He licked his lips slightly and looked over his blueprints thinking for a second. "Here look." He turned around the blueprint the man was interested in before, "Its a sword, I know they are outdated but this one is different. Its magnetic, uses bits of mettle to make each stroke more deadly. Its like stabbing someone with hundreds of small knifes. You can adjust it too, if you pull this small switch the sword fans out creating an impenetrable shield. Like shooting into a sand bag. Also its light weight and in theory it should be able to sharpen itself." The entire time he was pointing parts out on the blueprint such as equations of magnetic force and components he might need.
  13. "i call dibs..(marco holds is right hand up with the blade.). You think u can design new gloves for me I mean after your sword if you come with us ?" He looks at the blue prints he was facinated at the triger. Mostly the sheath for it the designs/ drawing caught his eye..
  14. "Urgh.... I hate being killed..." The body which was stabbed began to move. The handsome face now covered in blood and bearing a grin on it's face as it began to stand on it's legs. Teeth bared as it's skin seemed to envelope any darkness around it. "You could have let me have some fun if you let me continue on longer... Oh well... Possessing this body doesn't give me much anyway." The being snapped its teeth as it glanced at Riley and immediately turned once it heard Arron's laugh. He watched as the two strangers walked to someone else and felt a bead of sweat drop from the back of his head.

    "... No one cares about possessions anymore." The body mumbled as a small fog began to leak from the knife wound on his neck. A teenage boy appeared beside the body of the former aggressor as he held his hand inside the dead body's head and began to use it like a puppet. "This displeases me..." He frowned as his eyes began to turn golden.
  15. "what the" marco swings his right arm closing his fist . it goes through the fog. it begins to speak landing 2 feet from where he previously was his blade had entered through its head and then exited ... this freaked him out a lot. he quickly put his other glove on and stood ready. what is that he thinks to himself. the once live then dead body rises and the smokey figurine is seen next to it.... "Corvo whats this tell Me it a new trick?" he smiles and then opens the blades on the back of the gloves facing up and the claws on the fingertips facing the being or what ever it was. the fear can be seen in his eyes but the rest of his body showing anger .
  16. Corvo sighed before whipping out his pistol and his blade. He flipped over the being, stabbing it once more in the neck and from there aimed the pistol towards the middle of his spine and shot right through. If he'd done it right the creature should have been paralyzed, but then again, this wasn't your everyday creature. Corvo decided to activate his teleportation device, just in case that thing responded violently. He put up his pistol and took out his crossbow. He loaded a few metal bolts and sent electrical waves down onto them. If the creature were to move, he could consider himself killed.
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  17. Jack jumped slightly when a man he hadn't noticed before started to get to his feet. He was covered in blood and talking about being killed. "Wha-who are you?" Before the man answered the 'heros' turned to him, one just held armed and ready and the other one stabbed it in the neck. "What are you doing!" He shouted before a gun shot went off. He backed up a set and looked down the path, it was time to go. He turned and started to run. These men were no heros, they just killed a man...
  18. "why were you stalking this young lady to the point where my partner had to kill you" marco looks aat the man with piercing eyes.... "corvo idk about this guy and if this girl does not recover from this state of shock we are going to have to take her to the police statiin " he cracks his neck ... He pufss air at the designers remarks ..