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  1. A Yang has been found and we're good now. Please don't PM me; we are full.

    Kingdoms rising from the earth and protecting themselves with strong walls and Hunters? That's the stuff of legends. Vale, Mistral, Vacuo, and Atlas are floating cities above the continents, controlling small amounts of territory on the ground.

    Everyone who spends their lives in the kingdoms is rich, compliant, or a child. Everyone else spends some time in The Great Below, the other name for Remnant's surface, because the kingdoms require resources from the earth. Some people live in settlements in the Great Below, but they're few compared to the kingdoms due to the abundance of Grimm and the lack of real leadership. (The exception is Menagerie, which is the largest settlement in The Great Below.)

    Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and perhaps Blake (who is a special case due to her canon home being Menagerie) are Divers - those sent down for a specific purpose. They are the first Divers who are there to purge a settlement of Grimm, though. Having undergone combat training, their goal is to clear Mountain Glenn of Grimm so that it can be settled. After all, control of this mountain, just outside of which lies a village and a dust mine, could mean some control of the Great Below, or even the kingdoms. The folks above and in Menagerie aren't the only ones vying for it.

    And you - why did you take this mission? What led you here? And what will you do to get it?

    Hi! This RP needs someone to play an AU version of Yang (Ruby, Weiss, and Blake have been claimed). It also uses the Primetime Adventures system (a brief overview is here) for rules-light conflict resolution and pacing mechanics. While no dice are involved, please be comfortable using a system.

    If you're interested or you want more details, PM me!
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