No Lives Matter Rant

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Ok this has been eating at me like a plague so I'm just gonna rant. Sorry if I annoy anyone.


Lately I've been noticing many things that people are divided about. Mainly when it comes to politics. And I just wanna say this:


I mainly wanna address this entire racism thing that's been going around for years now. The main reason I'm in the No Lives Matter category is because of how divisive society has become and because of how SJWs are practically ruining everything.

Police brutality for instance. No thanks to the media being selective about what cases to show, people think that it's a white and black problem when it ISN'T that according to statistics. Police brutality can affect ANYONE and EVERYONE. Yes some cops will use racial profiling and discriminate against minorities but that doesn't make it a racial issue entirely. Plus I would like to add that most cops are just trying to do a job and are just people like us. Body cameras and community policing are pretty much the only things that need to happen in order to calm things down which we seem to be making progress towards (I hope).

Identity politics are also a huge issue here too. They claim to be for equality, diversity, and the like when they're actually just pushing for preferential treatment and being the very thing they claim to hate the most. I really shouldn't have to say what groups I'm talking about because it should be pretty obvious by now (which is another reason why I'm in the NLM category). We need to start tackling things as the Human Race and stop being so divisive which will probably never happen. I'm not saying we ignore the fact that some people are white, female, gay, Christian etc. I'm just saying we don't generalize people over it, and we don't treat people differently in a legal sense over it. Treat the cause, not the symptom. Minorities on average being worse off? Symptom. Instead of getting worked up on that, let's invest those resources into stuff like bettering the economy and welfare shall we? It is unfortunate that people take statistics and blame racism, or other theoretical bullshit like "white privilege." Yes I just called that term bullshit because it is. In other words, statistics do not prove the so-called system of the "individual knapsack" of racism and "white privilege". The factors and variables that result in these discrepancies are numerous and complex, and do not prove an ultimate cause of only racism. I'm not saying that racism is nonexistent, that would be absurd. But it is equally absurd to claim that all the issues that minorities face are because of racism. Grow. The. Fuck. Up. I sure as hell am not blaming MY problems and issues on the white man because it's NOT their fault. Time for others to do the same as well.

Speaking of which, racism is NOT just limited to whites. ANY RACE CAN BE RACIST. If anything, minorities are somewhat worse nowadays. Just look at other countries like Japan. If you date outside of your race and have biracial or multiracial children, you're called a racial slur, a self-hater, a traitor, etc. If you have a different opinion and think differently than other people in your race, the exact same thing happens. If you happen to be a nerd or geek.....I'm not even gonna get into that cause it REALLY sucks. The very definition of racism says you can be racist to white people, and I'm more inclined to believe the dictionary than I am a screeching dumbass who knows no better. Most of the people screaming how you can't be racist to white people are people who are downright pitiful human beings who want special treatment and/or privileges, or need to pick up a dictionary as soon as possible.

Blaming all racial problems and inequity on the majority instead of trying to bring people together to come up with an actual solution is exactly the wrong way to do it and posting and reblogging shit from behind a computer isn't changing anything, no matter how indignant you claim to be about it. Granted I'm no different but hey I'm just ranting. Saying that someone's opinion means nothing and doesn't count because they're white, white-passing (whatever the fuck that means), biracial/multiracial, or male is completely moronic and turns you into the exact same thing you claim to be against and is discriminating as hell. Don't get me started on cultural appropriation which is another bullshit rant in itself.

I'm not saying racism is dead. Pretty much everyone of all races thinks it still does exist. My main issue is that people are twisting the definition of racism to near laughable standards and are getting offended by every little thing, crying racism every time they end up with issues. Here's reality for ya. It's much easier to believe that the world is out to get you and that you're the victim, rather than accepting the coldest truth about the universe: It doesn't give a shit about you at all. You're a tiny, insignificant thing, and your concerns, and how "unfair" life is, are totally and utterly irrelevant to it. The same life-giving ball of hydrogen and helium in the sky gives us cancer for fucks sake, mother nature don't give a shit. But, hey, we're humans, so we anthropomorphise that shit. By the logic of SJWs, the reason why most of my family on both sides are deceased, I don't have a job, I haven't learned how to drive, and I struggled growing up is because it was the fault of those damn, dirty white people. Laws are irrelevant. Millions of exceptions to this rule that live, breath, and have their own lives in poverty are also irrelevant. Logic and reason are irrelevant.

I'm honestly sad and disappointed at how people are handling racism nowadays because whenever REAL racism happens (Dylann Roof anyone?), no one shows up or comes together. We have made great strides in several areas. We will continue to make progress. Logic and empathy leads to understanding.

Here are some quotes that pretty much sum up my points:



Seriously this BS is getting out of hand and sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one in this world who has actual logic and common sense and actually knows what the REAL problems are. This is coming from a 20 year old black female. I can only sigh at how stupid humanity has become. I'm done. No Lives Matter and they never will matter until people get their shit together and stop acting so damn stupid!



"You don't fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity."

They should put that shit on tiles. 'cause. Well... That about sums it up.

To explain why this contradictory kind of behaviour is so prevalent in people we label 'SJW', it has very much to do with our more primal patterns and instincts. In ye olde days, the cave-painting and mammoth-hunting ones, forming groups and pushing away other groups is a behaviour that functions as a survival mechanic in times of scarcity. Being social creatures, we relied on groups for survival, protection, etc. Our children take a lot of time to mature, so sticking together was beneficial so everyone could watch over everyone. However, when such a group becomes too big, the environment will not provide enough resources to support all the members of the group. For this reason, our instincts tell us to exclude people with perceivable differences. This is called out-group behaviour. When there were two different groups of people within the same territory, they would display enmity towards one another because they'd often end up fighting over resources.

Now, while our social structure and facilitations have advanced, many of these instincts still linger in our brains. While most people have technical capability of understanding their instincts and operate on a higher intellectual level, a great many of them simply do not. This explains on the one hand discrimination, but on the other also the negative reactions and the SJW bullshit. People fall back on their instincts of out-group behaviour. Those perceived as not assimilated into the in-group are perceived as threats. They are stange, they are unknown. They are threats our instincts call us to exclude or attack.

The problem lies that our most basic instinct simply does not take into consideration the structure of our society today, which essentially is a very large group. We're not naturally programmed to deal with that and it requires us to perceive and function on an intellectual level higher than our basic instincts. To do so, it requires you to take a step back and analyse critically, but also reassert the importance of individual and collective values. When people are not provided with the ropes to these insights and understandings, they fall back on, you guessed it, instinct.

Also zooming out is really scary because you delve into a realm of uncertainty. We love to latch onto any answers that provide certainty and accept them as absolute.

Also the older you get the harder it becomes to break established patterns. Meanwhile, extremes are more persuasive towards younger minds. The further an idea deviates from the norm the more interesting it is and the more extreme it is the more certainty it provides. Also extremism creates a strong sense of solidarity within that group, facilitating a sense of belonging. Younger minds who lack the life experience and therefore context to critically analyse these extreme ideas are therefore easily swayed. So it is a rather vicious cycle to get stuck in, which makes it so difficult to fight. It is very easy to attach these ideas to primal natures and impressionable minds and the longer they are in contact the more difficult it is to get out of.

I think exposure is the best cure. Not on an activism level, because while there are times and places for that, the ultimate goal is to integrate all kinds of people in this thing we like to call the human race. To expose and to normalise intergroup interaction is what breeds acceptance of other people, be the 'difference' on an ideological level or physical or sexual. People fear the unknown so they push it away. But if I bring a friend who just so happens to be homosexual to a bar to drink with a group of other friends and they, through interaction, learn he is a pretty good guy, they may reassert their values. Meanwhile, this serves my friend in the sense that his sexuality is normalised and therefore becomes less of a barrier in interaction. tl;dr, both parties learn the other isn't so different. Same if said friend is Chinese instead of homosexual. Or both. Or Hindu. Or in a wheelchair. Left or right wing. Or whatever. I don't care. While there sure are some hateful and very vocal people in our world, most people are simply afraid of the unknown. Therefore; exposure.

I know this isn't really a debate thing, but given your position and that quote, I hoped this might interest you. Hence, huge post.
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