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  1. So my school is being a butt face and making me take these online tutorials about how to go into the library and do these things inside of it. Instead of just asking for help... like a normal person.

    AND I AM SO SAD. The videos are 15 minutes each and I have about 7 more to do. So someone should talk to me. :D
  2. It astonishes me. What is there about a library to do online tutorials on? I thought the way to use a library was fairly straightforward, and there are librarians to help.
    Just as it astonished me when I was in school and had to have lessons on the same. The lessons were in the library, and consisted in somebody speaking lengthily on the subject while we sat around and pretended to pay attention.
    But at least there were books everywhere, so it was easy to spend these lessons reading something else.
  3. Ohhh we have those too! Thankfully I've been able to avoid going to those classes so I have not been, but my friends have.
    It is just as silly as having a teacher who is teaching an 8 week Business English class make me write a full length Business WRITING paper on a topic about what I want to do after college. Then I sent her my general description and she asked if I was even at all interested in about the earnings and whether or not it was needed.
    Well I want to be a midwife so there are lots of different avenues to go. I can work at a hospital, I can open my own place and be a head midwife or I can be a traveling midwife. So yeah I think I can make it work.
    Money wise, I don't care! This is what I want to do. I was just outraged that she would ask such a question like that. You're teaching me English (which I already know, but apparently I use to many words) not prying into my life so I don't need that sort of input. Thanks... but no thanks.
  4. We had those online library things too!
    theyre annoying o - o
    our library isnt even a library anymore! its just a large place with computers, and the school has a library database website....
  5. I agree on that, Captain. You are there for information, not life advice.
    I didn't have Business English (or my country's equivalent thereof), and I can't even imagine what on Earth it's about. (I did have Economics, and Business and Law, which I hated to the point where I refused to attend the classes, but passed anyway.) It sounds very, very bizarre. What is it?
  6. @Ms_Wong: Yeah. I think that they are stupid, but I am doing it because it is an extra 10 points. I ended up realizing about halfway through that I didn't need to watch the videos. I just simply took the quizzes and passed them all on my first turn because I know how to type into the database and get what I want. >_>

    [MENTION=4798]Aigilas[/MENTION]: Yeah I was just so shocked that she had the balls to say something like that. I don't even know why I even have to write the paper in the first place because I should be learning how to correctly format letters for business to clients or my coworkers. Not writing papers about what I want to do after college. .________.
    I already took my ECON and thankfully I don't have to take Business Law, but that is for someone going into the profession of being a lawyer for businesses. I am only taking this class because it is required as a prerequisite for the other two BUS classes I am taking in the Fall.
  7. Yes, that's what I least understood. For lawyer students, it makes sense, of course. But for us, Business and Law was compulsory for everyone on the whole Faculty of Science, and not a single lawyer student in sight. Very useful.
    On the other hand, making you write papers about what you want to do after college sounds a little... elementary-school to me. What were they thinking?...
  8. See that is just so silly. It's the schools way of making money. Same reason that they are limiting how many units you can take during all the semesters. ._. For instance, I was trying to take three classes over the Summer but the limit was put to 8 units and most classes are 3 units meaning that you are one unit over of the limit and therefore cannot take the other class. Which means I have to take 5 in the Fall for that reason. ._.
    Right!? I mean these teachers. Last semester in another business class I had to take the book and write out a definition of my own and then what that meant for business. Sometimes there was over 40 words and it would take me hours to do. They were only worth 20 points a piece too. It is so frustrating.
  9. Yes, making money... They did a lot of things that had no other reason but that. And when financially it became gainful somehow to break up the Faculty of Science into the Faculty of Informatics and the rest of the Faculty of Science, even though we had the same professors, used the same buildings, on many occasion attended the same classes, and in general were one faculty in everything but name... well, they did, of course. (There were people studying to be a teacher of mathematics and IT on both sides of this barrier. There were also the applied mathematicians learning much of the same things that the programming mathematicians were, just on the other side.) That made for a lot of unnecessary administration, and many classes began to have several different codes; a lot of classes began with the professor asking who among us took the class by the Science code and who by the IT code. And then when that got mixed up, varying degrees of trouble happened.
    For a Faculty of Science, it was all very logical and made immense amounts of sense.
  10. Oh yeah totally! As we all know, the boards of schools are known for making tons of sense. ._.
  11. One despairs of the future of mankind, thinking about the fact that that is where one goes to become more clever.
  12. Right? I have decided that I will for sure being homeschooling my kids and hopefully by the time I have kids they will have come up with a way of College Homeschooling. So that way they do not have to deal with idiocy that is the school district.
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  13. A decision I can only wholeheartedly agree with.
  14. As a lifelong homeschooler this is a good time for me to jump in! :) I must honestly say Id hate to be homeschooled in college but I understand the deeper point there, what really drives people nuts at my school is how a First Year Experience class is now required.......even if you've been there for a few years already!