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  1. Synopisis: No Hope is an Alien themed survival Rp based around a few marines who aboard an abandoned space-ship in order to uncover the truth behind the disappearances of its inhabitants.

    1:In this Rp I am king, therefor I am the judge, jury and executioner unless I give one permission to do so. However, I am a nice king and I cherish diplomacy over harsh action but don't take me lightly because I will remove you from the Rp if you blatantly choose to disregard the rules that I have set in motion as well as Iwaku's.

    2: Respect everyone and please don't discriminate against anyone based on color, religion or anyother thing while you are in the confines of this Rp. Have a problem with someone or feel the need to treat anyone differently because of race or religion? If so, then take it to a place where such things aren't prohibited. The only discrimination that will be tolerated here is the one based on your actions. If me or any co-gms find someone violating this rule, they will be dealt with by removal of the Rp and may also be reported to one of the active mods if necessary

    3: Depending on the choices your chars make or the circumstances that they're in, they may be subject to death during the course of this Rp. This doesn't mean that they will be knocked off the chessboard at the first sign of trouble. This just means that the main character status usually seen in most other Rps won't prevent your char from dying in this one.

    4: Keep tensions in debates or discussions to a minimum. Seeing as we're all human, it's only natural for us to communicate and debate with one another so long as these debates aren't taken out of hand. If you have any major problems or complaints, then pm me or one of my soon to be appointed Co-Gms and we'll try to resolve the issue as soon as we can. I don't like having problems affect the entire vibe of this Rp without first getting the opportunity to try to resolve them.

    5: Maybe the most important rule of them all: Enjoy yourselves. I made this Rp so people can enjoy a simple survival appetizer of what's to come.

    Name:(Char's name or codename)
    Age:(At least 17)
    Appearance:(Realistic pics preferred but anime are pics are allowed as well)
    Bio:(None - Whatever suits your needs. Just if you choose to write one, make sure it is at least one paragraph)
    Weapons:(Something futuristic but not over the top)
    Squad:(I or any Co- gms that I enlist will give you yours personally):
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