NO! Don't click! Please don't click!

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  1. Well... Since you clicked...

    Hi, I'm new. Call me Viki. I look forward to roleplaying with you guys a lot!

    I'd like it very much if someone decides to welcome me and introduce themself. ^_^
  2. Hay, I'm Norwayfoo and I clicked. Nice to meet you. =P
  3. I clicked too! Its a pleasure to meet you!
  4. I thought if I clicked, it would be like clicking the big red button... It was not.

    Anyway, my name is Kal.. Or kamakazi.. or Mama Kama. What ever you really please. So Welcome! Welcome!
  5. Hey welcome, and enjoy yourself.
    My name is Jezzyboo. (:
  6. I'll do what I want! What evaaaaaah! /end South Park reference.

    Welcome to Iwaku, Viki. Really glad to have you here and hope to see more of you around the boards (Which I will one day make an attempt to stalk) or in chat. Happy holidays too, :).
  7. Hey ^_^
  8. Ello luv. noyce ta meechya. Oim eny. Er that is enyverses. Sorry i had my cockny translator stuck in the on position.

    What's with people putting every rp they play in their signature ?
  9. Maniacally grinning, Elle clicks the button.

    And poof, she appears in front of a girl named Viki with a cool picture.

    So Elle has no other choice but to wave, because turning and running is just not the way to go.
    "Welcome to Iwaku, and I hope you enjoy your stay!" she grinned while saying this to the newcomer, hoping her welcome was warm enough.
  10. Definitely warm enough Elle!

    @Eny: Funny coincidence, because I lived in England for a couple of years.

    Thanks for the welcome, guys :D
  11. I noticed from what little discussion weve had. How are things today?