No Boundaries

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No Boundaries

In a small town, in Wyoming. The supernatural forces are fighting against each other, grouping up, planning sophisticated attacks. Over the years thousands have died, and finally it has reached a small standstill, someone, somehow, killed each leader of each supernatural force. While everyone is scrambling to recuperate, allies are being made, stealthy attacks are planned, and the reason everyone is fighting for has been questioned.

Is it just a myth, that some place in this small town holds the key to remove each species weakness, making them immortal.


They are all fighting for a key, that has been protected by humans for years. The humans, and the alpha's of each species came together and made a key together, that locked the door of one particular immortal. While they locked away the being of light it screamed the words that were inscribed on the door.

"The species who unlocks this door, will become immortal"

The alpha's all agreed the human species needed to hide the key. To do this though they needed to forget, so combining the power of all the alpha's, the supernatural species made every human alive forget about them. To only be remembered in scary stories and tales of adventures.

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