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    No Boundaries

    In a small town, in Wyoming. The supernatural forces are fighting against each other, grouping up, planning sophisticated attacks. Over the years thousands have died, and finally it has reached a small standstill, someone, somehow, killed each leader of each supernatural force. While everyone is scrambling to recuperate, allies are being made, stealthy attacks are planned, and the reason everyone is fighting for has been questioned.

    Is it just a myth, that some place in this small town holds the key to remove each species weakness, making them immortal.


    They are all fighting for a key, that has been protected by humans for years. The humans, and the alpha's of each species came together and made a key together, that locked the door of one particular immortal. While they locked away the being of light it screamed the words that were inscribed on the door.

    "The species who unlocks this door, will become immortal"

    The alpha's all agreed the human species needed to hide the key. To do this though they needed to forget, so combining the power of all the alpha's, the supernatural species made every human alive forget about them. To only be remembered in scary stories and tales of adventures.


    So I'm hoping to run this roleplay with a small group of maybe four or five, maybe a little more, people. The main goal is to get the key and have your species become immortal by whatever means. You can play almost any supernatural species you want, although I will be giving them a weakness, a means to be killed.

    I'm looking for people who can post, everyday or every other day.
    People who can post a paragraph or two each post.
    People who just wanna have fun.




    Werewolves are a half man, half wolf creature.
    Unlike most legends, they have the power to transform at will, it's quick and not painful. Although if they transformed by will before a full moon, that full moon they are powerless. If they don't transform by will before the full moon, then the full moon will make them extremely powerful, but they don't have a choice they will turn that night.
    Weaknesses - Silver, Fire


    Vampires are dead humans, to stay alive they need to drink blood.
    Unlike legends, they cannot turn into bats. They instead have increased speed, traveling places in milliseconds. They have the ability to "compel" humans, making them do whatever the vampire says. Vampires are known to be cowards though, hiding behind humans that attack for them. Some vampires can get rid of their weakness to sunlight if a witch helps them.
    Weaknesses - Wooden Stakes, Sunlight


    Witches are the ones who have majority of control over magic. They are just like humans, except they can channel their inner powers.
    Unlike legends, there is no white or black magic and no signs someone has been using magic. Most witches do however use magic in covens, they have been tricked over the years though. Each time you preform a spell in a coven the leader gets a little more of your power each time. So some witches work on their own, because they've stolen power from other witches.
    Weaknesses - Death
    To Stop Their Magic - Stolen from another witch, Salt. (Their magic cannot cross salt)



    Mermaids are half human half fish creatures.
    They are found in salt water usually, but can be found in rivers and lakes. They have the powers of singing, enchanting the listeners to do their bidding. The song of one mermaid can enchant one person, although a whole pod of mermaids can enchant thousands.
    Weaknesses - Gold, Vingear


    Fairies are small creatures. With wings and a glowing dust flying off of them.
    They are usually found together since they do have such small bodies it's easy to kill them. Although fairies have an amazing amount of magic, which is exactly what the dust that trails behind them is. Fairies can transform into humans though, although they are a human when they do, their only magic is to turn themselves back into a fairy.
    Weaknesses - Sugar (must sit there and count every grain), Sticky things


    Banshees are humanlike creatures. They look just as if they're human.

    Banshees are essentially humans, although their screams, can do a matter of things. They can cause ear piercing sounds to shoot through people and hurt them or stun them. The worst thing they can do though is foretell deaths. If a banshee wails long enough with the intent focus of someone dying, their death will soon happen.
    Weaknesses - Death, Earplugs


    Succubus are human creatures.
    They are predators on sexual energy, as they suck your life force out of you with your sexual energy. They are also able to heal if injured by sucking the life force out of someone. They also have the power to convince someone, by touching them though. If there is no bodily contact succubi have no powers.
    Weaknesses - Gags, Emeralds


    [​IMG]Valkyrie are also known as death angels.
    They are creatures who take the dead to wherever their resting place is. They do however have the power to kill anyone who needs to be killed, and are "immortal". When triggering their powers, wings spurt from behind them and their face turns into a skeleton's face. It is a petrifying gaze, killing anyone who stares into their eyes for too long. Upon death they are reborn as a small child.
    Weaknesses - Susceptible to Magic, Iron will kill them

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  2. I'm interested, this is really a good plot Idea.
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  3. Thanks! :) Any idea of what type of species you'd like to start off with?
  4. A witch for sure
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  5. I'd be interested in doing this but would love to see what other species you had in mind before making my choice. ^^
  6. Awesome, If you have a species in mind just tell me because I'm only gonna put a few up there, but if you wanna play something I'll add it for sure! :)
  7. Count me interested! I'm thinking vampire or witch, though that last gif might change that.
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  8. Added the rest of the species but if you guys want anything that's not up there let me know!

    @Shayla @Shan
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  9. I would be interested
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  10. This sounds cool, I might do a Werewolf or a Witch^^.
  11. I'd be up for this, if you're still open for people? :)
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  12. How many Characters are we allowed to have?
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