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  1. Originally, I had hoped to come up with some sort of witty, or otherwise clever phrase or speech, but I do think that simplicity is absolute. Hello. Thank you for having me here. I hope to be of use to a few of you, and I'd like to become well integrated into the Iwaku world.
  2. I often try to come up with witty things and then realize I have been staring at the person silently for way too long. >>

    Welcome to the site, Punctus!
  3. I guess, becoming too preoccupied with that sort of thing leaves you out of focus. I'll try to be more honest with my motives, from now on.

    I've already fleshed out my resume, so where should I go from there?
  4. Now you click ALL THE BUTTONS and explore and read and get overwhelmed and confused by all the cool stuff you see! 8D
  5. It's fine enough just saying hello, personal boundaries and all.
    Welcome to Iwaku!
    And don't push the buttons, Diana-sama doesn't know what she's saying. *cries manly tears*
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  6. Herro Punctus, welcome to IWaku and shtuff :D

    (You seem sagely, is it just me or are you a famous sage dude?)
  7. I can see how being overwhelmed is a possibility. Even now, I feel as if I'm in the middle of the sea, and I'm unsure of where to go next. My feet are just waddling there, left in suspension. I hope to make more progress, soon..
    Haha! I almost feel sagely from your remark alone.
  8. *waves* Hello and welcome. *bows* I really hope you enjoy your time here.
  9. you now have a '*REQUIREMENT*' to post at least two* sagely remarks daily.

    As for a reason..

    For my personal amusement should be enough for you.
  10. Nvm, after Reading through your replies to this forum alone I have come to the Realization that everything you say may as well have been taken from the lips of some innocuous deity, continue on your way my sage-like fellow.
  11. Appropriately enough, I will do as divinity commands.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.