Nintendo Theme Park?

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  1. So news has been going around that the big N is teaming with Universal Studios to have attractions based on their first-party creations. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! I am VERY excited about this news and since I'm not far from the Universal theme park in Orlando, Florida (I live in Tennessee), I so plan on checking them out whenever the hell they open! Thoughts on this news?
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  2. OOooooooh. This sounds fun! I wonder if they'll have Mario Kart-esque bumper cars!! That would be cool! :) You are lucky to be so close! I live in Michigan so that's a long trip, but damnit I'd do it! I wanna go to something like that :)
  3. Does this mean I can murder somebody in a real life Mario Party and make little kids cry?

    Sign me up!
  4. I can imagine so many people dressed as Marios running around..
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  5. I'd sell my right eyeball for something like this. Unfortunately, I live in California, but I'm definitely willing to fly all the way out there just to see it.
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  6. Nice. This is something I would check out. I live about an hour away.
  7. Eh... I couldn't care too much about the theme of the rides.
    Show me what kind of rides themselves they plan on having, then we'll talk about if I'm interested or not.
  8. I live way too far though :c
  9. I have family in Orlando, so this will make an excellent side activity for the next time I visit.
  10. Who wants to start thinking up cool rides?

    Mario Kart would be pretty awesome.
    So would something involving breaking a lot of Pots. :3
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  11. I support this
  12. I'm in Pennsylvania, so I would do anything to see those rides!
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