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For 1000 Years there has been peace across the world, no ninja wars no wars of any kind, a Golden Age... there have been small battles here and there, and whispers of a gathering darkness. But for the most part, it was wonderful, and the world had moved forward.

However the Dead Lands, or the Land of Graves, Land of Bones, Land of Dragon Mounds, Land of Fallen Giants, The Land of Screams, a land to the West of what is currently the known ninja world. As Seen here by this Map...
(Yes I know my map sucks ok... and I lost my map I had of the Dead Lands... I just have this map I edited)


The Dead Lands, are basically from over 3500 Years ago, the information was kept hidden, a history wished to be forgotten.... this is now coming back to bite them.... but the Dead Lands in Truth are the old world, before what we know as Ninja came to be, the new land, our current world was to be a world where no one used Chakra, and to prevent the Events that happened there... from happening to our world.... a Massive War that drained the chakra from the land.

The Dead Lands are said to suck the chakra from anyone who steps there so that they can only live, and to use jutus could kill a person, due to the war that left the land dead and dry, hence why they are called the Dead Lands... No one has laid eyes on them or set foot on them in over 1500 years... the first expedition back was the last... and they have a border... all countries call Treason if one crosses the line... and will be hunted and killed if caught.

But the reports are saying, monsters and things can be seen and heard there... and that ships have been seen close to the west coast of the current world... Raids by mysterious ninja, and so on.... have brought this Golden age to ruin.

The Kage's have decided to defend and try to keep this golden age going, behind the scense... however if their worst fears are realized, they may have to take up the War kuni again and fight.... a Enemy unknown.
But it is nice to know over the 1000 years of peace the training and contests haven't been lax...
I would like to keep the Minimum of Kages down to 3 per village. And you are allowed 4 chars :3 because we have a big RP... I will also list the Villages and the Members of each Rank.

I will allow sages and Jinjuriki.... My personal power Beast Blood, isn't Sage Mode, or Jinjiriki... but it is kind of a KG, that isn't... my char's story is sad.

You can have 2 KG one from each parent assuming you married outside of your clan and those clans had a KG.

You can have your own special Jutsu, no instant kills, unbreaking shields for unlimited amount of time, though... we need this to be fair...

Also for those looking for plain sight Village entry, They are not people who go out of their way to kill people, they are reserved and very very cautious with their Jutsu... however... they can also be seen as tricksters too.

Please do not make chars based around mine... I find it annoying, unless you ask first and I approve :3


Rank: (If you have one)
Chakra Nature:(Up to 3)
Jutsu: (Just a Example, we don't need the damn list)
Hiden: (Jutsu that isn't KG but kept in a clan, or a secret)
Bloodline Jutsu(KG): (if you have one... only something your clan can do)

- One:
- Two:
- Three:
- Four:
- Five:
- Six:
- Seven:
- Eight:
- Nine:

- Kage:
- Anbu:
- Jonin:
- Tokujō (Special Jonin):
- Chūnin:
- Genin: (Must be 17 or older :3 at current)
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