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    Strictly Sign ups talk - IC and OOC thread link below

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    Division - A government agency gone rouge, originally sanctioned secretly by the head of the CIA, the goal of the program? To take people who were on death row, or in jail for life sentences and train them to become model citizens. After years of this program though, Percy a corrupt leader took over, the CIA needed people dead, seeing a chance Percy started training the ex-prisoners to be elite assassins trained in, hand to hand combat, guns, hacking systems, and making cover up stories. Once the CIA heard it was kept on the down low, the only people knowing about division being the ones in it, and the head of the CIA not even the president.
    Finally though the CIA sanctioned kill order, after kill order, each order and mission recorded on what Percy called a "black box" this allowed him to finally have enough information to split off and make his own missions and force the CIA to give him money and almost anything he wanted because he blackmailed them. Percy soon had billions of dollars and was still training assassins, and hiring his services out to people, anyone who could pay and knew of division could pay to have someone eliminated. Now you are one of those recruits, being trained to kill and go on missions, be careful though if you fail on a mission, you're canceled.


    1. All of Iwaku's rules apply.
    2. You aren't invincible in this roleplay, no you probably will not die unless you ask to be killed but take a shot, once in a while, you're elite assassins but everyone has lucky shots.
    3. Be realistic, if I say you run out of ammo, you won't find some around the corner.
    4. Arguments in OOC will be taken out of the thread into PM.
    5. Different languages will be used, please provide in a [.spoili] the translation.
    6. Using the @username will help so people get notifications.
    7. Post at least once a week, if you're in a mission once a day.
    8. Please message me if you'd like a canon character or someone who helps run division.

    Accepted Characters

    Sage McCarthy | Dramma
    Jin-Hyun Song | Minamoto Thunder


    - We all have to make decisions, some are harder then others in this business -​
  2. 2 Months Ago

    "Sage, you're waking up. Welcome to Division, I bet you're confused you were supposed to die, on death row for, killing 3 police officers. I know you didn't kill them you were just high and they pinned it on you. We're here to help you get clean from drugs Sage."
    The mans words sunk into Sage's head. Clean? killing? What was going on, she just wanted some..wait why didn't she want any drugs?
    "Sage, you don't have a want for drugs, I told you we're here to help you get clean we found a way to stop the release of certain chemical in your brain at the thought of the drug and now you don't want it or need it. Now that we did something for you, you'll help us let me show you around."


    Sage punched the target over and over. She was training for her first mission, it was strange some Recruits would last years in training before their graduation mission and Sage's mission was after 2 months. Amanda really hated her, once Sage was able to beat one of Amanda's mind tests Amanda wanted to send her on a suicide mission, Sage knew this but she was hoping to beat the odds and make it out alive.​
  3. Five Years Ago

    "Jin-Hyun Song...Welcome to Division, you seem to have gone through quite a lot in Guantanamo Bay. Your resilience is admirable. Friendly fire is a strange foe indeed. Mother Nature is also just as unpredictable. That Special Forces Operative's death was not your fault. It was an accident. You deserved a life after so many sins. But your heart was ripped out of your chest. Your true love taken from you. The world is no place for a Killer indeed. We're here for you Jin, we're here to grant you a new life after what you have lost."
    A Mysterious man's voice found its way into her mind. New Life? Sins...? What's happening, she wondered.
    "Jin...Everyone deserves a second chance. You don't have to live, drowning in your sins. We're here to help you get back on your feet. We need your help. We"

    Present Day

    After her latest mission, which involved the assassination of a former CEO of a Closed Down Theme Park who recently got involved in a Narcotics Ring. Although she had to gun her way through the abandoned theme park, she spared no remorse or regrets over the lives she took to complete her mission, as long as no innocents were harmed in the process. While disappearing from the Theme Park, minutes before Police arrived, Jin wondered. What would her late husband think about the life she has right now? Losing him has left her with a very heavy heart. She had no children either. What did she have to lose. Either way, she felt that most of her killings within the past five years was justifiable, because one way or another, the world was a better place. While walking down an Alleyway to her car, she heard yelling. What she saw made her heart sink: a man was trying to take a purse from a pregnant lady and had his gun pointed at her stomach, which made her eyes grew wide. With no time to waste, she ran over and pointed her own Handgun at his head. "Let the woman go. Or I'll be the last person you'll ever see..." She threatened. The man smirked before redirecting his gun at her. "Or what?"

    "Try me." She warned once more.

    The Robber hesitated, visibly shaken. "This Woman is having a baby. Are you really going to take her child over something so petty?"

    He then tried to take his chances, but was shot dead by Jin. The Woman began moaning and holding her stomach. "Ma'am, are you alright?"

    "I'm having contractions..."

    She helped the woman down to a comfortable position.

    "This is common in the later months pregnancy, isn't it?"

    "No, I mean contractions. I'm going into labor."

    "This is a really bad time. Can the baby wait?"

    "I don't think so. This baby is coming..."

    Jin rubbed the Woman's belly before dialing 9-1-1 via her own personal cellphone.​
  4. Isa unlocked the door and entered her apartment. She slammed the door shut and whipped her purse across the room, and laid in bed. Abother job interview failed. She didn't get it at all, how come they kept rejecting her? Isa wondered why. She knew readjusting to a normal life would be hard, but it worse then she imagened. Isa worried about the money she had left, and if she crawled back to her parents, they wouldn't forgive her for running away after graduation. Isa hoped that in a while, all would be fine. She opened her closest, and looked at the box at the bottom, it had a pistol with several clips, but Isa only held on to them because she didn't have anywhere else to dispose of them. She tried to ignore it, so it wouldn't bring back unwanted memories.
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