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    : Nikita :

    Strictly OOC - Sign up thread link below

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    Division - A government agency gone rouge, originally sanctioned secretly by the head of the CIA, the goal of the program? To take people who were on death row, or in jail for life sentences and train them to become model citizens. After years of this program though, Percy a corrupt leader took over, the CIA needed people dead, seeing a chance Percy started training the ex-prisoners to be elite assassins trained in, hand to hand combat, guns, hacking systems, and making cover up stories. Once the CIA heard it was kept on the down low, the only people knowing about division being the ones in it, and the head of the CIA not even the president.
    Finally though the CIA sanctioned kill order, after kill order, each order and mission recorded on what Percy called a "black box" this allowed him to finally have enough information to split off and make his own missions and force the CIA to give him money and almost anything he wanted because he blackmailed them. Percy soon had billions of dollars and was still training assassins, and hiring his services out to people, anyone who could pay and knew of division could pay to have someone eliminated. Now you are one of those recruits, being trained to kill and go on missions, be careful though if you fail on a mission, you're canceled.


    1. All of Iwaku's rules apply.
    2. You aren't invincible in this roleplay, no you probably will not die unless you ask to be killed but take a shot, once in a while, you're elite assassins but everyone has lucky shots.
    3. Be realistic, if I say you run out of ammo, you won't find some around the corner.
    4. Arguments in OOC will be taken out of the thread into PM.
    5. Different languages will be used, please provide in a [.spoili] the translation.
    6. Using the @username will help so people get notifications.
    7. Post at least once a week, if you're in a mission once a day.
    8. Please message me if you'd like a canon character or someone who helps run division.

    Accepted Characters



    - We all have to make decisions, some are harder then others in this business -

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  2. @Minamoto Thunder
    I just wanted to tell you we'll start when we have 2 more people. If you'd like to start beforehand though I could sorta run the NPC's and have you go out on a mission? ​
  3. Well I don't know how long it will be until other people join. But if you wanna start, I'm down. Someone is bound to join.
  4. Okay, here is the link
    I'm going to do my introduction post, have you watched Nikita?
  5. I watched a few episodes with my Mom. Might watch the show itself out of curiousity. But have no fear, I did my research.
  6. Ah there was no fear, it's pretty basic as long as you know how they ran originally, with Percy and Amanda then you're good! :)​
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