Nights Embrace

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  1. The sun had set only about thirty minutes ago. She was sitting in the back corner of her favorite goth night club. It was New York after all and there was several clubs in this huge town. but for some reason this small goth club was almost like a second home. It was big enough to hold maybe 50 people and it had all the normal things to keep the club seeker happy. A small bar with the over dressed male with to much make-up and all the less then coloerful attire. a medium sized dance floor that had a juke box loaded with all the favored gothin and death metal. Tables and booths that lined the floor and walls for people to rest and drink. people in the club ranged from the typical Goth, the death metal head, the Emo, and a few just plain janes that wondered in to see what it was all about. The colors where dark black, red and purple. enough light in the room to see your path but would be hard for the human eyes to see more then a few feet in front of them with clarity. a slight mist covored the floor and the smell of cloves filled the air. It was sadly pretty typcial.

    She sat quietly trying to awaken from her slumber. She was a vampire after all and it was taxing to fully awaken until the sun was fully set. She fumbled with her coat and pulled out her pack of cloves and pulled a stick from the pack. She often asked herself why she still smoked these things after all they didn't really do anything for her. Maybe it was the smell that still brought her to light one after another. She rolled her eyes at her own thougths and placed a stick to her plum colored lips and pulled her lighter from her pocket. She lit the clove and took a deep breath in. Closing her eyes and making a show of how a human would react to thier first smoke of the day. All these stupid rules she though to herself. Act like the mortals, blend in. So she did, to the most part. She often wondered why she even bothered but it kept her out of the spotlight and that was no place that she wanted to be.

    She was tall for a woman. She stood just three inches over six feet tall. Long black hair that went down her back and to her knees. She had Violet eyes that most believe where contacts but they where quite real. She wore just enough make-up to make it look like she was trying to make herself look pale. and she loved purple so most her make-up has some hint of the color. She was very beautiful but she used make-up to cover that to some degree. Un-natural beauty could get her kind in alot of trouble. there where those that hunt her kind and showing ones true self was a fast trip to being hunted. She was well toned and her body was quite curvey. She at times wished her maker wouldn't have taken such pains to make her this way. She often wondered if it was to make her life more difficult. She often plasterd on a fake smile to the passing human. It was after all a source of getting food. Humans where food after all.

    She sighed softly as she looked around the room still smoking at the clove in her hand. Looking around the room and seeing just who she might meet this cold dark night.
  2. He entered through the door carefully hidden in the side of the nondescript building. The hem of his long coat brushing softly against the frame. The sound of chatter was the first thing that hit him. Then the smell of drinks and smoke. He disdained such things for they, to his mind, caused one to lose their focus. In this city one could not afford to lose their focus. He made sure that his mind was carefully shielded before he entered the club. He could feel the light energy of the children as he called them all around. The poor lost souls that frequented these places. Their hair spiked, colored, and everything else. He was like them once so very long ago. The enjoyment of youth still fresh in his mind. Very long ago being the term of the century for he was at lest that in age. Age became a trivial thing for one emmersed in the magic. He then felt something else a slight tingling at the back of his mind like a drop of water in a pond causing a ripple. He began to scan the room looking for the source of the tingle. There were many different feelings his master had taught him once. You could tell what you were dealing with just be the feel. Some things made a racket like weres. Then you had some that felt like a stench to his mind. These came from the would be bounty hunters that trolled the city looking for the disease as they called it. They actually thought they were doing good. Hah! He had to deal with one the other night. He and his buddies had caught and cornered a fledgling in an ally way. It was amazing how those types always left their thoughts out for all to see. They never got to fulfill their disgusting wishes. Then you had the gentle brush from the vamps and that was what he felt now. His eyes came to violet ones and he knew. This was the one he felt. He was five eleven and didn't look a day over thirty. He preferred his hair short almost in a crew cut and it was black with a slight tinge of white. He had piercing blue eyes that took on a lightning hue when he was at his highest intensity. He had a runners build. A testament to the daily exercise routines that he did. He always wore black wich fit in well in this place. He made his way to the bar keeping an eye on the pretty eyes he had found out of the corner of his. He was amazed at her beauty veiled as it was. It disgusted him as well that such things had to be hidden in fear. The bartender gave him a curt nod at his approach wich he returned. "Whiskey" he stated and pretended to glance around as he waited for his drink.
  3. She wandered the dark streets of New York alone. Her mind flashed with images and voices echoed in her head. She needed to get away from everything, just for one night she wanted a break from these thoughts. She turned another street corner and her fire-engine red hair whisked behind her. She had never been down this street before. As she continued down it muffled music came to her ears. She narrowed the music to one little building with people covered in goth clothes and makeup. A slight smile came to her tired expression. I would fit in just fine here.
    She had a black corset dress hanging on her slender five foot two inch body. It stretched down to her knees and fishnets and platform boots covered the rest of her legs. As she got closer to the place she recognized the music to be deathmetal. She wanted to be in there with everyone els enjoying the night with a few drinks. She took a deep breath and tugged on her fishnets one last time before going inside the wooden door frame.
  4. He felt the breeze on the back of his neck as another restless soul entered the club. His eyes caught a glimpse of red as he slightly turned. The man behind the bar slid him his drink and he began to sip as he turned back to his thoughts. As he turned back to the violet eyes that still gazed the room. He wondered what new events this night would bring.
  5. She breathed in the scent of sweat and alcohol as she entered the club. Countless emotions swarmed around her at once. She bit her lip. Control yourself. Her body was slightly shaking, it had been long since the last time she had a chance to feed. She weaved her way to the bar and called for a beer. As she waited she scanned the room. She felt a strange presence but ignored it and continued searching for a somewhat attractive body containing a strong emotion. A beer slid to her and she hesitated. She didn't normally drink. She took a sip and cringed at the heavy taste. She tried another sip and it ended with the same reaction. "Maybe this just isn't my thing," she murmured to herself. She sat there examining people in the crowd taking little sips from her drink every now and then
  6. He watched the red head come up beside him at the bar. She ordered a drink and then tried to drink it cringing as she did so. Amatures he thought. He leaned a little closer to her. "Your too obvious. Mortals don't cringe like that when they drink. I would relax a little if I were you. Any one of these could be a hunter."
  7. He walked into the night club and glanced around the room at all the figures of people dancing and grinding on eachother the lights were dim then bright as the colors changed slightly he brought his hand up to the collar of his jacket and adjusted it as he walked throught the croud as he slid his way through all the people he made his way over to the bar lifting his other hand he signaled for the waiter and he asked for a shot when the waiter slid him the shot he looked at it for a moment before picking it up and bringing it to his lips drinking it down in a matter of seconds, he made a slight facial expression but nothing more and he glanced over noticing a female msking a sickened face as she drank her beer already another he thought to himself as he ordered another shot
  8. Finishing his warning he took his drink and turned heading toward an empty booth in the corner. The one that had the light busted out overhead. It was clean as he sat down. No booze spilled all over or vomit for that matter. This place was crawling with vamps like bare ground crawls with worms after a long rain shower. He scanned the room again looking for the trouble that he had a feeling he knew was going to come this night. It was in the air like a stench.
  9. A figure could be seen walking down the dimly lit street. A long fitted coat was worn by the person, signs of a female figure could be seen. The woman was tall not greatly but still rather tall, approximately five foot seven maybe even five foot eight. It could be seen that she wasn’t wearing heels either so that was her true height. Her hair came down to almost her mid back. As she approached the club it could be seen that she had piercing blue eyes, her hair an auburn colour. Her presence was strong, firm. A person that would stand her ground, but if one was to look deep enough certain weaknesses could be spotted.

    The woman’s name was Bevan, Bevan Moore. She was twenty-four years old and she worked as a bartender at a club similar to the one she was stepping into, meant for the same crowd but slightly larger in size. She hadn’t had a night off in a few weeks so she thought it would be nice to go for a drink at a place that was slightly familiar to her. Removing her coat she held it in her arms, revealing to others that she was a physically fit woman, it was evident in the definition of her arms, even in the dim light. Taking a seat at the bar she met the eyes of the bartender and smirked. She ordered a beer and paid the man leaving a generous tip.

    Turning around on her seat she scanned the crowd swaying on the small dance floor. The air was filled with the unique scent of vampires, there seemed to be a good amount of them here. Humans unknowingly preparing to become a fresh kill. It intrigued Bevan, she killed but not like the vampires did. She did seduce them but before things could get out of hand she would tear them to shreds. Her kind didn’t require human blood to survive, it was more of an addiction. A craving that would drive her mad if she didn’t satisfy it. So she usually did what was needed.

    Taking a sip of the beer she continued scanning the floor. A shiver running up her spine as she rolled her neck, bones cracking and popping.
  10. She took in the stranger's words and watched him as he walked away. She took a deep breath and rolled her shoulders. Relax. Tilting her head down for a few seconds, she recollected herself. When she looked up she tried a little bit harder this time to blend in. She tried drinking from her beer again, this time without making apparent faces. She took in how everyone else was dancing and sipping on their drinks. Her eyes hovering from one person to the next and back down at her drink, trying not to be too noticeable in the crowd.
  11. As he sat at the table sipping his drink he caught two feelings. One was rage the unmistakable calling card of a were somewhere close by. The second was that of hard determination which meant that hunters were coming. They raided these places frequently looking for the people who were untrained in their gifts or didn't care to live anymore in their ageless state. He closed in around himself making his presence fade and become invisible to the senses of mages who the hunters would most certainly be bringing with them. He hoped some of these children knew what they were doing. He was more then a match for a mage but he could not take on a lot at once and still be in a posistion to protect these people.
  12. The air was cold and the small that lingered was filled with alcohol, sweat, and sex. The streets were nice and quiet with the exception of loud noise coming from a decent size building. Being dragged closer and closer, the smell just strengthened. The male and female who drug her couldn't tell. The female jumped up and down. "Come on. Come on. There's this great new club." She was bubbly and very well did not fit a normal stereo type. Despite that, she was very girly who just loved dark clothing.

    The male on the other hand was tall, slender, and fit the scene just well. He was typically a laid back horny drunk. He wore holed blue jeans with a jet black trench coat that swept up the dirt off the ground as he walked. "Tymil, calm down. You know how she is." He spoke calmly then looked back at the one they pulled. "Relax. You like to dance." Sven winked at the black haired individual. "Just do it here."
    Black hair tailed behind them. Some strands of hair were collected with wooden beads as other flowed freely. Her honey eyes pierced through the dark as if hunting for prey. She snarled at the two while trying to pull back. Whimpering like a puppy, she spoke softly. "I don't wanna..." The bottle green cloth stripes clapped against her legs.

    Sven and Tymil snapped her forward casing her to fall to her knees right in front of the club's door. Dust blew up making her come to her senses. 'No escaping.' They watched her reach her feet. Sven smiled and snatched her hoodie off of her revealing a tight tank top. Acaia sighed knowing she was going to look out of place but quickly shook it off and pushed forward. The doors opened. The music blared. The night club was packed. Stereotype galore. She turned around and released her friends had disappeared in the crowd. "This is going to be a long night."
  13. He finished his drink and ordered another and looked around the room he could tell more and more were entering the club and it made if off edge he walked around as he drank his beer it was discusting but he drank it anways he could tell that some looks and glaces were very unwelcomed and he walked stopping to hear the popping noises comming for a women he had almost bumped into her catching her jacket that almost touched the floor " im sorry miss" he handed back her jacket as he placed a hand in his pants pocked he looked around the room once more and spotted someeone enter the scent following in just like every individual in the room.
  14. Her heart beat fast as she looked around. All she wanted to do was blend in. A few scattered scents caught her off guard. "Not now..." She was hoping to catch one place with out other... species. Acaia just hoped they didn't catch her scent. She went to the bar and leaned against it analyzing the people. "March Madness on Crack, please." The drink came back to her. A song started playing and ripped all her concentration away. She downed the rest of the drink. Her face lit up and her body paced forward on it's own towards the dance floor. Her body swayed and turned to the beat of the music. Her hips hit every note. Her playful nature started getting the better of her. Her dancing picked up to be more defined. Her sweat released it's musky mutt smell. Acaia continued to dance as if hypnotized.
  15. Some of the elder bloodsuckers that were in the club got up and made for the door sensing what was coming as he did. Not that they couldn't handle hunters. Sometimes it's just better to fend for ones self rather then put yourself at risk. He began to chant to himself softly stirring the magic placing the proper wards of protection over himself. When done he sat back and waited.
  16. She finished her beer and looked into the crowd. She noted how people were moving to the beat while some were unmistakably grinding. She got up and casually weaved her way in with the people.
    At first she tried copying some of the girls she saw around her but her body was too stiff. Instead she let her body slowly melt to her own beat. She let her hips slide side to side and flick with the rhythm. Her torso gradually dissolved into the music as well. She was like anyone else out on the floor. While she enjoyed herself she also kept a sharp eye out for something that would delight her senses.
    Off on the corner of the floor a dispirited character bursting with displeasure caught her. He looked young and charmed her with his long dark hair with matching obsidian like eyes. She glanced around for a path and lightly shoved her way to the individual.
  17. Bevan Was now on her third beer, not that it mattered really. It usually took her a couple of cases before she could reach a state at which she was happy with. There were many emotions in the air that she could pick up on. The most dominant was lust, followed by hunger, intrigue the slightest hints of fear. She couldn’t spot anyone of interest, although she was craving but she didn’t know where to go, or who to go to. Sighing she bought herself another beer and took it to the dance floor; since she couldn’t find someone maybe they would find her. Shrugging at her thoughts she checked her coat and made her way back to the main room. Closing her eyes she let herself go, letting the music take over her body as she began to sway on beat, slowly making her movements more seductive.

    Once her body was moving she opened her senses up. There seemed to be a slight commotion coming from a distance, trying to drown out the other sounds she paid attention to the hurried footsteps and panting beings. They spoke of a plan, some of the words spoken seemed hesitant. They approached quickly, Bevan’s eyes shot open as she stopped dancing. Looking around everything seemed to slow down, adrenaline kicking in. She ducked as the door was kicked in, avoiding a piece of concrete that came off the wall. Guns were pointed at everyone within as bullets started spraying everywhere.

    Wincing Bevan’s hand shot up to her shoulder as the wound began to burn. She cursed under her breath and growled in annoyance as she ran towards the back door along with others that were panicking. Making it out into the brisk air she ran left and hid behind a dumpster. Looking down at the still bleeding wound she could hear it still sizzling as it smoked. “Of course they would have silver...” She grunted. Standing up she kept the pressure on her wound. Peeking around the dumpster she watched as the hunters murdered anyone trying to escape, human or not. “Fuck...” She muttered hoping that they didn’t notice her. Going in the opposite direction she started running down a narrow alley hoping to make it to the other side alive.
  18. One moment was playing while the next guns were pointed. Acaia sighed. This was what she was hoping wasn't going to happen. Now she was just like everyone else. No idea what was going on. A hand jerked her body back. People with guns started to walk around looking for exits and such. The hand held over her mouth. She looked up and it was Sven. Close to the ground, he motioned her to follow him. They kept quiet while crawling across the floor. Reaching a dead end, nerves raged. Silver bullets plus wolf didn't mix. Neither did humans and vamps plus wolves but whatever.

    Sven pushed a board of the wall in. He pushed her into the hole and followed behind closing the wall. He grabbed her hand and ran down the tunnel, not even looking back. Acaia was confused and wondered how he knew about the board in the wall. She also wondered why he was pretty fast. She was able to keep up with him practically at her own speed. Reaching the end, there was a rusty old ladder that looked as though it could snap at any moment. Echoes came from where they just ran from. They had found the board in the wall. He pounded the ceiling then pushed it open. It lead to a small alley way by the club. He dropped down and pushed her up the ladder. "Go!" He ran back down the tunnel towards the club.

    "Sven!" She yelled as he disappeared. Knowing it wouldn't take long for them to find she climbed into the alley and ran. Confusion. Saddness. What was going on? Her mind wouldn't stop wandering.
  19. As Bevan ran through the alley she noticed that she wasn’t being followed and decided to take a breather. Stopping half way through she sighed and winced the wound still stinging. “...fucking silver...” There was a banging coming from below her and she looked down at the manhole cover. Stepping off it, the cover was shoved off, voices coming from below. “Shit...” Bevan hoped that they weren’t coming up from there, she would be screwed. With her back against the wall she stood ready to attack. Instead a young girl came out, well...a werewolf. Bevan sighed in relief and slid down the wall as she watched her run. “I really should be running too...” She muttered and sighed. Footsteps were coming from around the corner. Growling in annoyance she pushed herself up with a small wince and started going after the other werewolf woman. Catching up to her she warned her. “Time to start picking up the pace...they aren’t that far—” Her words were cut off due to a gun being fired. She ducked as she heard the bullet whiz pass her, hitting the wall next to them. Picking up the pace she looked at the other woman. “You can do better than that...lets go.” She smirked and started passing her, soon reaching her top speed.

    To a human this would seem like insanity, the speed she was going at, but at the moment Bevan was more worried for her life than what the humans would think of her. She really hoped that the other wolf would follow her words. Bevan was only trying to help really.
  20. Jasmine, or Heart as she had now called herself, wasn't sure where she was headed at first. She didn't really like going out at night. She knew that among werewolves she was a bit odd. Heart preferred to be out in the daytime. Being out in the sun helped her forget what she was. A werewolf. She had been so for five years already and kicked out for three and a half, but yet the barely legal woman was still trying to hide herself among the humans.

    So when she went into the club, she was even more confused. But she had a sense of being drawn into the place. She could smell others of her kind in here and of course the humans. She also thought the familiar scent of vampires was present, a little heavier than usual showing that many had decided this was the place to be. Heart didn't care. She sat away from the bar as she was still to young to drink even though she had a fake id and had used it successfully in the past. Still she didn't want to risk it this night.

    Heart was about to leave the place when she heart the first shot go off. She let out a scream and something passed by her. It barely grazed her but it burned all the same.


    Heart moved, trying to get out of the place without being shot, holding her arm as the pain began to subsided. What the hell was going on? Humans were clearly shooting up the place and the bullets were silver. None of that equaled to anything good. She looked for a way out. She had to leave. If she got shoot...well not good things would be happening. And Heart didn't plan on dying tonight.