Nightmares Of A Little Girl {DOMEN}

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    Once her life had been every child's dream. Parents that loved her, an older brother that stuck up for her and looked out for her like an older brother should. Yes. Once her life had been happy and care free. But on a dark Winter night, all that had been snuffed out in an instant. Now Sabrina was living it out in a Mental Institution, suffering from hallucinations and terrible nightmares that plagued the poor girl almost every night.

    Room number 13 the child resided in, hiding under the blankets of the bed that had been positioned against one corner of the room. "No...No no no..." That one word could be heard muttered by the girl from under the blanket as she lay there curled up into a tight paranoid ball, her small hands clutching onto the pillow provided to her by the hospital. The standard clock could be heard ticking away the time on the wall next to her room door.

    The girl tossed in her bed, rolling over onto her other side, more of that same word escaping past her pale pink lips as her body trembled, the time on the clock reading 1:30PM, time for her Doctor to arrive for another session with little Sabrina as she rolled over yet again, moving back to her other side, still clutching tightly onto the pillow.
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    Dalton Demko was a seasoned psychologist- as in before he started work in the asylum he was working at a high school for several years as a counselor. He, though, had always wanted to work with younger children. He didn't have any children of his own and didn't figure he'd meet a nice woman who was willing to give him one any time soon. Not while he worked here. The hours were grueling, the asylum was in the middle of nowhere, and the children that he spoke to sometimes had him question his own sanity. Either way he considered himself by far the preferred psychologist of the children, as the other two were old, ugly, sometimes mean, and took their job far too seriously. He wanted to remind them that they were dealing with troubled children and not criminals, and these kids were fragile and impressionable- still moldable, but the other psychologists had all but given up on the kids, considering them hopelessly crazy satan spawn. Maybe his coworkers were evil, maybe he was just young, naive, and foolishly optimistic, but he certainly wasn't hardened yet.
    After making himself look presentable he popped a muffin in his mouth, grabbed his clip board, and headed to solitary- the children that were too disturbed to room with other children.
    He entered. Sabrina's torso and hands were free, but her feet were bound with velcro. She could easily take them off whenever she wanted, but it looks like she hadn't. It looked like she hadn't even left her bed all day to play with any of her toys or to request to go to the community area to be with other children. Dalton's eyebrows lowered in pity, she looked jaded more than usual.
    They had never met, but he'd observed for for a few days over the camera perched in the corner of her dorm to prepare. He offered her a gentle smile and sat on her bed by her legs and rubbed the child's back with his large hand to get her to calm down.
    "It's very nice to meet you Sabrina. My name is Mr. Demko. I heard you didn't like your old doctor, so I'm going to be your new Doctor if that's okay?" he asked her- a gentle push to get her to speak and to stop hyperventilating.
  3. As his strong male hand rubbed the girl's back, she seemed to calm under his touch, and very slowly she turned her brown eyed gaze onto the man, blinking her large brown eyes at him, not exactly wanting to talk about her last doctor, whom Sabrina had thrown a fit till the doctor quit on the girl. It was obvious that Dalton had his work cut out for him with Sabrina, and it was going to take some impressing on to get her to trust him, if she ever did, for she really didn't trust many people. Slowly she blinked at him, not saying anything, wondering why she needed a new doctor when all they did was poke and prod at their patients, most often times in places the patient didn't want them anywhere near.

    Now having been wakened, Sabrina rubbed her eyes, trying to get the sleep out of them as she sat up, the Velcro straps around her feet keeping her stationed on her bed. The gentle push to try and get the girl to speak with him failed, at least this time it did. Perhaps if he ever got her to trust in him, she would open up to him. But the child was obviously hesitant, not being one to like to talk about her past with others, let alone a complete stranger. And the fact that she didn't like her old doctor was a bit of an understatement. Sabrina rather detested her old doctor...
  4. "Can I brush your hair, sweety?" he asked, trying a nickname. "You know- I feel good when I look good. I'll bet you do too." He stood and went into one of her drawers that he had to use a key to unlock, and he sat back on the bed with her. "It's the soft bristle brush, so it shouldn't hurt" He offered her a smile. "You've got some pretty rad bed hair if I say so myself." Her hair stood on end, her evening care giver neglecting to tie her hair up, and with all of her tossing and turning she did the evening before, she was looking more insane than she needed to be. "When I get your hair nice let's go eat. It's past noon, I'll bet you're staaarving, huh? I hear they have pancakes and fresh fruit today. Do you like strawberries?" he asked, again prompting her to speak.
  5. Still, the girl said nothing, but she did allow the doctor to brush her hair into neat auburn locks. Little Sabrina pulled her knees up to her chest as he combed through her hair, untangling the knots and tangles she had made in her hair from tossing and turning, her feet still restrained to the bed. The child was frightened to remove the straps from her feet. The last time she had tried to remove them without permission, several male nurses entered into her room and had given her a strong sedative that had put her to sleep for an entire day, which was why the doctor still saw them strapped over her feet as he combed her hair.

    "But I...I'm not supposed to take off the restraints yet..." Came the sudden reply, and the child nervously bit her lip as she squirmed, sniffling sadly as she looked down at her restrained feet.
  6. Dalton sighed and pursed his lips, continuing to brush her hair. "But if you don't take them off, you can't go to the mess hall. If you don't go to the mess hall, you won't eat, and if you don't eat how will you ever grow big and strong like your mommy?" he asked, thinking that this little girl's hair was rather pretty. "If you don't eat you'll stay this size forever....why don't you want to take off the restraints? Is there a reason?" Well, her hair was brushed. A beautiful auburn cascade down her back. He wished he knew how to braid or something. He made a mental note to learn.
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