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  1. I am looking for someone who is interested in doing a survival horror r.p the plot begins with your character being (male or female preferable male) wakes up in a cell with the door ajar. Your character has amnesia unable to remember who they are or how they came to be there. The mood is dark and mature with blood and gore around every corner.

    The reality of the situation is that he or she is in a facility that had been conducting sick and disturbing experiments and your character awakes after the facility was put into lockdown and the majority of the facility is now infected. The infection turns animal and human alike into grotesque abominations. The only one immune to the infection is your character making you rather valuable and important persay if the infection spreads outside of the facility. The origin of this infection comes a girl. Beautiful and alluring possessing a limited vocabulary and no name. Your character encounters this girl after she saves your character from a most unpleasant death. But these creatures have no master she infects them but they see her as lunch just as they see your character. Of course at this point in time you have no idea she is responsible. This is the jest of the plot and their escape. But will you allow her to be free if her pheromones turn everything to ruin? (Romance is an option and suggestions are encouraged)
  2. Reminds me of Elizabeth Greene from Prototype and Saya no Uta.

    Interest: piqued.
    Desire to know more: ascending.
  3. What would you like to know more about?
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  4. Sorry for the SLOW response, I saw the alert and couldn't reply at the time.

    • The infection is relegated to a single building? A complex of sorts?
    • The infection is air based? Bodily fluid maybe? Crazy genetically altering frequency based ala the Dead Space Markers?
    • Her limited vocabulary is due to simply not learning? Regressing?
  5. Yes the infection is currently only in the facility. If it was only fluid based then it would have taken a lot long for it to spread and she would have to purposely infect others. She gives off a pheromone that is actually a sex pheromone that carries the infection. It is also fluid based.

    The infection is a result of the experiments performed on her. She is a carrier of the infection. Immune to its effects from the experimention. She doesn't just have this infection if we start the roleplay you will find out what it is. This is actually based off of Dead Space except no space and no marker she could be considered the marker, since it stems from her.

    Her limited vocabulary is a result of the severe isolation she has received through out her young life. She will not know the simplest words yet know big words picking up from the scientist and their vocab. This represents her as being of two extremes. Innocently native and ruthlessly sadistic, so at times the girl will behave like an 8 year old and has no idea having no idea what sex is or what even her breasts are for. Yet she will act impulsively and down right creepy in violent situations. The girl is unpredictable and has never seen society or knows that a world exists outside of the facility.
  6. That sounds pretty awesome. Naive innocence in the face grim reality.
  7. So are you game?
  8. Absolutely. Lemme wrap up family dinner and we'll get to it. ​
  9. That was delicious. The dog agrees.
  10. Lol that was random
  11. Pictures always sometimes maybe occasionally take away some the abrasiveness people add to text on the internet.
  12. Anyways, let's knock this out, or another sorta euphemism for starting.
  13. OK you don't need a character sheet, unless you want to keep track of say his past that he can't remember. He hasn't been in the facility very long. There are still survivors in the upper levels where the infection hasn't been able to spread or held off by guards. Her disease don't carry very well you have to be in close proximity. But the the infected can transmit it through a bite or other fluid means. So do you have anymore questions?
  14. Just a few more, unless they've been answered. In which case I'm sorry for repeating.
    • Is he immune?
    • How long since the quarantine began?
    • And how long had he been out?
    • Is this a conversational RP? Or a thread?
  15. I said in the description that your character is immune to the infection both air borne and fluid. That it makes him an important target if she gets out.

    Maybe 12 to 18 hours or so the facility is massive and located underground. But in that amount of time it has taken over 75 percent of the facility.

    He was probably coming off of the procedure that made him immune maybe the infection started right after. Or during and no one knew they would have had to directly or indirectly involved the girl.

    I don't care either or, this will probably go in the mature thread if you don't want to pm it.
  16. Thought I'd read that.

    Mmkay, almost a day.

    So its not a natural immunity, got it~.

    PM's are fine by me.
  17. ON A SIDE NOTE. I found your avatar picture; elf ears edition.
  18. So are you wanting to start? Or should I?
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