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  1. You awaken inside a padded white room. The fluescent light flickers irregularly trying to keep the small space illuminated. Looking around you notice that the door to your cell is open. A red smeared hand print is on the inside on the door. A scream echoes from somewhere deep inside the facility. None of this is familiar, not the room or anything about this place. In fact you have amnesia and you don't even know your own name, let alone anything else about yourself or your past.

    The scream has you terrified but you can't just wait for someone or anything to find you. Getting out of your single bed you approach the door and hear a disturbing growl that somewhere distant but closer than the scream. Touching the door it opens with more sound than you are comfortable with, creaking louldy enough to perhaps draw attention to you. Sticking out your head you see a hallway with flickering lights some parts of the hallway fading to black. But in the shades of whites, blacks and greys. You see probably just as much red. Cell doors just like yours are open. Blood on the floor walls and ceiling. Looking back the other way you see more or less the same thing.

    What disturbs you the most is fact that there is all this blood and no bodies and the blood is fresh. The violence that took place still drips from the ceiling and pools in a sick mess on the floor. Having no weapon and no way to defend yourself you step out into the hallway, you are free, but you are positive that your life is in grave danger. You have no weapon for defending whatever it was that made that wet growl. But you place on foot in front of the other. You need to escape, you need to figure out what happened and who you are. Looking inside the cells you see the same red on white. In some rooms you see bodies or pieces of them. Your bare feet step into. Blood and it makes your stomach uneasy but now isn't the time to be worried about such feelings. Your fear is mounting as you take each step. It is almost crippling you want to go back to your cell or a cell and hide. But eventually you will be found. Whaever it was that tear those people up inside those cells will comeback to finish what it started.

    You stand under a light that is working properly. Staring into a pitch black nothingness. Behind you is the way you can and more flickering lights. But you can't see the end in that direction either. You notice something as your eyes focus. You see a pair something glowing in the darkeness far down the hallway. No there are too of them not one and they are not moving but remaining still. If you had to guess they are a pair of eyes looking your direction. This thought sends chills down your spine and your fears coming alive when a figure steps into the flickering light. You can't make it out but it appears to be human stained with blood.

    The figure begins to walk towards you the flickering lights popping and going out as whatever it is walks underneath them. Your instincts begin to kick in and you turning to run but are stopped in your tracks as you hear something infront of you growl. It is the same gut wrenching sound from before. Several more follow and hear the sounds of wet moment coming from infront you. Immediately wheeling around you take off at a dead sprint towards the white human like figure that closed some of the distance between you and it. At this point in time you are not thinking about anything. Your heart is racing your brain has cut off most higher level thought processes in a response to your fear and the instinct to survive. As you run you get a better view of the lone figure. Paying any attention to what is behind you. It is a person at least you hope and someone of the opposite sex. Her eyes are glowing a Silver color that is what you were seeing earlier and her albino skin is smeared with blood. There isn't much of an expression on her face and at this point your realize that she is naked. When you finally get close enough to her something slams you against the wall.

    An unforeseen force it wasn't what was behind you, you were able to put some distance that. But as you look up the girl passes, her volatile eyes watching you. She continues down the hallway and she lets out a growl of her own before charging at whatever it is that is coming down the hallway. In complete darkness now you hear the sickening sounds of flesh being ripped apart the cries of what sounds like animals followed by the breaking of bones. The fight goes on for about a minute before the cries begin to fade several of the creatures are heard to be running away...from her? It is at this moment that you realize that your body hurts from the impact you had with the wall. Only a few lights remain in operation all of them struggling. You get up and looking down the hallway into the darkness where the girl went. Was she dead? It was hard to believe that a lone girl took on whatever they were. As you get up you hear footsteps coming down the hallway towards you, looking up you see the same eyes from before. It is the girl and she is no longer pale but red. The blood running off her pools off her feet and arms.

    As she walks the cell doors begin slam shut by themselves she had to be doing it. It would make sense about what had slammed him against the wall. You want to run away but something stops you. She stops a few meters away her eyes no longer burning coals. "Immuned..." Her voice was feminine but low. She looked back looking down the hallway. "They...not immuned..." She growled turning back towards you.

    (Hello hoped you enjoyed the intro if let me know if you are interested. Your character is male and has amnesia but you are free to create him and customize him how you wish. At this current time your character has no abilities other than being immuned. This is subject to change and at some point your character will probably start to remove some memories slowly.)
  2. This seems awesome. I'm very interested. Pm me~
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