Nightmare Neverland

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  1. Main Characters

    • Stella.jpg
      Information (open)
      Name: Stella Hart – Daughter of Wendy
      Age: 19 years
      Gender: Female
      Occupation: Still in school, but part time at the asylum that dear mama Wendy stays.
      Likes: Clothes, Anything in “Trend”, Helping out in the asylum, Cloudy days, Sweets, Sports, Nonfiction books
      Dislikes: Imagination, Asylum treatments, Textbooks, Spicy food, Doing nothing, Sexism
      Appearance: Stella has stark black straight long hair, which she often tries to style differently each day. Her eyes are a deep purple color, but they often shine with mirth and playfulness. Like her mother, her skin is rather fair, and her body is rather thin. She has no tattoos or body piercings (she does have earring piercings). She’s rather short, only around 5’3, but she refuses to let her height bother her, therefore she may act “taller” than she is.
      Her clothing style, despite Wendy’s insistence for brighter and more radiant colors, usually only composes of dull black and white. She likes skirts, but doesn’t like them too long or too shirt. She also enjoys insane heels to make her look even taller, but on a normal day, will just wear her favorite run down sneakers.
      Personality: If Stella had one word to describe herself, she’ll go with “average.” She has a very good humor, but is not crazy enough to humiliate herself in public. She’s very loyal to her friends, but can do some behind-the-back gossiping if she gets really upset. (Nothing like spreading secrets, she’ll probably just tell other people about the person’s quirks that she’s annoyed with or something). Her grades are average, she believes her looks are average, even her imagination is average. The only thing not average is her mother – whom she desperately tries not to become.
      Bio: Stella’s dad died in a car accident while Wendy was still pregnant. And, Stella’s mom, Wendy, has the reputation of telling very elaborate stories. Unfortunately, Wendy has a hard time distinguishing her lies from her reality. And, on top of that, growing up has not been so kind on Wendy’s memories, as they slowly begin to fade. There were several days, as Stella grew up, when Wendy completely forgotten who Stella is – instead Wendy would cry out in surprise that the so called Lost Boys manage to charm one of the girls to join them.
      When Wendy was placed in the asylum while Stella was still just a toddler, Stella was sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle on her dad’s side of the family. Stella loves them, but she would still often visit her own mother in the asylum. Wendy did not fair any better at the asylum, as the treatments were not very effective on her. Some days, Wendy went completely mute and unresponsive. Other days, Wendy had the mood swings of a pissed off baby tiger. As a child, Stella loved Wendy the most when she was telling stories. But, growing up, Stella realized what these stories did to Wendy, and she grew to hate them more and more. Because of this, Stella would do anything to stifle her imagination.

    • Casey Hughmann.jpg
      Information (open)
      Name: Casey Hughmann
      Age: 19
      Gender: Male
      Occupation: Senior in high school
      Likes: Studying, drawing manga, cooking
      Dislikes: Lazing around, being around alot of people, candy

    • Mayvalene Harp.jpg
      Information (open)
      Name: Mayvalene Harp
      Age: 20
      Gender: Female
      Occupation: Young princess Daughter of Queen Evelyn.
      Likes: Sweets (Mainly Chocolates), Dancing and going on adventures
      Dislikes: Being told what to do, arguing, being loud
      Personality: May is a quiet young lady, with a gentle voice, but she loves to go on adventurous exploring Neverland and it's underwater sights.

    • Trac - Lost Boy.jpg
      Information (open)
      His picture doesn't have the right feature colors.
      Real Name: Thiel
      Age: Looks to be 22
      Gender: Male
      Occupation: Previously Lost Boy (Grown up now)
      Likes: Watching people get angry, Doing nothing… He’s too lazy to have any other hobbies
      Dislikes: Competition, Moving,
      Appearance: Trac has shoulder length layered hair. They’re pitch black, but they seemed to be dripped in blood, as the very ends are dark red. His eyes are a rather interesting mix of green and yellow, perhaps from some sort of radiation accident? He’s very tall, but he always holds himself in a slouch. He’s very pale, and is the type to burn rather than tan.
      Personality: He is one of the laziest person one can ever find. In every waking possible moment, anyone can most likely finding him either napping, or laying down somewhere staring at nothing. He finds everything “troublesome.” He’s also a very irritating person, as he often likes to tease someone mercilessly, and will point out any flaw constantly. Despite this, he is very much capable of moving when he needs to – in fact, it’s his specialty: speed (he’s called Trac(k) – like a race track - for a reason).
      Bio: As a baby, Trac was abandoned, and he was whisked away to Neverland (saved by the fairies). He enjoyed his time with the other Lost Boys, but then, the Nightmare virus hits. He saw so many of ahis friends either turned against each other, or fell victim to the virus. Trac, being one of the fastest, was able to avoid many of his friend’s backstabbing antics. And, since he was one of the earliest ones to leave, was able to avoid being affected by the virus.
      Now, Trac stays with the remaining survivors. He’s often sent out on a mission to gather supply.

    Side Characters

    • Alahna.jpg
      A yound mermaid turned into a nightmare.

    • Angela.png
      A Mermaid: An unfinished photo before the virus took over.
      Appearance (open)
      Long black wavy hair that seems to have a life on its own, and glowing sea-green eyes. She often has star-shaped accessories in her hair… But she also has stars embedded in her blue-ish tinged skin. Her claws are long and sharp, perfect for hunting, and her teeth are jagged and vicious. She often has a bit of a smile to her – one that says “Welcome dinner, to my kitchen.” Her mermaid tail is filled with pitch black scales, with swirls of glowing blue-ish green designs sliding up the side of her tail. She also has torn and scarred blue-green fins, that look to once be very flowy and beautiful.

    • A five year old young Indian girl who's mute and only speaks with her hands. Has hidden away with a few survivor deep under a willow tree.
      Appearance (open)
      Dark black hair, down to her waist. A braid in her hair with two feath connect and traditional Indian attire.

    • Nyri.jpg
      A fairy who also had been swallowed by the darkness.

    • Rozalin.jpg
      Appearance (open)
      Her hair is a dark red-violet color, and her eyes are a brilliant gold. When she looks at someone, it seems as though her eyes can see through everything – the person’s past regrets, their lies, and their sins. Rozalin holds herself in a regal manner, and she certainly does not look like a typical Halloween witch. She often talks in a confusing manner.

    • Silver Ghost 1.jpg
      A ghost of a Lost Boy
      Appearance (open)
      A young little boy, the colors of his features are indeterminate because he is always misty blue-white figure. When he stays still long enough to make out his features, his hair seems shaggy, and his smiles always seems innocent. His eyes, though, seems to be empty sockets of complete darkness.

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  2. It was a normal afternoon in London. And, as per usual, Stella Hart was signing herself out after a long day of school and work; her long black hair proceeded to tickel the side of her face as she bent over to sign off her name. Afterwards, she turned herself around and looked up briefly at the familiar tall white ceilings above her. Another day past, she thought to herself, another day mother still hasn't recovered... Stella shook her head, trying not to get the morose thoughts get to her, and she stepped out of the front door.

    ASYLUM read the sign that Stella always past by twice a day. She tried not to look at it every time though, as she knew what feelings the word brought to her. The feelings of helplessness, depression, and sometimes even disgust. Instead, she tried to gather other things in her mind. For example, school work. She sighed, she still had a ton of things to work on, and she is falling behind class.

    The cold air of winter London whipped around her, slashing at every possible bare skin it can fine. She shivered violently, and attempted to warm up by blowing air onto her hands. It did little to no good, but she couldn't help but try. Stella glanced up in hopes for something more exciting, but the sky looked just as sullen as she felt. Not to mention, the heavy feel of the polluted air around her was not helping her mood. She hated it when she felt this way, it made her feel like she was being sucked into a black hole, and there's no way out. She just hated it.

    But there's always one thing that made her feel better, well, one person. Her best friend.

    With hopes of her best friend still being home, Stella walked down the busy streets of London, making her way to the place she often visited on her way home from work. She avoided the crowds of people that walked straight into her, and she tried to ignore the honks of the crazy drivers on the streets. Such is another normal day in London...

    Finally, after the walk through the frigid air, she was relieved to finally see the familiar comforting door. She knocked on his door. "Hello?" She calls out, hoping he'll hear her from within the home.
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  3. Casey bent over slightly and wiped the sweat from his brow with his apron. Taking a few more steps, he opened the fridge and pulled out a bundle of asparagas, setting it on the cutting board that was about six steps away from him. After closing the fridge he stepped back over to his cutting board and began rising off the asparagas then cutting them into thirds.

    He had already cut and cooked his chunks of chicken breast with alfredo and cooked his bacon to a crisp then crumbled it into the chicken and alfredo sauce. Finally, after cutting his asparagas, he dropped them into the skillet of chicken alfredo and bacon. He turned the heat from medium-high to medium-low to let the asparagas cook abit without burning the sauce.

    Suddenly, there was a knock at the door then a voice calling out. "Hello?" Casey looked over his shoulder, towards the front door. The voice was familiar, maybe Stella's? He smiled to himself then left his post to go open the door. His smile grew bigger as he open the door to Stella.

    "Well, hello there, princess." He winked as he stepped aside to let her in. He always had called her that since they were younger, more of a brotherly-sister thing for him, since he was an only child. "You're just in time for dinner. Have you ate anything? I made Chicken Alfredo with bacon and asparagas." He helped her take off her cold then led her to the kitchen after she removed her shoes. "Cold out there, isn't it?" He looked over his shoulder at her before turning the flame off from underneath the skillet.
  4. Stella couldn't help but lightly bounced on her heels in anticipation, waiting for the door to be open. She can hear some sort of noises coming from within the home, so she knew he was there.

    From the corner of her eyes, she thought she saw something flash by. She took a glance, her eyes wide. But she saw nothing. Was it just a bird? With a little bit of fear, she looked around cautiously. Maybe she should go loo- The door to Casey's home just opened!

    Stella smiled brightly at the sight of Casey's smile. The moment he opened the door, her nose was assaulted by the most wonderful aroma, and her heart soared - completely forgetting about her moment of paranoia. She then proceeded to answer Casey's concerns, "it's freezing out there, I feel like a popsicle." Her features distorted lightly, as she frowned with great displeasure, but as she remembered about the food (which certainly did not take much prompting to do so, because the smell was just marvelous), she perked right back up to her normal happy self. "Noo, my dear Knight, I am famished." After a brief hug with Casey, she immediately rushed into the kitchen, glancing into the skillet. "This smells aMAZing."

    She then proceeded to grab a plate, knowing her way around the area like she owns the area, and placed it near the delicious treasures. Her eyes were glittering, and she looks back up at Casey like a little puppy waiting for affections. "I'm ready to dine, you amazing cook you."
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