Nightanine (reborn)

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  1. The bitter cold of the city ,Calvawood,was biting Jakes hands threw his blood soaked linen hand wraps. He sat in the ally way to hide from the vampirc minions he had killed a few but he was tired he told him self not to sleep but he started to fade the cold was gonna put him down his werewolf blood was freezing, his bloody knees black as night with frost bite and sheer cold he saw a figure come up to him waved to more dark figures to come he thought he was doomed so he said in the very ancient yet not forgotten werewolfian language 'good night moon good night sun goodnight stars god has took me home back to the forests of Nightanine where mother and father will be waiting for me' then he fades to the darkness
  2. Solden crouched on top of a building and watched as the vampire guard looked for the wolf boy who managed to kill off a few of them. Most of them were pure idiots anyway. She scanned the street below her to find the alley the boy was hiding in. She spotted him across the street lying against the wall of a deserted house. Seeing that the search party has given up and were returning to the coven, Solden hoped off the building and walked over to the boy. He was out cold and covered in blood. She sighed and ran her hand through her charcoal colored hair.' Guess it's time to be nice today', she thought. she slung the boy over her shoulder as gently as she could and ran.
  3. jake started to mumble it was very faint barely hearable "where are you taking me " he could feel blood spilling from his wounds he wondered what the afterlife would be like
  4. Solden heard the boy's mumble and replied,"I'm helping you out of your situation kid. Just enjoy the ride." She ran until they were on the outskirts of town. She put him down gently and crouched in front of him. " Now then, what were you thinking. There was around thirty of them there. You must have known that you couldn't have taken them all." She said as she tore off a couple pieces of her shirt and wrapped them around his larger cuts.
  5. "optimism is a crazy thing sometimes " he smiled a bit
  6. She rolled her eyes. " So, wanna tell me why you decided to do such an idiotic thing."
  7. " I don't know" he shrugged a bit "I was just having a drink then ya..."
  8. Solden frowned in confusion. " what the hell are you talking about? I know your pretty banged up ,but you couldn't have possibly been hit in the head that hard. You need to tell me what happened."
  9. "i went in the bar not thinking i would be attacked because its meant to be a safe place for us but ya"
  10. She raised her eyebrows," Ok so what happened to all the other wolves in the bar?" She asked
  11. "we scattered I the vampires attention to make sure they got away and well I was chased "
  12. "Hmm. Pretty brave aren't you."
  13. "heh I guess I think as myself as a protector" he coughed a bit "ughhhh so who are you?"
  14. "My name is Solden. I'm a vampire who doesn't quite agree with the coven so I do my own thing."
  15. "fun im Jake the alpha of our pack who runs around the town pretty much" he chuckled and rubbed the back of his head
  16. " It's funny that your able to smile while your most likely still in pain." Solden stood up straight and backed away from the wolf. " Gosh you wolfies smell horrid all the time."
  17. "wow" his face dimmed "that was jerkish and ya I in complete pain but im blocking it out"
  18. Solden smirked." Jerkish would have been leaving your ass to be found. Your gonna have to deal with me wolf boy." She looked around. " Ok Mr. Alpha where am I taking you?"
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