Night Town

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  1. THe town was always covered by shadows, making it an eternal night. Far beyond the limits of thetown, the fields were in the day.
    This was due to the ruler of the place, the oldest of all vampires, so he could walk freely in his domains.
    The ruler, King Alvarg, was preparing himself for a trio into the town, dressed up like a schoolboy. AS nobody knew his face and he could change it rapidly, he was safe.
    He was going to seek for a childe, a new vampire, to fullfil hs plans.
  2. Madison grimaced as Graned tugged at her hair. "Not so tight.." she said through clinched teeth.
    "I apologize Miss Maddie." she said softly in her Hispanic accent.
    She finished tying her hair in its blue bow. Maddie was pleased that she finally could pick her own clothing. Too bad she couldn't on. Her parents wanted to spoil her. Savoir her youth since today was her 17th birthday she'd be gone in a year. To them, just yesterday they'd found the perfect daughter and adopted them since the couldn't have children. Soon after she was taken from London and brought to the Manor here in Roxinne. She looked in the mirror. Hereni come school..
  3. Alvarg, as he was known, was tought to be the son of one of the royal guards, and had the name of the king. That gained some bad looks to him, but he didn't matter.
    It was his first day in school and he'd probably be in that situation again. ALvarg was happy, for that was people he wasn't going to let be nothing in life. As much as he was a good ruler, he was vengeful.
    Alvarg used black classy clothes and simple shoes to go to school. he walked, as he should not teleport there, and looked at the happy faces of his citizens. A little sparkle of proud growed in his chest. he liked to give their short lives a sense and happiness.
  4. Madison walked into the school, satchel in hand. It didn't take much time for a boy to walk up to her and begin talking. She answered with 'mhms' and short nods. It wasn't that she was males interested her. Well except her best friend Alvarg. But he wasn't into her that way. Not only, her parents would never accept it. Was he still talking?

    "And I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance?"

    She searched for any lie. "My parents and I are going to paris around then.." She murmured. Making it an obvious lie.
  5. Alvarg got to the school. He'd been going to that place for over a year now, and saw two candidates: "his best friend" Madison, a wealthy and smart child, beautiful and keen, but with a terrible problem of not having self-steem and being hipershy.
    The other was the class president, Hanna. She was everything Madison was and more, but she was not smart at all and that was something he couldn't allow.
    As (king) Alvarg came inside the building, he saw Madison being harassed by another boy.
    Interesting test. Let's see what it's like when i'm not there... Alvarg stood there, frozen as if he could do nothing to move and help her.
  6. "Why are you always playing so hard to get?" the boy grabbed her arm smirking. He turned her pushing her against the locker. He breathed against her neck. "I know youre craving to give at any moment."
    "If you don't get off of me I will be craving to tear your genitals from your torso." She pushed the male off dusting herself. Before heading to class not even noticing her friend there. She carried her books.
    "Hey." Jacob, one of the most cutest and popular guys in school smiled as she joined him. "Don't you think you were a little harsh?"
    She had little to know that Jake was a vampire but his complexion was more like hers. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin. They walked to class.
  7. In the inside, Alvarg was laughing. He had, of course, taken women by force, and even men. It was a way to destroy individuality, self respect and torture. Sex was a weapon and he knew how to use it.
    The boy was an ass, but served him well. He'd die within a week in an assault, and he'll get his blood.
    However, Alvarg loked like he was reliefed and ran towards Madison.
    Maddy! Wait! he smuttered and ran towards her. He used some of his blood to get a pink look in his pale skin and everything, so he looked exactly like a human. What did he do to you? Are you Ok? Asked Alvarg nos so really worried.
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