Night raid the second assault.

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  1. If you can't guess by the title this is an akame ga kill rp. There will be no changing the events of the past, so sorry if you can't ship your favorite characters because they died. I shouldn't have to explain the rules but I will.

    1.No God modding. I understand that imperial arms are powerful but the users were not invincible.

    2.You can die. You can't just shrug off life threatening injuries like a blade piercing your heart. With this being said you cannot just go killing off characters willy nilly.

    3.Please be creative with your characters. Give them a back story and a meaning on the choices they've made.

    4.If your inactive foe longer than 3 days without letting someone know we will use your character as death fodder

    5.Final rule. Have fun

    Time for the plot. It has been 300 years since the revolution, but til this day there are supporters of the old empire. They have been hiding and building a new army to take down the new empire. Recently that have been getting bolder and attacking imperial arms users and killing them. The Empire needed a way to stop this and created a new night raid to bring down this new threat. But there are very dangerous threats opposing them. Which side will you choose.
  2. (Will post pic later.)
    Name jasmine
    Age 19
    Imperial arms shigure the sword of the dragon priestess.
    Former occupation. Captain in the military.
    Side the revolutionary army
    Bio jasmine was born in a clan along the northern border she is also the reincarnation of the dragon priestess who was considered one of the strongest imperial arms users when they were first created. The sword shigure can only be welded by the reincarnation. At the age of 12 the old empire came to her village to take her by force. Her clan protected her for as long as they could but they did not stand a chance after her father died in front of her. This set off the trigger to unleash her imperial arms. She went on a rampage wiping out the force the old empire had sent to claim her. When the revolutionary army arrived all that was left was a little girl covered in blood and weeping over the death over her father. They brought her into the capital and began to train her to become a high ranking officer in the army. That was 7 years ago and she has achieved the rank of captain.
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