Night at the Museum RP (AhkmenrahxOC)

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  1. I am willing to roleplay as my OC with anyone who would accept the role of Ahkmenrah. I should tell about my OC now before roleplay so that anyone would know what OC I will be roleplaying with.
    My OC:

    Name: Nouran

    Nickname: Nino or Niro

    Age (based on how she looks like Ahkmenrah. He looks young even though he's 4,000 years or something): In her twenties

    Description: She has a a knee high black dress that looks like this:… but a bit closed from upper center

    She has the makeup of a cat eye that looks like this:…

    She has shoes that looks like this:…

    She has brunette hair as a side braid with side bangs but takes it out when she comes alive, her long wavy hair laying on her back.

    She has blue eyes but her right eyes is darker than her left eye.

    She has an egyptian headpiece that looks like this:…

    And if you can't tell she's supposed to be Egyptian like Ahkmenrah but I'll explain that at the end.

    Personality: Sometime's she's outgoing and loves to have fun, sometimes she's sarcastic (rarely), and sometimes she's short-tempered.

    History: Nouran is made out of wax. She was never an actual egyptian. She was made up. She had no actual history. Nouran was transferred from an art museum to the Museum of Natural History. She was transferred there as a... decoration of some sort? People these days do things you would never understand why. Her pose was to step on her toes with her left foot and her right foot backwards with the tip of her toes on the ground as she pointed to the sky gracefully, a poker face expression to go along with it.

    My idea of starting out the roleplay is that I was still getting transferred to the Museum of Natural History but of course I'll be roleplaying that part.

    So if you'd like to roleplay with me, you're more than welcome. I promise the roleplay would be so much fun.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.