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  1. Hello lovelies ^^. Nico here on another partner search. I don't have many 1x1s going on at the moment so I'm hoping to change that. I'm in the EST so if you shared my time zone that would be a bonus, but if you don't that's okay too. I feel more comfortable playing the more submissive types (Girls and Gay Males). Don't judge me it's just my comfort zone. For those of you who are still here I'll move on to the rules.

    1. I only ask that you post once or more a day. Don't ditch me for 3 days and then come post, then again i'm quite guilty of this myself. I don't mind if you poke at me if I haven't posted but don't poke me if I haven't posted within 15 mins, I get busy too.
    2. No perfect characters, I would prefer if both of our characters had their own flaws.
    3. No controlling my characters! Just don't do it.
    4. I'm okay with doing smut PROVIDED you are 18+ years or older. We can work out those kinks when we do planning.
    5. The most important rule of all, be nice to me and I'll be nice to you.

    Parings (Fandoms and Originals)~
    -Wanted role is italicized
    - ♦ =
    open to gender bending
    - * = Craving


    Durarara!!! (I'm craving this so hard right now)
    Shizuo x Izaya ♦ *
    Tsugaru x Psyche ♦ *
    OC x Izaya
    OC x Psyche

    Harry Potter
    OC x OC

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians (I haven't read Blood of Olympus yet so no spoilers :S )
    OC x OC
    Male Camper x Nico ♦
    God x Demigod

    OC x OC

    OC x OC

    Rise of the Guardians
    OC x Jack ♦


    Human x Fairy **
    Human x Kitsune
    Master x Pet
    Idol x Idol **
    Yakuza Boss x Informant ****
    Wizard x Demon(ess)
    God x God(dess)*
    Demon x Angel*
    Popular Boy x Outcast
    Human x Neko *

    That is all for now, post here before you PM me okay?
  2. I'd love to do an MxM of the YakuzaxInformant if you want. :o
  3. I'll be more than happy to do the demon x angel
  4. Hello. If you're still open, I'd like to do an Idol x Idol.
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